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4.25 hrs. train Paris to Amsterdam via train?

4.25 hrs. train Paris to Amsterdam via train?

Jan 6th, 2000, 01:10 PM
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4.25 hrs. train Paris to Amsterdam via train?

checking the timetables, etc. the time is about 4.25 hours Paris Nord to amsterdam via train. Can the trip be started at CDG airport? We did that last year going to Brugge and it worked perfectly - changing trains in Lille. Where do I find the schedule leaving from the airport. Thanks for your help.
Jan 6th, 2000, 01:31 PM
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www.sncf.fr - - after you click on English (if necessary - - it's the typical little Union Jack icon), then on France and abroad, followed by booking and fares - - you'll find Aeroport Ch de G at the top of the list.

I'm actually getting "Internal error" there right now, but I know this will get you the answer you're seeking.
Jan 6th, 2000, 01:41 PM
wes fowler
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Hi Kathy,
Haven't had occasion to respond to you in a long time!
Check www.bahn.hafas.de/bin/query.exe/en and enter CDG airport as "Aeroport Ch de G" then Amsterdam. You'll find schedules.
Jan 6th, 2000, 07:29 PM
Ben Haines
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The reference library of a city near you may have the Thomas Cook European Timetable. Table 11 shows trains from C de G airport to Brussels, and table 18 those from Brussels to Amsterdam.

C de G 0743, Brussels Midi 0900 to 0928 or 0934, Amsterdam 1206 or 1240
Not Sundays C de G 0838, Brussels Midi 1025 to 1034, Amsterdam 1340
C de G 1125, Brussels Midi 1306 to 1328, Amsterdam 1608
C de G 1234, Brussels Midi 1350 to 1434, Amsterdam 1740
C de G 1557, Brussels Midi 1714 to 1734, Amsterdam 2040
C de G 1650, Brussels Midi 1836 to 1928, Amsterdam 2208
Selected spring dates C de G 1741, Brussels Midi 1957 to 2034, Amsterdam 2340
Not Sats C de G 1939, Brussels Midi 2057 to 2234, Rotterdam 0045 to 0101, Amsterdam 0214

And with a sleeper or couchette C de G abut 2230, Paris Gare du Nord 2316, Amsterdam 0809.

Please write if I can help further

Ben Haines, London

Jan 7th, 2000, 07:30 AM
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It appears the Three Wise Men are still arriving right on time! Thank you Rex, Wes and Ben for the quick response. I have tried all three sites and know we can go directly from either the airport and change trains once, or from Paris Nord and not change trains (other than getting to that station. Timing is about the same. Still can't determine how to get approximate pricing. Will try another way though. Thanks for your direction and suggestions. I surely appreciate them. Know anything about The Bridge Hotel in Amsterdam? .... or am I pushing?
Jan 7th, 2000, 11:19 AM
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We are also planning a trip to Amsterdam via the train from Paris. In the Jan.2 travel section of the NY Times there was a write-up under the title "Train Links Brussels And de Gaulle Airport". I think this is what you are talking about. The article says, " New high-speed trains now make direct runs between Brussels and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. The trains called Thalys....are capable of speeds up to 186 miles an hour and take about 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel between the airport and Brussels. The Thalys line now operates 25 times a day between Brussels and Paris, 21 times to Gare du Nord and 4 times to Charles de Gaullle Airport. The fare, $65 in second class and $103 in first class, and $56 in either class on weekends, is the same for service to downtown Paris or to the airport.Thalys service is available between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and Dusseldorf...." The article goes on to say that Rail Europe is the US representitive and gives this number for further info. 888-382-7245. I haven't had a chance to call for our trip yet. I hope they give you the info that you need. Perhaps you can let me know how it goes. We won't be leaving for our trip until late June. Hope this helps.
Jan 7th, 2000, 12:03 PM
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Thanks Wendy. I'll check it out and post the results.
Jan 7th, 2000, 04:17 PM
wes fowler
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Interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal regarding problems European airlines are facing; problems dealing with air corridors overcrowded with planes, the unprofitability of short hop air routes and the competition such short hop airlines are getting from Europe's high speed trains. Why, as an example, would anyone take transportation to an airport 15 miles outside of Paris in order to fly to an airport 12 miles outside of Strasbourg. Take the train from center city to center city and save more time and suffer less inconvenience. Increasingly, European airports are developing train stations serving high speed or express trains. Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich are pioneers. Air France even offers frequent flier miles to the train traveler flying into deGaulle airport and continuing on by train to wherever. Only major complaint by passengers has been the problem of dealing with hauling luggage from one mode of transportation to another. Switzerland has solved that by allowing travelers to check luggage through to either Geneva or Zurich airports from most train stations in the country.

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