Czech mates

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Czech mates

I'm considering a trip to Prague in late March. I tried to get free brochures from Czech tourist bureau but they charge for the info. I checked the internet instead. It sounds like Prague isn't a place where you can just fly in then find a hotel. Do you really have to book your accommodations months in advance? Has anyone used Laifer tours? It sounds like they offer air and hotel for a decent price but could I do better booking hotel myself? Also, what kind of souvenirs can I pick up for the wife and kids there? Any help will be appreciated.
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Hi! I sent away for brochures for the Czech Republic several months ago and the charge is just for mailing. It was about $3.00. The information was useful too. I haven't been in Prague in 8 yrs and anything I could tell you is outdated. We traveled in Czech Rep this fall and it was great and very inexpensive for americans. The best gifts to bring back are handblown glass and crystal enjoy alan
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the turnip
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Have you checked Rick Steves site? I know he has some Prague tips there. We visited last May and loved every minute of out trip. There are plenty of accomodations to be had there.

Souvenirs range from wooden puppets, crystal and lots of garnet jewelry galore. Have fun!
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There are room finding services at the main train station that normally can find you a room in any season. One such service is called AVE, I would check out Rick Steve's site for more information. We visited Prague in August and had reserved our hotel a few months in advance. We stayed at the Pension Unitas - it was decent enough for the price.

Crystal and glassware would be good gifts for your wife, along with either a garnet ring or earrings. My 8 year old neice bought a marionette while we were there.
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Doug, In late March, you should be ok just flying in and finding a room, but you might want to do a search on this site for hotel recommendations and web sites -- I know there have been a bunch. The main train station is a tricky place, and although you can definitely find pension information there, you'll also find lots of people who don't have your best interests in mind. At least book your first night in a hotel ahead, and then once you're there find something less expensive, if that's what you'd be interested in, for the rest of your trip. Late March is usually not fully-booked, but why risk it if you can book something ahead?

There are lots of neat souvenirs, especially glass (crystal), marionettes, hand-painted eggs, lace, ceramics, Becherovka (a traditional Czech liquor), and lots more.
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Mary Ann
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We paid the $3.20 to the tourist board last spring for our trip in September. It was well worth it. (it really covers the shipping). It was wonderful I told them our plans driving from Rothenburg Germany, staying in Prague. They sent a ton of brochures on areas in Praha from the Jewish quarter to concerts, to regions on our way in, including a map of praha showing the pedestrian areas. As far as hotels, we did book ours in the spring for mid September (which is a high travel time). We wanted 2 doubles with bath in a location that we could walk to everything due to comments on problems with gangs in the metro. We had a wonderful time with no problems at all. We used Rick steves walking tours, spent 3 nights and would go back. Food was great and cheap.
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Hi there, I have lived in the CR for some time now and would have to say that Praha (prague) is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, unfortunately the grandeur of Praha outshines that of other Czech towns, it is unfortunate that some nice towns go virtually unnoticed, for on-line reservation accommodation and info on Prague and other areas check out, you may also find other neccesary travel info at their site,
safe travels
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Doug, I just came back from Prague a little over a month ago and I would suggest to make reservations first before you go as it is so, so crowded there. I would suggest to not go to the train station to get a room for several reasons. First the people working there do not speak english,(well the several people I tried to communicate with) and it is unsafe and very, very creepy. I saw drunks/drug addicts bleeding from head wounds barely walking and gangs of young men looking for trouble hanging out there. Upstairs is beautiful art nouveau walls in darkness with homeless people sleeping on the floor underneath and bad smells of human waste. I went to the train station four times during a two week period and thought it was the worst station in all of Europe. However, for souvenirs, there are a lot of street vendors that you can buy puppets and wooden dolls for your kids. Try the Old Town Square, and the bottom of Wenslescas Square. For your wife, at the Castle there are nice little shops on Golden Lane that sell Garnet Rings at a great price. The food in Prague, to me was excellent and the prices even better! Watch your bill when you dine, we were cheated twice! Make sure you ask to see the bill when paying and observe the prices on the menu when ordering and match the two. Have fun!

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