Calling Poland Experts


Aug 7th, 2005, 03:08 AM
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Calling Poland Experts

Hello everyone,

I'll be travelling to Poland in October 2005 and would appreciate help with the following questions.

I know this question has been answered before but I can't seem to locate the thread. What is the best way to go from the Warsaw airport to downtown? Would anyone know how to hire a private driver for this route?

Hotels: has anyone stayed at the Hera by Lazienki Park?

I'll be going to the Bialowieza National Park by bus. Has anyone stayed at a pension they would recommend in the 50zl price range, with english- or french-speaking owners preferably but not necessarily?

Is it fairly easy to travel from Bialowieza to Gdansk by bus (and if so, how much time should I allow), or should I return to Warsaw first.

Would anyone be able to provide me with e-mail addresses of (or any other info relating to) convents or monasteries that provide accommodation in Warsaw; in or close to Gdansk, Krakow and Lublin?

Would anyone know how much a plane ticket might cost from Gdansk to Krakow?

Finally, can anyone comment on the Learning Abroad program operating out of Krakow and its host families?

Many thanks to all who reply.
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Aug 9th, 2005, 04:36 PM
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Airport is in very south border of Warsaw City limits - there is a public bus which will take you to "downtown" Center of Warsaw - there is also bit more expensive but still cheaper then a taxi PolskiExpress Bus (from airport ALL go to center first - then you can transfer to another or continue to reach other Polish cities) and then there is a taxi - do not take any offers from "drivers" at arrivials - just when you exit go to next level up (departures) and 4 different taxi services have a booth there (they speak english) pick a best price - and you are set... Good taxi service for Warsaw and other cities are those guys -> - but again you can find better and bit cheaper (their price is normal) so ask around.

I did not stay in Hera - but Lazienki Park and area is nice - (again no idea on hotel)...

Bialowieza National Park is near Bialystok (large city for this area) Bialowieza is very nice and worth a trip... for 50zl (which is about $15) per night it maybe hard to find a pension - but hey maybe others can rocommand something - if not then maybe try this page which I have found doing a search (and do not know so can't really recommand in any way those guys) but site seems to have som pension etc. listings and picks.

To Gdansk - you can go to Bialystok and take a bus or train from there...
Bus schedule can be found here -> ... (far right has departure times)
Looks like you have 2 connections to Gdansk - one very early at 6am and then another very late at 8:45pm
Trains have more possibilities and many connect thru Warsaw - so going back to Warsaw also maybe an option...

flights from Gdansk to Krakow may not be cheap and airports bit far away from centers - you do have a very good train connection with few express trains that will take around 7hrs for a trip or overnight sleeper which where you arrive next morning ... Train stations in both cities are in center ...
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Aug 10th, 2005, 02:05 AM
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Airporter Bus to hotel, advise driver of hotel or whatever. City bus is less money but you may have problems with baggage. Some hotels offer shuttle service. Take Marriott bus to hotel (small fee)and then get cab from their taxi stand. Train services are deteriorating. Try Polski Express bus. Warsaw has many 'search sites' as does all of Poland. Check out Polish Tourist site in NY. Aside from the language most of Poland is similar to the US.
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Aug 10th, 2005, 04:38 PM
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GSteed> Poland similar to US? hmm I think it's very different - as other European countries... Airporter Bus? what is that and where does it stop?... some hotels offer a shuttle bus - but those are for specific hotels (and there is a fee) ... more info here ->

Also no problem with baggage on City bus - you just need to buy additional ticket for any access baggage (which still beats price of any shuttle tickets)...

Also Train services are deteriorating?
old info ... if anything they are improving lately - and service is getting much better ... Actually if anything PolskiExpress services is deteriorating ... where trip is always longer - but very many times with no AC ... and popular destinations get packed ... 6months ago I took PolskiExpress from Warsaw Centralny to North Poland - when bus arrived there was so much chaos with mob of people pushing and crowding the entrence to the bus and driver not letting anyone in ... then all this pushing ... and then slow sauna 7hr trip ... never again ... on return to warsaw took a train 1st class (similar in price as for bus)... lots of room, clean, no pushing ... during a trip, besides the conductor a waiter from restaurant car was walking around and selling tea/coffee cookies other sweets as well as taking orders if you wanted something more ... trip was much shorter and much more pleasent ...

Laotzu_1 > once you out of arrival area (outside the gate) remove airline stubs from your luggage - this way you are not advertising yourself to others...
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Aug 14th, 2005, 01:28 PM
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PeterB, GSteed, thank you so much for this very practical information. I greatly appreciate it. I will let you know how my trip went when I return, in November.

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