Best Croque Monsieur in Paris?

Feb 21st, 2006, 06:11 PM
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Thanks! I thought the 1664 was a bit different then the regular Kronenburg?
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Feb 21st, 2006, 06:25 PM
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You can find out about the differences at

"Kro" is a blonde lager (pilsner), and 1664 a traditional lager with deeper flavor and less carbonation.

The Kronenbourg label is actually on about five beers of various formulas, in addition to 1664.
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Feb 21st, 2006, 09:43 PM
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The best I've had, no contest, is at the Café Marly.

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Mar 6th, 2006, 08:06 AM
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Better late than never... my favorite croque monsieur -- actually prefer a croque madame -- is at Les Deux Magots. Mmmmm...

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Mar 6th, 2006, 10:17 AM
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You can purchase 1664 here in the states at total wine. I enjoyed one just this past weekend...Actually more than one, my wife left me w/the kids all weekend.
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Mar 6th, 2006, 12:55 PM
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SAnParis, I checked out your Savannah spot. That block is now Tony Roma's (with a tatoo place upstairs) at #7 E Bay, Bay Street Blues bar and Outback. That takes up the entire block.

So, it sounds like your old haunt is now gone...and no more Miss Stephanie's! Sorry.
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Mar 6th, 2006, 06:22 PM
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I would vehemently disagree with "it's hard to distinguish them". Like warm goat cheese salads, to my observation, they vary considerably all over the place.

One of our favorite cafes (La Source in the 7th, just opposite the La Tour-Maubourg metro station, with escalator which emerges into a lovely park) serves a spectacular version of each. The Croque Monsier starts with a thick slice of toasted country bread, with a thick slice of country ham, topped with gruyere mixed with mayo and mustard, all popped under the broiler until the cheese "sauce" is puffy and souffle-like. Quite different than the often typical slice of baguette with very thin slice of ham and very thin slice of gruyere popped under the broiler. Their version, to me, is far superior to any attempt to cut up or take a bite of a crisp baguette. Their warm goat cheese salad is a mound of sensational greens with the most delicious vinaigrette imaginable, with several huge and thick slices of goat cheese (broiled to perfection and not atop those impossible to cut slices of baguette). It's garnished with a handful of walnut halves.

Question for Scarlett: Do you remember the name of the cafe? And, where is the corner of rue Saint-Dominique and rue de Grenelle - on the map they run parallel - where do they form a corner/intersect?

Thanks, Starrsville, for the update on Savannah - we're headed there in a couple of weeks.
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Mar 6th, 2006, 06:30 PM
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For any Zonies looking for 1664 - you can buy it at AJ's (the Pinnacle Peak/Pima store has about 300 imported beers).
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Mar 10th, 2006, 03:05 PM
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My apologies to djkbooks. He/she is quite right. There can be significant differnces in the quality of the cuisine among cafes. I shpuld have clearly stated that the construction of a croque monsieur is pretty much the same but the quality of the ingrdients may vary widely. Pardonez moi.
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Mar 10th, 2006, 03:59 PM
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The cafe is Roussillon , on the corner of Grenelle and Dominque which sort of ends there....where rue Cler is.. so the cafe is across the street from rue Cler and the FranPrix.
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Mar 10th, 2006, 04:09 PM
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I think Cafe Roussillon might be on rue Cler but the other side of the street from the pedestrian side..where it curves around and runs into rue St Dominique..
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