Anti-American Demonstrations

Old Jan 17th, 2002, 10:20 AM
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Anti-American Demonstrations

Are there any anti-American demonstrations going on in London. I just talked to someone who was in London last November with 8 other people. They were visiting the Kensington area and walked right into a 15,000 person anti-American demonstration. The police instructed them to immediately get back on the Tube and out of the area. Is anything such as this happening currently?
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I should add, however, this same person was emphatic that I not let anything like this bother me; "Go, you'll you have the best time, it's wonderful." He thought the incident was exciting, has been to London 5 times, and would return in a minute. It's the only place he has gone on vacation for the last five years.
Old Jan 17th, 2002, 10:30 AM
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perhaps they were protesting the Bush/Enron connection (see post below)????? Could be...
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Didn't see anything on BBC News online about any current demonstrations.

I'd guess any "anti-American" demonstrations of that size last November in London had to do with the bombing in Afghanistan.
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I don't think there have been anti-American demonstrations at all, but there have been anti-war demonstrations. I would assume the police would want anyone not connected with the demonstration to leave the area, not just Americans.
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I don't recall that, or any such news and I live here.
There were a few small demos when the bombing started but I don't think anything of that scale... We have had some large demos in London but I don't recall the anti american one being a huge one.
Are you sure your friend didn't just see 150 and magnify the numbers?
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Go back to troll school! Or stay at home, jerk.

Troll me baby
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Well, Mr. Blair is apparently having a bit of an issue at the moment with the treatment of the Prisoners of Not-War at Guantanamo Bay Base, but I doubt he'll take it to the streets... certainly not Kensington, anyway.
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There are always demonstrations somewhere, about something!! don't let it worry you. Just don't wade into the middle of it!!we've been in students striking for better teachers in Paris, anti hunting demos in London, some weird kind of demo in Rome, I still have not figured out what..just don;t stand around and wait to be clubbed by a policeman. Go somewhere else! Just like you'd do if you were in DC during a demo!! We do have them here,you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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