Cool and Rainy vs. Hot and Sunny

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Cool and Rainy vs. Hot and Sunny

Is there anyone out there besides me who prefers cool and rainy weather to heat and sunshine?? I would much rather explore Europe at about 12-15 Celsius than 25+C as I am truly heat intolerant (although I do tolerate it when in Italy - love that place!). Don't get me wrong - I live in a terribly cold climate (northern Canada) and do not like drastic cold but like sort of chilly. Anyone else think like me?? Maybe I love rain so much for the atmosphere and because where we live we are often plagued by drought.
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Hi batraveler, when I was younger I like hot weather better but I now prefer cooler weather too. No bonechilling cold but cool, and I love to walk in the rain!!

I think it is easier to dress for colder weather than it is in real hot weather especially when the humidity is real high.

Having said that I am going to be so glad when our rainy weather is over here in NCA as we have had an awful lot of it this winter. To much, along with flooding problems.
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Warm summers and icy cold winters, that's what makes southern and central Canada so beautiful. How boring would it be to live in a place where the weather is the same every day. Noting to (small) talk about. The way nature (and your everyday life) changes with the season. Fresh and green leaves in spring. Snow in winter, what a joy
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I have to confess that I adore hot weather. We moved to Colorado a few years ago and I still mope every time it drops below 50 degrees ;-)
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I'm not terribly particular about the temperature (icy cold and Texas heat are both fine, with the right clothes), but rain just puts a damper on everything, so I'd definitely rather go with hot and sunny.
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I actually prefer cool and rainy, to an extent, mostly because cooler weather in Europe means less tourists and less crowds. We almost always go to Europe during off-peak or shoulder seasons and I find it much more enjoyable. I live in St. Louis and it gets incredibly hot and humid during the summer, and I find it miserable.

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My perfect temperature for being on vacation anywhere in Europe would be about 70 F (I think that's 19C) and sunny.

That being said, aside from professional reasons (I have a construction company, and rain = $$$ lost) or unless I have some outdoor activity planned, weather is something that I couldn't care less about. Rain, snow, hot, cold, it doesn't really matter to me, or affect my outlook one iota. Whereas my wife is one of those people whose moods definitely swing ... when it's sunny, bright and warm so is she, and she gets visibly down when the weather is damp, raining or dreary.
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Cool, crisp days, with a rainy one now and then. Used to love hot and sunny, then spent a couple of years in the tropics.
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