Between Milan and Venice for two nights?

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Between Milan and Venice for two nights?

I'm starting a trip through Slovenia and Croatia with a few days in Italy. I'll fly into Milan, have two free nights, and then have two nights in Venice before heading east. Long story short...I hadn't really planned on those two days before Venice (already booked an apartment there on a set date) but it was considerably cheaper to fly two days earlier - so that almost pays for two extra days, so why not? And it's Italy...

So where should I spend my two free days? I'll be traveling by train, and I was hoping for somewhere conveniently located somewhat between Milan and Venice. Since I'll be a bit dazed after that first day from a long day of flying, I don't want somewhere too challenging, I suppose. And I have been to Venice before and am content with the two days I'll have there and don't want to extend my time there. I've also been to Bologna and Padova before.

I've NOT been to Milan itself - perhaps I should just start there? Verona seems like a good possibility too...

My first choice was actually Parma, for a couple of reasons. One is straightforward: a reputation for outstanding food (which turned out to be deserved for Bologna for sure). Another is kind of odd: a few years ago, when I was still contemplating my first trip to Italy, I was carrying an Italy travel book, and an Italian guy I ran into on the train, seeing my book, started chatting with me. He was from Parma...and he said, "Go to Parma! It's a really nice town. No one ever visits!" So I told him I'd try but couldn't swing it on my first trip. I really don't mind going to place for a few nights that doesn't have much to do but has some great food and a few pleasant strolls and isn't mobbed with tourists.
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I recommend Verona. Frequent, easy train connection. There are great walks because the centro area is largely closed to traffic. Their are plenty of good restaurants although you'll want to know what your ordering if your having a meat course. Its in a unique wine area with good reds and white wines. I think the tourist authority has free bikes you can borrow, and there is all the shopping you would want. When you leave, its a 50 minute train ride to Venice with trains leaving about every hour.
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You can see a lot of Milan in a half day. What time does your plane land?
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Plane lands at MXP at about 11:30a. Would be an interesting idea just to spend a few hours in Milan and then overnight elsewhere on the way to Venice. Too bad I don't arrive just a bit earlier, as flights from the states sometimes do.
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Verona is really nice and a good place for 2 easy days. I also enjoyed a couple days in Vicenza, easy to get around and enough to keep u busy for 2 days. Both had good food...of course for me its hard to find bad food in Italy.
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We spent a couple of nights in Verona en route from Venice to Milan and enjoyed it. Easy city to walk around - it's quite small.
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For dinner in Verona:
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Verona is really great and I agree....but so is Parma! Either way I think you'll be quite happy with your decision.
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another vote for Verona.
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although you can never really get enough of Venice, Verona is special; reconsider Padua, Milan is either, not worth it, too short of time or as I believe, needs more time!!!
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I don't know Verona, but Parma is worth a visit. I was there last year for the Correggio exhibition and they built special staircases for some of his ceiling frescoes. I was there for only a few hours but I really enjoyed my visit.

If you like art, the Giotto frescoes in the Scrovegni/Arena chapel in Padua shouldn't be missed. It's about a 30-minute train ride from Venice. (But you said you've been already.)

Milan has a lot to offer too artwise. Try to get tickets for the "Last Supper" (you may have to go through a ticket agency, as I did. Milan also has the last Michelangelo sculpture (the Rondanini Pieta, unfinished), a purported Leonardo and the famous Mantegna "Dead Christ" (at Brera).
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