Day Trips from Madrid?

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Day Trips from Madrid?

The wife and I have just one week at the end of March. What are your favorite "day trip" towns? I've read about Segovia, Toledo, etc. Thanks for your suggestions.
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I made several day trips from Madrid (Segovia, El Escorial, Strawberry Train, Franco's tomb) but my favorite was Toledo. It's very convenient to reach and full of wonderful sites. It's beautiful, it's got great art (El Grecos to die for) and architecture, and it's wonderfully walkable -- but lots of hills, so be prepared with sturdy shoes.

I enjoyed visiting some of the smaller churches and convents. Many of the nuns make and sell marzipan. I enjoyed speaking with an older nun who explained how she made the marzipan -- I don't speak much Spanish so we communicated mostly in gestures. It was really fun.

Enjoy! PW
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Toledo and Segovia are excellent cities to do as a day-trip. Salamanca is a little further out but also great. I would really suggest that if you have a week you spend the night in either Toledo or Segovia. The towns really have alot of local color after the day-trippers go home.

I also visited El Escorial and although it was nice, I would choose Toledo or Segovia over it in a heartbeat.
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Hola, Todd. We recently returned from Madrid and did a day trip to Toledo. If you scroll down a little, you will find our trip report "Back from Madrid and Toledo" with info on train to Toledo and the cathedral.
Like PW said in your thread--wear sturdy shoes. We wear hiking boots
and Smart Wool socks.
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How about Avila?
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I just got back from Madrid [Yesterday!] and also took a day trip to Toledo. When you go to Toledo you have to see the Catefral De Toledo and the Alcazar. If you take the train from Madrid to Toledo I would suggest taking the Renfe train. When you get out of the train station dont take the bus, walk over. That way you you walk over the bridge that leads right into the fort. You can get some fantastic shots just walking into the city.

Also, take a day trip to Aranjuez. The train ride there was less than an hour, and along the train route [ also the Renfe], I saw horse ranches and some dramtic views of the Spainish country side. Aranjuez is the site of the palace which is known as the Versailles of Spain. You can tour this palace, but the immense grounds/gardens are a must see. I hope other posters on this borad will agree. Aranjuez is definitely a must see. You need a half day - tops.
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John G
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I have been to both Toledo and Segovia and they are two fabulous little cities. If you go to Toledo, you must see the famous mural by El Greco entitled, "The Death of Count Orgaz." This mural is famous because it combines the two different styles of El Greco. It is really spellbinding and you can stand there for about 1/2 hour just looking at it. Another great thing about Toledo is the beautiful doors you will see. I saw at least 10 doors in the city that I wanted to buy and bring back and put in my home. (Think of the cost!!) Segovia is fantastic because of the free-standing Roman aquaduct in the town. There is also a beautiful, huge cathedral full of wonderful paintings and other artifacts. There is also a pretty square near the cathedral where you can sit, relax, and take in everything. Other great things about Segovia are the restaurants that serve suckling pig, and the astounding views of the countryside from the walls of the city. However, while Toledo is very close to Madrid, Segovia is much farther away. I don't know if you could do it in a day.
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You asked about Avila. We stopped in Avila on the way to Salamanca from Segovia. We had lunch then walked around for a few hours. Personally, I didn't care for Avila (the only town I really didn't like). The walls are marvelous and the cathedral is interesting but 2-3 hours is all I'd spend there. I am sure that others would disagree but that's my 2 cents!
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Enjoyed both Toledo and Segovia, spending an entire day at each with no boredom. Avila used to be quite a train trip for a one day trip (was there 30 years go - I understand that the trains are faster now)
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I was in Madrid last March. Did day trips to Toledo, Segovia & Avila. I really liked both Toledo & Segovia. It's very hard to say which was better. Avila, on the other hand, was a waste of time (in my opinion). Several people on this board warned me of that last year, but I didn't listen!!

As a side note, it snowed while I was in Avila. So, I learned that the SNOW in Spain falls mainly on the plain!

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