Amalfi Coast by bus

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Amalfi Coast by bus

I've been convinced not to attempt driving to Positano from Sorrento. Could anyone supply the name of a bus company we can contact - where do we find/board such a bus in Sorrento? Please Help!
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I don't recall the name of the bus company, but the bus was waiting right outside the station when we got off the Circumvesuviana train from Naples. It took us (and our luggage) right over the mountain ridge to Positano (about an hour, I think). Italians use buses for travel all over, they are generally easy to find and use (much easier than here in the U.S!) You could also take the hydrofoil and approach from the sea --very romantic...
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Sonia - thank you for your reply. (If you are unhappy about bus services in the US - wait until you get to my country, South Africa.) Could you recommend an inexpensive hotel in Positano, close enough to the bus stop?
Thank you
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richard j. vicek
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Good afternoon, Lydia
Surf out these three url's for information on the bus out of
Sorrento and over the Amalfi.
Good surfin, Richard of Hickory Hills, Il....
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Actually, the drive from Sorrento to Positano isn't as bad as the drive into Sorrento from Naples - I wouldn't dismiss renting a car, especially if you're going to be there in the Spring or Fall. We were just there a couple of weeks ago and drove from Sorrento to Positano 4 times (actually we drove as far as Ravello - it is not to be missed!). Some people have said that the bus is worse - you're sitting much higher and the corners are abit unsettling for some in the bus.

If you go to Ravello have lunch at Cumpa Cosimo - it is wonderful!

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Oops - a couple more restaurant suggestions.

Sorrento - La Fenice and Caruso

Positano - Chez Black (yes, it's very touristy but the food is good and actually quite reasonable and you can watch the world go by on the beach)and Covo dei Saraceni and Da Vincenzo

Marina del Cantone (near Sorrento) Quattro Passi (wonderful seafood)
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Lydia, I drove the Amalfi coast from Salerno to Sorrento and then up to Naples this past October. I have to agree with others that the Sorrento-Positano drive isn't really that bad and much better than the Sorrento to Naples drive. However, each to his own.

I 2nd the Chez Black and Covo dei Sarceni in Positano. We had a wonderful lunch at the Chez Black .... didn't think it was touristy at all and a great dinner at the Covo overlooking the beach.
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John - did you write that priceless (but all too true) description of driving the Sorrento to Naples road? We read it last week after returning from Sorrento, and both agreed it could have been our trip! Our highlight was driving at night and having someone clip our side mirror (fortunately they retract - for a reason!) as they were passing on a corner.

You'll appreciate our description of the ultimate Sorrento driver:

1) Child on lap
2) Lighting a cigarette
3) Talking on cell phone
4) Passing (3 abreast) on corner
5) Probably just came from a 2 litre of wine lunch! (the concept of 'designated driver' doesn't seem to apply)

Lydia - ignore the above!

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Yes, Elizabeth, I do believe it was I who wrote that priceless description of driving from Sorrento to Naples. What a pleasure that was. Just incredible.

Obviously, you did not heed my warning or had no choice. To tell you the truth, I probably would not have heed it iether since I consider myself an experienced driver in Europe.

We drove during the day and the high school kids were getting out of school and there were crazy high school kids on their scooters and cars going in every direction. Although, it was an adult driver we banged mirrors with.

My fiancee still breaks out in a sweat at the mention of that drive.

Rest assured that it is an area I will most certainly avoid in the future. Glad to hear you survived as well and welcome home.
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Thanx, everybody - now you've really got me confused - seems as it we'll have to walk, or swim!! I was wondering - what if we do this stretch early in the morning - say at 06h00? Will it still be as busy and life-threatening? Or are the Italians early birds?
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I can't remember the name of the bus company, but do recall sitting on the "scenic" side as we traveled from Sorrento into Positano. Yes, it's an exquisite view of the Mediteranean, but damn, it was a bit scarey as you can barely see the edge of the road as it twists & turns along the cliff. So, MY suggestion is if you do choose to leave the driving up to them, sit on the side closest to the road and wait until you're standing on your hotel balcony for the view.

I was there in Oct. 97 and stayed at La Fenice, a bed & breakfast that's listed in Karen Brown's book (Bed & Breakfasts in Italy). There's also been alot of discussion on this forum about the place. It's small & they book up fast. Right now, I believe the prices are about 190,000 lira for a double room.
I'm going back to Italy next month & will be visiting Positano again! And by the way, Lydia, Positano is SO beautiful. One thing I loved is that at night you can see the stars - I live in the city & you don't realize how much our street & building lights obliterate the evening sky.
La Fenice is already full when I'll be there, so I'll have to try a new spot.I found the following in Rick Steves' book. These are the rates according to a website (Italian Tourist Web Guide), and I'm not sure if they're current. If prices are correct, they're VERY reasonable.

Listing found on the Italian Tourist Web Guide at:
Two star hotel

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 25
(++39) 089 - 875047
(++39) 089 - 811150

This family managed Hotel stands in the historic centre of Positano a stone's throw from the sea.
Recently rearranged , it offers rooms with a view of the sea and an excellent position which makes it easy to get to the main services (bus stop, restaurants,beach,etc.)

PERIOD April 8 thru May 31st

PERIOD June 1st thru July 15th

PERIOD July 16th thru Sept 30th
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Positano has been a childhood dream ever since I read a travel book by a beloved South African writer, Chris Barnard (no, not the one who did the first hart transplant) - and I am even willing to brave this notorious stretch of road along the Amalfi coast to visit it. Beaugainvilla sounds great - thank you ever so much. Have a good trip!
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Lydia: We stayed at the Albergo Miramare in Positano, and loved it. Fabulous views, excellent food and pleasant helpful staff. "Inexpensive" is a relative term in Positano, but it was way less than trophy hotels like San Pietro or the Sirenuse. It was about 200 steps UP from the main square...
We got off the bus at the "top" of the town and called the hotel from the nearest bar. They sent a car to drive us part of the way, then Rodolfo shouldered our luggage and led us on foot to the hotel (one charm of Positano is that there is only one restricted road into the town square, and not much parking). When you ride the bus, you get to experience the fabulous scenery and take pictures, instead of clutching the car door and closing your eyes!

We also took the bus from Positano to Amalfi and Ravello, and had a fabulous lunch at Cumpo Cosimo. Sga Netta didn't give us a menu, just served what she thought we would like. Was she ever right! Ravello is incredible -- I'd love to stay there, too.
Buon viaggio!
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Lydia, trust me (?), the drive from Sorrento to Positano is not half bad as it may seem from what you have heard. This part of the Amalfi coast is the easiest to drive. However, you really don't need a car for positano and it would actually be more of a hinderance and added expense. You really can't use the car in Positano and would have to pay for parking unless your hotel has free parking. I also think there are buses to Amalfi and Ravello from Positano. I seem to recall that someone on the forum took a boat from Sorrento to Positano.
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Thanx, everybody - one thing is sure: we're NOT going to miss Positano!!

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