Copenhagen or Stockholm

Jun 1st, 2012, 12:50 PM
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I stayed at the Grand Hotel once and was disappointed. Our room was very bland hotel like and not as impressive and historic-like as the room my husband stayed in and bragged about after his business trip. The pretty breakfast veranda with windows was full so we were seated in a side room with no windows. All in all not worth the money. There are some lovely boutique hotels in Stockholm that I would suggest booking instead.
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Aug 17th, 2012, 01:36 AM
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Both cities are pretty and charming. Copenhagen is smaller, more intimate and can be seen in the short period of time that you have. Tivoli Park is wonderful, any time of year. I always ride the rides ( and I'm 64!). There will be less to do in Copenhagen although the appeal for a young man may be greater.

Stockholm is more of a big city and also more spread out. There is far more to see and do. You should consider visiting the Vasa Museum ( a maritime museum exhibiting the 17thC Vasa ship), the nearby Nordiska Museet ( I know you don't like museums, but they have an entire floor devoted to Swedish culture and traditions: fascinating), Scansen Park, and walking through Old Town.

It doesn't sound as though you will be interested in cultural events during your short stay but, if you are, the Danish Royal Ballet is among the finest companies in the world, and the opera and ballet in Stockholm are also excellent.

I always stay at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and, with one exception, have had wonderful rooms. The one time that I received a poor room, I politely requested another and was given a much nicer room. The hotel staff are gracious and accommodating. Rooms on the 5th floor overlooking the water are magical: beautiful views, large, comfortable and beautifully appointed bedrooms and bathrooms. The rates may be more than you wish to pay.

I didn't understand the comment about the amount of daylight. I have traveled often to both cities and often in December, although several times in Oct. I wouldn't worry about won't be an issue when you are there.

I have found Norway, in general, to be more expensive than either Sweden or Denmark, but I think that you and your son will prefer to save Norway for another visit ( but do consider it at some point, and Oslo on their national day, in May).

You can't go wrong, no matter which city you choose. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. The Scandanavian people are friendly, their cities are beautiful and you will never have to worry about being " ripped off" (unless by a cab driver, and only then if they aren't Scandanavian).
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Sep 13th, 2012, 01:23 AM
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Sweden. Hands down. I absolutely love Sweden! If you go, stay in Kunsgaarden district, which is near Gamla Stan. Also, if you have time, do try and visit Visby (on the island of Gotland). If not though, Stockholm is a charming and delightful city.

Visit Gamla Stan - the old city. Spend a day shopping, and walking the narrow streets. Take the "Under The Bridges" boat tour - it is very informative and not very expensive.

Make sure you visit the Vasa Museum and Spirit Museum (Absolut Vodka) on Djurgaarden. Also, the National Museum is wonderful as well.

Yes, I am biased towards Sweden because I just visited (along with Norway, Denmark, and Germany), and I am of Swedish heritage. I've now traveled much of Europe, and will always find Sweden to be my favorite country in the world.

I stayed at Scandic Grand Central, which was very centrally located to the train, and Gamla Stan and pretty much everywhere. Yes, I walked a bit, but it was nice to not need a taxi.
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Sep 13th, 2012, 03:53 AM
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If you are actually more interested in CPH than Stockholm because of the Tivoli thing and you kid wants you to spend lots of money??? Then stay at the Hotel Nimb which is on the Tivoli property.
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Sep 13th, 2012, 09:54 AM
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We just visited both cites for the 3rd time. Initally liked Copenhagen better, then Stockholm and now have firmly decided that Stockholm is the prettier, more elegant, more beautiful, etc. Copenhagen has a more relaxed vibe but since your son is staying in Amsterdam, I'd say that it is somewhat like Amsterdam and that Stockholm would afford a different experience that would be very worthwhile. We stayed at the Radisson Blu Strand around the corner from the Grand Hotel and on a prettier waterfront (the one in front of the Grand Hotel is in renovation right now). We opted for a superior room with waterfront view which we liked a lot. Reviews can be rather negative about the standard rooms without view which are apparently small. For my money, the best hotel around that area is just down the street from the Grand Hotel, the Lydmar. It's much smaller, in its own building and has a very nice modern but substantial aesthetic. We had lunch there twice and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it, too, is on the waterfront that is currently undergoing renovation. Which ever you pick, you should enjoy the place. Both are wonderful cities.
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