Best time of day to visit Tower of Pisa?

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The entire complex of the monument in Pisa -- the field of miracles -- is one of the great architectural beauties of Europe. So glad you had the eyes to appreciate its beauty and didn't think you were just looking at a tourist attraction.

The small towns around Lucca are really interesting. Add Pistoia, Pescia and Pietrasanta to the list for your return trip, and perhaps a tour of the truly rustic mountain towns above, and the marble quarries in Carrara if you are interested to see where the marble that built the monuments in Pisa came from.
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Glad you liked the tower as so many others do. It's easy to be rather cynical about it as you have read above until you actually SEE it.
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Thanks all - have noted those towns for next time (we will definitely be back!)

Surfmom: I wish I had read your trip report about Paris before we were there -- that treasure hunt at the Louvre sounds great (I thought the museum itself would be overwhelming but this sounds like a great way to see it). If you click on my name you will see my Paris parks trip report -- I think we can agree that you have to be flex when travelling with kids. Sometimes you do end up seeing something you wouldn't usually which actually ends up being pretty cool (ie the Musee de la poupee was actually one of the highlights for them in Paris!).

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Hi all,

Would like to get some advice as I read some useful ones above.

I will be going to do a half day trip to Pisa, from Florence, in end Aug, between 29-31 Aug. Likely 29 Aug afternoon. May take the 12 or 1pm train, arrive 1.30 or 2pm at Pisa S. Rossore.
What is a good time to do the Leaning Tower climb during this period, seeing that it is Summer (hot!)... And I recall reading the sunset time is good, not sure if it meant climbing up time to see the aerial view or "ground time" to take the tower from the ground? But Sunset in Summer seems late?
Kindly advise a good time for Leaning Tower climb, as I am looking to book the ticket soon... As I just noticed there is a 12-20 days window period. =(

Also, would like to know how much time would you set aside to visit the other 4 monuments (thinking of getting the package, 4 monuments for 9 euros)?

And lastly, dinner around here, the restaurants, is it close by Leaning Tower of Pisa? Their Piazza or town area? I am looking at a budget of around 15 euros per pax (low budget maybe, as I am doing a long trip...). I am assuming Pisa S. Rossore station is the closest as well to the town/restaurants area, if not, please enlighten me on this too.

Many thanks!

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You don't say why you're choosing to go at the hottest time of the day... My choice would be to climb the Tower at the earliest possible time or near/after sunset (about 8:00p). The Tower is open those days until 10:00p, and the other monuments are open until 8:00p. In 4 all cases, the last entry is 30 minutes before closing.

How much time you would need to see all 4 monuments depends entirely on your level of interest, the speed you can climb the Tower, etc. FYI, if you take any sort of bag with you that day, you'll have to store it at the baggage deposit before climbing the Tower, and then retrieve it after you get down. There could be a line both times.

15 EUR per person for dinner is quite low, but there are several restaurants nearby that cater to tourists so you should be able to find something.

The Pisa S. Rossore station is the closest. The last train back to Florence from that station is at 8:22p, but there are later departures from the Pisa Centrale station.
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thanks for letting us know how everything turned out!
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Hi there,

Jean, told my friend about the concern of it being very hot... Especially given the season too. Discussed and seems like we'll not be climbing the tower afterall, since we'll be climbing another 2 or 3 buildings in Florence. Said that Leaning Tower may be better enjoyed from the ground (taking pics of it leaning) rather than climbing it, seems to make sense?

So guess I will visit the 4 monuments first, then enjoy the scenery of Pisa Tower from the ground nearing evening. I am assuming I do not need to pay the 18 euros if I don't climb - right?

15 euros is low is it? Sighs, not sure how else do I tighten my budget since I don't for hotels... So Pisa S. Rossore is still the station nearing the Piazza/town area? Very useful info, thank you!

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Hi Panda, just because you're climbing other buildings [the Campanile, the Duomo?] in Florence doesn't mean that you shouldn't climb the leaning tower.

not only is it a lot easier to climb [it's not very tall] it's a completely different experience. IMO NOT to climb it is like going to Rome and not going into the colosseum; and I agree that doing it in the evening would be a good idea.

you could go to Pisa in the later afternoon, have a wander around the town [I'd go to Pisa Centrale and walk through the centre of the city, it's very elegant and interesting] then have an early supper with the kids, climb the tower [booking your slot] then see the campo die miracoli at sunset [very beautiful] and come home from Pisa S. Rossore.

you can book your tickets here:

personally I love the Baptistry and cathedral but they are pretty cool seen from the outside, so if you could only afford entry to one thing, for me it would be the tower. if you just see the outside of everything, it's completely free.

there are pizzerie all around the area so you ought to be able to get supper for within your budget. if €15 is your normal dinner budget pp that may prove a little more difficult unless you want a constant diet of pizza and pasta, especially in big places like Florence. when you say you are not economising on hotels, may I ask what you are paying?
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