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cheap balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey?


May 11th, 2016, 09:55 AM
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cheap balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey?

Does anybody know about balloon rides in Cappadocia or Turkey? All I found is around 170-220 euros. We need a cheap and good one
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May 11th, 2016, 12:11 PM
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Speak in real numbers. What's "cheap"?

And considering gravity, I'd want a good one before a cheap one . . .
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May 11th, 2016, 12:24 PM
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>> I'd want a good one before a cheap one . . .<<

Ain't that the truth

Personally I wouldn't consider €170 expensive but who knows?
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May 11th, 2016, 12:55 PM
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CaptivatingCappadocia.com has a list with stats, prices, etc. of every balloon company in Cappadocia. There are a few at 140-150 euro. Most are 160-180 for 60 minute flights, which are fine. Cheaper means more people in larger baskets. Do you really want to be in a basket with as many as 36 people?

There used to be only a few companies. Now there are tons. Don't go just by price. Look at experience of pilots and number of people in baskets. Some companies have more choices of take off and landing sites, very good for varying weather conditions. A hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia is truly a once in a life time experience. Scrimp on something else, not on this.
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May 11th, 2016, 01:37 PM
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I did this last year. I choose a middle of the road one: 16 passengers and a pilot to a balloon. This was one of my life goal and it did not disappoint.

The difference between the lower and the higher end, if same flight time is how crowded it is. Why does it matter? Our balloon was partitioned into 4 rectangular sections with pilot in the center. You cannot move between these 4 sections once in the air. You can move within the section. With 16 people on 4 sections, there were 4 to a section. We could move from the center of the balloon to a side as interesting features appeared at different parts. If you are in a low end flight with people packed to full in each section, you are like in a subway. Where you are is the only place you can be for the entire hour. You may not be standing at the edge of basket if you want to look straight down.

I happened to choose Kaya Balloons.
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May 13th, 2016, 04:41 PM
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Because only a few companies make balloons for commercial use, sure, many of the balloons are alike.

However, all companies and all pilots are definitely not alike. Some companies are new or are old companies that had problems and have opened with new names. Some pilots have years of experience with proper licensing. Others have little experience or lower level licensing. How much risk are you willing to take to save a few dollars.

Baskets are also different, some holding only a few people, some holding a big group. On either, you can't move around. How compressed do you want to feel?
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Jun 10th, 2016, 11:44 PM
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What Sassafrass said! Balloon companies are most decidedly not comparable, nor are the balloons, baskets, pilots, or range of landing options. The more expensive rides really are, insofar as I could determine, of decidedly higher quality -- and greater safety and greater reliability -- than the cheaper ones. Do your homework before choosing!
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