Daytrip to Milan from Venice

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Daytrip to Milan from Venice

What do you think of a daytrip from Venice to Milan? I've already been to Milan and I sure know my way around the city, but do you think it is a crazy idea?

Why do I want to go Milan?
- I think Milan is one those strange cities that aren't really that beautiful, but you always want to go back whenever you have a chance.

Why don't I overnight there?
- Because I totally hate Milan in terms of spending the night.

I've already checked the trenitalia website and there's a 7:52 train from Venice to Milan arriving at 10:55, and a 18:55 train from Milan to Venice arriving at 21:38. That means I'll have 9 hours in Milan to do some walking and some possible shopping.

Am I being delusional?
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I don't know how to answer your question SHADRACH. You want to spend about 6 hours round trip to visit Milan because you want to go there but you hate to spend overnight in Milan.

I personally love Milan but I would not spend all that time travelling back and forth on the train from and to Venice to spend some hours in Milan.

Delusional? I don't know. I just don't understand your thinking but each of us has different ideas when we travel so I would suggest that you do whatever works for you. You don't need anyone elses approval. I hope you have fun with whatever you decide.
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How many days do you have in Venice?
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Mrs C-S and I interrupted our 10th anniversary weekend in Venice to do almost exactly what you're suggesting. I think we managed to find a slightly later train back so we could have supper, as well as lunch, in Milan. Seemed no odder a day out than any other.

Sadly, I no longer fit the clothes we bought. But they're still in the wardrobe, tempting me to do the diet again. Venice has infinite charms, but clothes shops and decent restaurants aren't among them.

Why are you asking?
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It is, as you say, doable and only you can decide if it is worth it or not My wife and I went to Milan and Venice a couple of years back and we took the train to get between the cities and that worked out pretty well. Here is a trip report with some pictures:

Stavanger, Norway - trip reports and pictures
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Don't let other people tell you what you should do. If you want to do it, then it's a good idea for you. However, you should check your arithmetic: 1055 to 1855 is eight hours, not nine.
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Shadrach, I also like to visit Milan as often as possible and the one thing I don't like about overnighting in Milan is the high cost of hotels. On the other hand, food in Milan is so good, and so is strolling around after dinner, I'd be reluctant to feel pressed to catch a train.

What is it you hate about staying overnight in Milan? Maybe there is a solution.

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Thank you guys for your comments!

Loveitaly: I'm not looking for approval, I'm just lookinf for tips in case any of you have ever done that.

RufusTFirefly: I'll be in Venice for 5 nights.

CotswoldScouser: I'm asking in case somebody has ever done that and how their experience was. I wanted to get an earlier train, but it's at 6:22. If I have the strength of getting up, I'll catch that one.

Gard: I loved your trip report, and since I know my way around the city, I think it's doable. I really enjoyed your trip report.

GeoffHamer: Thanks for your encouragement!And yes, you're right: It's 8 hours.

Nessundorma: As you said, Milan is expensive and I'm travelling on a budget. Last year I stayed at a hotel near the train station, and, I have to be honest, I didn't like that area or the hotel (just the breakfast). I guess I just don't like Milan at night. I'm staying at a convent in Venice, and, I have to tell you, once you've stayed at a convent, you never want to stay at a hotel anymore. I find hotels impersonal and touristy. Convents have a charming quietness that makes you feel at home.

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Aren't there any convents in Milan? How about Verona?

I'm thinking instead of training all the way back Venice, you could stop somewhere along the way and spend the night.

Last year I spent a night in Peschiera del Garda, just to avoid Milan's high hotel costs (and I agree with you that the train station area in Milan is dismal). I had a charming big room for 80 euros with a view of the lake.

If you have a list of convents in and around Milan or in the Veneto, you might consider looking for ones along the train line in towns between Milan and Venice.

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I'll take the 6:22 train (Eurostar)arriving in Milan at 9:05, and the 19:05 train (IT) arriving back in Venice at 22:08. That'll give me 10 hours in Milan.

According to my lodging at convents book, there are no convents in Lombardia.

I'll try this daytrip out. If I had never been there, I definitely wouldn't do it, but I know my way around the city.

I'll be back in July. I'll let you guys know how it went.

However, if anybody has ever done a daytrip like this, I'm still interested in your comments and your experience.
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