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I'm either typing the wrong wording into google to find answers to this question, my research skills are terrible or people are smart enough to work it out themselves that they don't have to ask.
Probably the latter but I can be a bit of a stresser and would rather sound a bit dumb and have that knowledge than going over unsure.

What I was wondering is should I be taking out x amount of currency for my trip around Europe?

We have 1 week in the UK, 17 nights in countries that use Euro, 2 nights in Poland, 2 in the Czech Republic and 4 in Hungary.

I'm sure it would be fine to just rock up and withdraw money when we got there but I've never traveled through countries with multiple currencies. My last trip overseas was to the US and it was recommended to take cash, which I did, and it was used before I managed to find an ATM which is where the slight worry comes from.

Thanks in advance, and double thanks if you don't roll your eyes when reading this!
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No, carrying a lot of cash is a terrible idea. And changing cash for another currency is going to cost you a fortune (banks won;t do it except for their own customers and bureaux de change often charge 8-10% of your money).

You should pay for as much as possible using credit cards (check which of your cards charges least for this service, usually 1 or 2% above the Interbank exchange rate) and pull walking around money at an ATM. They are everywhere (unless you're alone on top of a mountain).
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and it was used before I managed to find an ATM which is where the slight worry comes from.

Difficult to believe. At any rate there are ATMs in airports, so you can get cash as soon as you land.
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if it makes you feel more secure, you could get a small amount of british pounds and small amount of euros before you leave on your trip. Generally this will cost more, but you are buying peace of mind.

Check with your bank for atm withdrawal fees, and don't use a credit card to withdraw money from an atm.
also check with your card company for credit card fees for transactions in foreign currency, but always pay in the local currency.

once you arrive in the UK you can withdraw additional cash for your daily needs, try to work out a budget so you are not left with left over funds. do the same in the euro countries, and in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. but in small amounts as you are not there for long. and use the credit card to pay for meals or hotels so you wont need as much cash.

while atms may be everywhere, you want to make sure your bank knows you will be traveling so that there are no holds on your account. same with the credit cards.

if you have left over cash you can perhaps save them for a future trip or see if you know someone who will be traveling and you can then exchange the left over funds with them.
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It is hard to guesstimate any one person's spending habits so it's impossible to answer how much currency you need per se. I take it you're not from the USA but for most people, the best is, if you feel jittery, to get a few euro and pounds before arriving although it usually is not necessary. I wouldn't bother with the other currencies, frankly but rather if you come from a place where there are atm's and the like, they are universal so to speak. Use credit cards to the max and supplement with atm withdrawals although various countries may have different ideas about the use of credit cards and where you're from may not be as advantageous and/or competitive as is the United States where you can shop around for credit cards with no foreign transaction fees.
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I often go to Czech republic and Poland.

I usually arrive with about 20 € in cash, then I withdraw money either in the aiport or later. Really no problem. Credit cards are used quite largely, so I don't need large amount of cash. Actually sometimes I don't even go to the ATM and just pay with cc (short trips, and yes, sometimes difficult to pay a kebap with cc...).

In Poland I have been asked (and sometimes not asked) to pay in Euros and they would convert into Zloltys. I always refuse - I did the calculation once and definitely it is better to refuse - pay in local currency.
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I've been to Hungary, CZ and SL Reps., Poland, always with maybe US$20, some local money, and a bankcard.

Do you not know how to use them?

ATMS are about one to a block, even in the smallest towns. If you doubt me, look up the VISA site that shows where ATMS are, and type in the smallest village you plan to be near, as I did. That'll put any doubts you have to rest. When I found out that Lubotin, Slovakia, had 3 (that's probably about one per hundred residents), my mind was made up.
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Wondering how you could have trouble finding an atm in the US.

You won't in Central Europe either.

Pay by card as much as possible.

Take NO cash.
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I don't do survey monkey nonsense, but if you want an answer to your question, you bank with an institution that doesn't charge you transaction fees, and when you are traveling you use an ATM card to withdraw cash and a cc for big purchases.

Your survey is not refined enough to get the "conclusive results" you're looking for, btw.
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Survey = assembling data for student homework...?
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I'm OCD, extremely organizaed, intense, etc, etc. What you really need cash for are beverages, ice cream, maybe transportation tickets, small knicknacks, getting mani/pedi (if you're a girl) or shopping flea markets, etc. You can probably pay everything else by credit card.

Last year went to 5 countries, 5 different currencies but really knew what I was going to spend in each and that is roughly the amount of currency I got from the local ATM.

This year going to 4 countries, 2 currencies. Usually end up some euros left over and just plan to use it on another trip.

Then there is always the need for money for food/snacks at the airport or train/station.
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