Another question on Topping

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Another question on Topping

I see that Fodors have removed the "add a reply" function from the previous thread on topping, so I presume that Rex is correct in his assumption that the practice is now frowned upon.

The question I'd like to ask is what is the official line when your own post goes unanswered for several days? Are you just supposed to assume that nobody will ever answer it and let it slip further and further down, or do you post it again as a new thread, or is "self-topping" allowed?
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I think that self-topping is firmly within the unwritten rules of etiquette. If in doubt, think of some small snippet of information that might entice an answer.

Indeed, I think that a post which has floated to the top with ONE reply is probably far more likely to be looked at. People who DIDN'T know the answer are curious to see what someone else had to say - - at least it's true for me, and it may jog my memory of something previously posted that could be relevant.

I'm a little unclear as to whether Fodors officially "frowns" on topping in general. Perhaps they view it likely to die of attrition.

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What is the problem with 'topping'?
In many cases it can be a useful tool.
If you know of a thread that may answer someones question quickly, especially one which has had several days of high quality discussion then what's the problem with making it easier to find for them?

I am really puzzled by this

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As a general thought, the problem with topping is that it isn't fair to other people with more recent questions or comments as their post sink more readily. Of course, there may be a valid reason for topping.

Also, if a person is looking for an answer to his/her question, there is always the search function.
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Topping is a tool that, like other tools, can be misused. I have used it to find previous posts that might add information for someone who has posted a question more recently. Yes, they can always "search," but some are not that proficient in the use of this site yet, and some might not be able to come up with a term to search on that would pull up the best information. It's also particularly helpful when the response to some question (how do I get to Versailles?) is a bit involved and detailed and I'm, frankly, too lazy to write it all out again.

It's also justifiable when a query is getting no quick response and it's being shoved down the list by some other flurry of more active posts (for example, a flap about politics, babies on planes, etc.).

But it is very annoying indeed when someone decides to keep topping something to fan the flames of a troll/debate/squabble, or to bury some other post.
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