Abba monuments or museums

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Abba monuments or museums

I was always a great Abba fan while growing up. As there are monuments to the Beatles in Liverpool and Elvis in Memphis, I was wondering if there are any type of monument or museum for Abba in Sweden.
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If you're ever in Belgium head toward the middle of the country and there's a big park named after the singing group's biggest hit: Waterloo. There's even some statues and cannons commemorating this earth-shattering hit. And occassionally the Royal Family visits and you are able to see the "Dancing Queen". "Knowing Me, Knowing You" you'd probably like to learn more, "Super Trouper". Don't sound a "S.O.S." because I'm sure ABBA will one day get their own museum somewhere. It's all about "money, money, money" - that's the "Name of the Game." "Mamma Mia!" I can't beleive I remember all these sappy songs!!! The popularity of ABBA in Europe is proof that the Europeans aren't superior to Americans in everythin.
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Thomas, if you're an ABBA fan, hie thee to London for the ultimate experience: Mamma Mia! the musical. It's not *about* ABBA, but the entire libretto is made up of ABBA songs. The story is a fairly cheesy one about a single mom whose young daughter is getting married on the Greek island where they've run a taverna for 20 years, and where the mother had summer affairs with three men. Daughter wants to know which one is her father. Hilarity (and cheesy 70's clothing) (Mom and two best friends were in a band) ensues.

It couldn't be more hokey, or more fun. Performances usually sell out. We had a fabulous time when we saw it in February. (My only complaint: they left out "Waterloo," the ultimate ABBA song!)
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I'm an ABBA fan also, but mostly of the "closet" variety. I enjoy music as a whole. It depends on my mood as to what type of music I want to listen to from one day to the next. My friends cannot understand my ABBA fascination, though. One of my favorite songs is Fernando.

You could not imagine my surprise while on a recent escorted tour in France to hear ABBA quietly playing on the bus sound system. I had to listen pretty hard to be sure. It turns out the bus driver was a big ABBA fan. I made friends with this guy right off the bat. But two gals who were sitting nearer to one of the speakers complained, asking to hear anything BUT ABBA! Very disappointing to have it in front of your nose one moment, and then snatched away. Sorry this was not an answer to the question, but I just wanted to share my story.

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And I thought I was the only ABBA addict!! Love 'em!!
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Napoleon, you're a riot. Count me in as an ABBA fan (and the BeeGees too--there, I've said it). Maybe we can get up a collection and at least have a plaque put up on their recording studio.
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Beth Anderson
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Hi all,

I used to call Abba my "secret shame". I love 'em! I was pretty young actually when they were big, but I still had all the albums and played their songs on the piano, etc.

when the greatest hits I & II came out, I bought them both, and played them a lot in the privacy of my car. I would turn them down at stoplights if my windows were down due to the shame of it all. (it's not like you could blame your taste on the RADIO STATION or anything - oh no, putting it into the CD player is a CONSCIOUS act... ;-)

anyway, I was thrilled that they started making a comeback. I could actually listen to them without feeling like a pariah!

but alas, two trips to London in the past year and I still couldn't get to see Mamma Mia. well, there's always this fall.

tongue in cheekly,


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I was an secret Abba fan in high school. They actually sang songs with a melody and lyrics one can understand. The cool groups of the mid-70s-Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Foreigner, The Cars, Death Leppard,Bachman-Turner Overdrive,Black Sabbath, etc. etc.- I can't stand to listen to today. I've long since tossed most of the records out as the trash they were. But I have some Abba cassette tapes and I enjoy them thoroughly.
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NOT an ABBA fan, HOWEVER, check out the movie "Priscilla Queen of the Desert", filmed in Australia...Great, funny movie and the main characters were all ABBA fanatics! Now, when I hear ABBA instead of cringing, I just have to laugh! Check it out. If for no other reason for the great scenery!

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