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On a trip to Spain with my boyfriend (now hubby), we both drank way too much VERY VERY cheap wine (students at the time). Most of the stuff tasted like battery acid and felt like battery acid on the way down (felt much worse going the other way!). A 'normal' hangover would have been okay, but in the middle of the night I wake up dying of thirst, no water in the bottle beside my bed, so without thinking went to the tap of the little sink in our room and drank to my heart's content - paid very dearly for it next two days.
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Frieda Slaves
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I like to get hammered on cheap gin and poke innocent people with a pointed stick.
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Mother and Father-in-law took hubby and me to Paris to meet his business associates. All meals except breakfast (thank god) were formal affairs with many courses. I wasn't used to all the toasts, before dinner drinks, etc, etc. So, first night we arrive via this zippy Mercedes at a beautiful restaurant and sit down. I look across the table at the wife of someone and suddenly realize that her face has morphed and she has two heads, one on top of the other. I am in deep Ka-Ka and spend every ounce of energy I have not to scream in laughter.

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