carry on luggage

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carry on luggage

we are looking for a wheeled carry on that meets the guidelines of 22 X 14 X 9 including the wheels and handles.

have ordered a few on-line and they are either more than 22" or more than 14" wide even though the ad says they meet the guidelines.

have been ordering 19" ones as well figuring they would equal 21+ with the wheels. the latest 19" one, was 19" (would like a little bigger) but 14 3/4" across.

Can't take a chance of getting checked and would like a suitcase versus a duffle, since carrying camera equipment.

would appreciate any suggestions of a make or model if you have one that fits.

thanks much.

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I have Rick Steves 21" Carry-On Roll a board, 21x9x14.
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If you are really planning to carry on, don't get a bag with wheels. If you fly on an airline with a weight limit, the wheels and structure can easily weigh half of your total weight allowance.

My old bag came from ETBD (Rick Steves) and it has always fit in the Lifthansa sizing box at the Frankfurt airport. But, loaded to the weight limit, it is not full and sags when I carry it. So, after five trip, I went out and got an Outdoor Essential convertible bag from Campmor. It's perfect. It's a little smaller, so it is more full at the same weight, and it doesn't sag.

Another thing, a convertible bag lacks the rigid frame needed for a wheeled bag, so it will literally conform to any size and shape depending on what's in it.
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Hi Joanel - I use the 22 X 14 X 9 inch Walk About Lite by Travel Pro - I love it (I also have the bigger 26 inch one as well). It's really light-weight, and it's expandable. My 22 inch has been with me to Rome, Spain, and Prague. They just came out with a newer version called the WalkAbout Lite 2. Here's a link for it:

Cheers - M.
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P.S. Joanel - I re-read your posting after I posted my first reply. Sorry, but come to think of it, I've never actually taken a tape measure and measured the wheels on my 22-inch, so I'm not sure if the wheels would pose a problem for you (and I've always checked the bag rather than taken it as a carry-on because it's always filled with make-up and hair products anyway).

I actually agree with Larryincolorado about getting a "soft" bag without a frame. Whenever I've used ONLY a carryon, I've used a convertable bag by Eagle Creek (a back-pack that converts easily into a duffel bag). Because there's no frame, I can cram tons of stuff into it. The downside is that it's on my back and get a little heavy. Good luck!
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the rick steves bag - which we have is too big. more than 22" if you measure it.

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Joanel, I carry an amazing amount of camera gear, including multiple video and still cameras, lights, computer cords, batteries, etc. I put it all in a duffle.
Yes, I put the cameras into their own carrying cases and put these inside the bag. All the cords, batteries, etc. I put in baggies. I even carry a expanding 6' tripod with liquid head. Like the earlier poster stated, because it is a softside, it conforms. As to weight, it all weighs in at about 18 lbs.
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as mentioned above, be sure that your airline doesn't also have weight restrictions on a carry on--sometimes it is as little as 12 or 13 pounds.
I have a Samsonite 20" with expandable gusset and spinner wheels that is a great carry on, but once packed it wouldn't meet any weight restrictions.
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what is the name/make/size of the duffle?
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Rick Steves' Rollaboard says it has a 21" compartment, so with wheels and handle, it might be bigger than 22". However,
I do NOT advise any rollaboard. These behemoths simply weigh too much - often half your carryon allowance.

Rick makes more than one bag. I have his 21" convertible. I just measured it, and it is a little less (maybe 1/8") than 21" long. Maybe with the end strap/handle it is a little over 21" but it is not (!) over 22".

Lufthansa has a "sizing" box at the gate in Frankfurt. My Rick Steves bag has never failed to fit in it easily. Lufthansa's limit is in cm, 55x40x20. That's actually 21.65" long (x15.75"x7.87").
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Do you have a luggage store you can go to in person? A suitcase is something I'd never want to order on line. I want to see it, measure it, roll it around.
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I would also look at them in person, if possible. That way you can really measure them, also. Hard to say how accurate Rick Steves measurements are, but if they really do have a 21" compartment, they can't pass the limits as there isn't any way handle and wheels together can add on only one inch.

I don't agree with Larry that wheel-aboards are behemoths and weigh a lot in themselves and can't be used for carry-on. I've done it many times, and even before the light-weight current versions of luggage. That could be true on some of those short-distance cheapo airlines where they only allow 10-12 pounds weight, but not on regular ones which have much greater allowances for weight, or none at all. I don't think some airlines have weight limits for carryon beyond the size. I don't think United has any weight limits. Air France has 12 kg, Lufthansa is low and is 8 kg, though. BA is low, I believe. I think my old rollaboard that size weighs about 10-11 pounds, but you can buy lightweight ones now that are 8-9 pounds.

I don't personally think the wheels alone are going to make much difference in the weight, and all luggage would have some kind of handles. I've seen plenty of duffels and backpacks that would add on more weight than a rollaboard for all the things they have on them. But if this is your only suitcase for a trip, you probably do not want just a soft-sided bag.
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