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Andalucia by car or train???? please help

Andalucia by car or train???? please help

Old Dec 27th, 2014, 10:13 PM
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Andalucia by car or train???? please help

Hi I am planing a trip for my family 6 adults(,2 of the adults are 65+ ) and 2 kids total 8 people to Andalucia Spain . we will be getting to lisboa from ny , spend there 3 days and flight to seville . my original plan was to rent a car in seville and travel to cadiz...Malaga ...granada...cordoba drop the car there and take the train to madrid/toledo and flight to ny from madrid. is this crazy??? i have no idea if is doable or not and if cost effective there are aprox 12 days available for Andalucia and madrid and it will be at the end of August . the plans where to spend 3 days in seville , 1 cadiz/jerez,1 in malaga,2 in granada 2 in cordoba and 3 in madrid. please help me since I really dont know if this is going to be to much for my parents or/and my kids and if there is no point in driving vs taking the train ??? thanks
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Old Dec 27th, 2014, 10:49 PM
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Just to warn you it will be very hot in Andalucía (and also probably Madrid) at the end of August, with temperatures over 100F. OK you are from NY but the air con installation isn't universal and often not as effective. Also with 6 people plus luggage, you will probably need two cars, as a larger mini van is a pain to drive on often narrow streets in Andalucía and parking is a pain. Because it's so hot, you can forget about sightseeing between 12 noon and 5 pm, as most people take a long siesta and virtually everything other than restaurants, bars, cafes and some larger stores is closed. If you can shift to a month later, it becomes much more comfortable through still warm (top in the 80s/90s).
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Old Dec 28th, 2014, 06:17 AM
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Agree that inland Andalusia is VERY hot in summer - 100 highs are common and 120 is not unknown.

You will need to plan to sightsee in early morning and evening and spend midday in your hotel pool.

We have done this area twice by car - but only 2 of us. You will need a very large vehicle for so many people, car seats (how old are kids?) and luggage. Roads in city center may be a challenge.

Also, this is a very aggressive trip in terms of territory. We have done 2 roads trips - one 10 days and one 12 - in Andalusia alone - and still have a lot to see/do. We visited in April - which is already hot weather - mid 80s - and fine for the beach.

If possible I would reschedule so you can spend more time sightseeing versus escaping the heat.
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Old Dec 28th, 2014, 06:58 AM
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The two obvious problems are the heat and the 8 people. Does it have to be August? If so, does it have to be Andalusia? You also have a pretty aggressive itinerary (lots of places, not a lot of time). I'm actually one who doesn't mind a bunch of one and two night stops BUT they have to be the right kind of place - usually small and close. Meaning if you are traveling from one small town and stop for an afternoon evening then move on to another small towns a couple hours away, etc. But you have some major cities here - not easy to see much in just a day or two.

So the size of the destinations, plus the logistics of getting 8 people from place to place - this is going to combine to mean not much time to either relax or see anything.

So one suggestion would be to stick to Portugal. Between Lisbon and numerous great towns/villages you could have a great trip for two weeks. Probably considerably cooler as well. If this is of any interest I could suggest several places.

If you really want to include Andalusia I'd drop several of the stops. In fact I'd stick to just Seville (with day trip to Cordoba) and Granada. Or Seville - Cordoba - Granada. Not that the others are great but you don't have time given the total amount of time, the time of year and the number of people.
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Old Dec 28th, 2014, 08:33 AM
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Tough with that many people and the heat. Every place has merit and I have been to all in Spain except Malaga. A 1 night with one or two people - not so bad, but a group takes a bit more time, and with the heat, I would not do less than 2 nights anyplace.

Not having been to Malaga, it would not be fair for me to say which to cut: Malaga or Cadiz, but IMHO, one should probably go. Some people love Cordoba, but it just does not excite me as a city, though certainly worth seeing the Mezquita.

First thoughts:
Add a night to Seville and make Cordoba a day trip by train.
Add the second night saved from Cordoba and make Jerez also a day trip from Seville by train
Skip Cadiz - too far for a comfortable day trip from Seville.

OTOH, if Cadiz is a must -
Add the second night saved from Cordoba to the one night for Jerez/cadiz. Go directly from Seville to Cadiz for two nights. You will have afternoon and evening in Cadiz. Day trip to Jerez the next day. The problem with this is travel from Cadiz to Malaga. Train is not direct. You might take a bus or rent a mini van and go along the coast. You could keep the van and drop it in Granada. You could also go directly to Jerez from Seville, have the day there and day trip to Cadiz.

Personally, I would skip one or the other, or both, depending on interests.

Madrid time: Toledo can be a day trip, but this is one place I would definitely do an overnight! It is so totally different and atmospheric at night, a most unique experience. It is a short train trip from Madrid.
I would also do a day trip to Segovia from Madrid. For me, it would be an easy choice to give up Cadiz for the day in Segovia from Madrid.

Time in Granada is great. You could even add a bit. There is more to see and do than many people have time for and it is a bit cooler. Beautiful walking areas.

I know - lots of options, and all so personal, but cut all one nighters, and do places, that are not directly on your route, as day trips.

Make sure your hotel has AC and a pool, if possible.
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Old Dec 28th, 2014, 06:44 PM
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"Make sure your hotel has AC and a pool, if possible" Note: Most hotels have AC or they are no longer in business.
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Old Dec 29th, 2014, 11:33 AM
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Your real problem here is transport and luggage. Have you looked at AutoEurope yet ? With only 4 people and luggage we barely squeezed into an Opel station wagon
last March. They do have buses for that many people but don't think there would be room for the luggage. Trains are expensive unless you get tickets way in advance or are eligible for a tarjeta dorada - for seniors. We can't plan that far in advance plus prefer to drive. Yes, think you need two cars.
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