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Feb 8th, 2004, 06:28 PM
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Day hikes

My wife and I will be in Southern Germany in the 1st week of June for 10 days. Is there any must do hikes or off-the-beaten-path attractions to see? We plan on travelling in Germany south of Frankfurt and the borders of Austria and Switzerland.
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Feb 9th, 2004, 12:07 AM
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hi there,

there are sooooo many things to do in this area, give us a chance. What are You interested in? Castles, nature, real hiking, technic, culture, small towns, cuisine ... Do You have a car? Do You use public transportation.


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Feb 9th, 2004, 03:53 AM
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On June 6, the entire Mosel Valley between Cochem and Trier will be full of hikers, rollerbladers, and bicyclists to celebrate "Happy Mosel", a sort of spring tradition dedicated to foot power. The main road is shut down to auto traffic, refreshment stands are set up all along the route, and if the weather is good, it's a great time. The Mosel River is just west of Frankfurt. Of course, there are dozens of good hiking trails in the area. I like the scenic hikes from Alf best - the short hikes up to Marienburg lookout, down to Reil through the vineyards, or up to Arras Castle are wonderfully scenic. You can do these hikes on any day, of course. Make reservations in advance if you want to go on Happy Mosel day - it's a very popular event.
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Feb 9th, 2004, 10:57 AM
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We will have a car the entire time and we enjoy hiking trails and caves and anything just unique to the area. "Tourist Attractions" tend to not interest us as much, because we are not fond of big crowds.
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Feb 10th, 2004, 04:45 AM
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My dream summer would be if someone could drop me off in Berchtesgaden and leave me there for about 3 months to hike. There are so many hiking trails in Germany and nearby Austria you could literally hike for months without going into a town.Purchase a "Wanderfuhrer" or "Wanderkarte" in the area that you will be hiking.You can buy these in many stores or in kiosks set up near the entrance to trails or in the local tourist office. There are often offered in English and describe the hiking highlights in the area and how to access them. Stay away from trails that are marked "nur fur geupte" - this means for very experienced hikers only and generally involves some climbing rather than hiking.If you are in this area, you will enjoy hikes around and up the Jenner, or on the Untersburg, or around the Konigsee. Ten days is not enough to get yourself acclimated so you might want to stick with easier trails. Have fun!
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Feb 10th, 2004, 06:11 AM
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Try a VOLKSMARCH. go to AVA.ORG and then click on the link to get you to the German or Austrian association.

Volksmarches are organized, at-your-own-pace walks of 10 - 100 km. Almost all events are 10 km with 20 & 30 km options. We did one in Enns Austria and one outside Munich. At the Munich one, there were hundreds of walkers. THe route went out of the small town into the fields, then thru a small canyon - it was really a nice walk. At the finish there were beer tents set up and an oompah band playing. Usually there is a medal or mug or plate as a souvenir.

At the Austrian one, we received a prize (plate) for coming so far.

If yoiu can't find out any info before y ou go, then check with a tourist office when you get there. If you can find a copy of Stars & Stripes jover there, they should have a list of events
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Feb 10th, 2004, 11:36 PM
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hi there,

not so sure whether a "Volkslauf" or "Happy Mosel" are the things YOu are looking for when YOu wanna flea the croweds. Here are a few things where You dont run into many people:
Start in Rastatt (near Karlsruhe), hiking to Schloss Favorite (nice little castle with less visiters), have a tour if You want, or a coffee, go via Hoheneberstein (perhaps lunch at the Burgrestaurant) to Baden-Baden. Rest Your bones at the old Spa (there are two, the new one is called Caracalla, the other I have forgotten). About 18 km to hike, easy going, just the way up to Hoheneberstein is a little steep, but worth the view.
Second: The most interesting caves are in the area of the "Schwaebische Alb". My favorite: Start at Laichingen (west of Ulm), walk to the Laichinger Tiefenhöhle and take a tour, hike down via Sontheim to Blaubeuron. Take a look at the beautiful spring cave and the monastier. About 14 km to go. End the day in Ulm, having lunch at the "Fischerviertel" perhaps climbing the highest churchtower in the world and take a look down. Or take a sidetrip to Wiblingen and look into the baroque monastier church. Dont miss that magic paiting of Jesus at the ceiling.
Last one is from Genkingen via Undingen to Lichtenstein. This is near Reutlingen, south of Stuttgart. Also a trail where You dont meat too many people and have the chance to look at two caves, Nebelhöhle or Bärenhöhle (this is a little crowed on weekends, but it is ok). Take a tour at castle Lichtenstein (the only that was build after(!) it was discribted in a fairy tale. And it You like fish, try a "Forelle" at Lichtenstein-Unterhausen. Also nice: the only Easter egg museum in Sonnenbühl and the view tower "Unterhose" near Pfullingen. Without sidesteps it is about 13 km.
Need more or specifics, just ask.
Have fun
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Feb 11th, 2004, 12:29 AM
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There are countless walks to be done from any town in Germany. Just get hold of the "Wanderkarte" for the area you are in and go for it. These maps are available from newsstands or tourist offices.

All hiking areas are managed by a local volunteer organisation who keep the trails in good repair, see that the signage is intact and accurate, and generally guarantee a hassle-free time. There are many, many park-and-hike facilities throughout the country.

For the record my favourite regions in Southern Germany are the Black Forest and the Spessart, the latter less known by overseas visitors, and maybe meeting your criterion of off-the-beaten-track. It lies some 80km due east of Frankfurt, north of the River Main. A nice base for the Spessart would be the pretty little town of Lohr.

Good luck,
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Feb 11th, 2004, 08:33 AM
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Just at the edge of Freiburg there is a cable car going up to a mountain called the Schauinsland. You can then hike back down to the city.
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