Antipasto buffets - how do they work?

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Yeah if it's 20-25 Euros, you might as well look for a full meal.

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Like Torino, Genoa's bars are quite big on the aperitivo buffets too. My colleagues and I would pay about 5-7 euro for a cocktail and get the yummy buffet filled with hot and cold food free. Near the end of the month before payday, it was a yummy inexpensive dinner!

When at a bar that didn't have a buffet, they at least serve you potato chips, olives, or some other snack food when you purchase a cocktail. They usually only serve snacks (as well as the buffets) between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Don't see much of the buffets here in Tuscany, only chips, olives, little sandwiches set out on the bar during the happy hour time.

As far as antipasti...from the restaurants I have been to, if it is a buffet it is one price and you should only make one trip to the buffet. Other restaurants I have been to again charge one fixed price, and bring out different plates of antipasti to your table that you can help yourself to.
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Actually, that's why I keep asking about it being a full meal. I never order antipasto with a meal because it's more than we care to eat. But I love most of the items and would love to make a full meal on it. I wouldn't mind paying 20 or 25 euro for a full meal of antipasto.
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I found this page in Orso 80 web page.

Says their specialty is appetizers and sampling plates.

But no mention of price

Of well if they recycle food from plates others have eaten, I guess the thing to do is to get there when they open for lunch or dinner.

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In my experience you are more likely to find an antipasto buffets in Sicily than in the rest of Italy. It seems to me that the way that an antipasto buffet is listed on the menu in restaurants in Sicily indicates that it is sort of "market price" (L/sq) and I have always assumed that the waiter sort of eyes-up your plate to determine how much the charge will be. While I don't believe that it is necessary to order three additional courses I do think that the expectation is that you will order at least one additional course (pasta or entree, or a pizza if it is a pizzaria). I have seen both "self service" and buffets where you are expected to accompany the waiter to the antipasti table andlet him know what you want.
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I'm a fan of the appetizer spread at La Rampa near the Spanish Steps. I didn't know RS recommended it; we've been going there for ages and everyone in my family thinks it is quite good.

In Rome, also in the Piazza di Spagna area, Tre Degli Amici, a little known but good restaurant, has a much smaller appetizer spread, but it is very very good. Seafood is the star, and each morsel is wonderful.

In Portovenere, there is an ancient square with a fountain and a really good restaurant. They serve a huge selection of seafood appetizers at your table. Fantastic.

If I put my mind to it, I could probably think of more...I'm pretty sure the restaurant at the Porta Rocca in Monterosso al Mare has an appetizer buffet. And doesn't that rather famous place in Recco?

So, yes, they have them in Italy. They are all probably a little different in cost and approach, but IMO, you get to taste a lot of little things that are different and good, and if you like that sort of thing, you should give one of these a try.
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Wow! There are a lot of responses! I haven't read all of the responses but thought that i'd share our knowledge - someone may already have mentioned this..We saw plenty of antipasto buffets in Sicily and were fortunately told by our hosts at our first b&b that you just fill one plate each and order something else ie pasta or mains.
We were in the country side where there would have mainly been locals eating out and so this advice was very welcome. It was only 3-4 euro in this little town and had so much seafood! My understanding is that Sicilians are very gracious and probably wouldn't even say anything if you did go for seconds...
I guess, in the cities they may expect foreigners to go for seconds and the price may reflect this or they may even tell you if asked.
I've just seen the date of your post! Hope you enjoyed the buffets, we would have been in Italy at the same time!
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