credit card issues

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credit card issues

I have a problem every so often of hotels posting too much on my credit card. Naturally, they charge me for the rooms, and usually they put a hold on top for incidentals, but sometimes this is larger than I think it should be(300-400), and this hold sometimes doesn't drop off for a week after I have left the hotel. This can be a problem when traveling in Europe, as now I have funds which are not available to me, which should be.

On my next trip to Europe I will be going to four different hotels during my stay, and I always worry about my credit card being maxed out, even though I technically have enough plus extra on it to pay for my rooms.

Has anyone else had this problem, and what do they do? (Getting more credit cards is not an option)
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If additional credit cards are not the option, the only thing left is to call your card company and request they UP the amount of money you can charge. If you are current with your payments, this probably will not be a problem.; I remember many many years ago this happened to me on a trip, I KNEW I had plenty of credit left on the card, HOWEVER did not know that when I rented the car, the company had blocked a certain percentage (in case of problems) and that was not taken off until I returned the car. So upon arriving home, I called the credit card company and they just upped the amount I could charge. Hope you can resolve it before your trip. Halfpint
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If an establishment can arbitrarily "block a certain percentage" of your remaining credit on the card so much so that your card suddenly becomes, essentially, maxed out, that means your entire credit line is probably too low (I mean, just how much of a percentage will it take to max out the card anyway?)in the first place.

I'd try to up the amount of credit. One of my cards has a $50,000 limit on it and even at the rather high end places I tend to stay I have NEVER had this problem..and depending on your own personal circumstances, neither should you.

An alternative would be to keep a credit card to use only for travel.
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I think some car rental and other types of companies may do this, also, to some degree. I agree that you must have a really low credit line if it maxes out because of a few days hotel stay, or because of 300 something reserve. Maybe you are staying in too expensive a hotel for your credit, perhaps. Because I've never stayed in a hotel that would have a charge of 300-400 for indicidentals in a couple nights say, nor could there be such a thing in the hotels I stay at (you'd have to drink a lot of stuff in the minibar for that and be on the phone nonstop). So, I suspect you are staying in very expensive hotels and have a very low limit. Also, it is unacceptable for a hotel to have a hold on your card for a week after you leave.

I don't even ask for it, and my limits are around $20-30K on each card, I think. I think you need to stay in cheaper hotels, it sounds like, if you have poor credit.
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Like many people, I suspect, I'm a memeber of the 'somewhat-credit-challenged' group. Medical bills and a messy divorce factored into the demise of my once near-perfect credit, and steps are being taken to correct the issues, but that being said, we still have to pay close attention to what goes on our credit cards as our limits are not as high as others. What I would do to have a $20K limit card again!!!

We deal with what we have now and work towards the future.

We are headed to the UK at the end of May and are staying in both London and Yorkshire. The B&B we are staying at in London took our deposit up front via credit card and we are expected to pay cash upon arrival for the balance. The hotel we are staying at in Yorkshire is an Innkeepers Lodge. They expect payment in full, for the whole stay, as you check-in. All other items during your stay are paid for as you go, meals etc. They do not take your credit card and place a hold. However, they reserve the right to charge the card used to hold the reservation for damages etc.

Perhaps, if holds on your credit card are an issue, you could look for establishments like the two we are staying at. Maybe you could even ask the hotel if they would be willing to take a cash deposit that would be returned as you check out?
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Your problem may be bigger than you think - restaurants sometimes place large, lingering holds on your card as well.
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