3 days in Murren : what to do

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3 days in Murren : what to do


What would you recommend someone going to switzerland for the first time do 3 days in murren? How to distribute the days. I will be staying at alpenblick hotel in Murren.

We love hikes (moderate to easy) and mountain vistas (photography).
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gullu, here's what I wouldn't miss:

A leisurely walk down to Gimmelwald for lunch.

The cog train all the way to Grindlewald. Stop at Kleine Scheidegg. Going to the top of the Jungfraujoch is your call; it's very expensive.

In Grindlewald, take the Pfinstegg tram, and then hike around behind the Eiger to the restaurant by the glacier.
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Bob Brown
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The Faulhorn from the Fiirst gondola station is the cream of the crop.
If the 10th of Sept is a clear day, I will be standing there.
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Head down to Lauterbrunnen, take the train up to Kleine Scheidegg, then walk down from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen - it is one of the most panoramic views you will ever get on a walk (or hike). The Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau; the Lauterbrunner valley and its mountains; woods, pastures, cows, huts, the cogwheel train, streams, etc. etc.

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Or from Wengen take the cable up to Mannlichen and hike to Kleine Scheidegg. This is a relatively easy 2 hour walk with the jungfrau,eiger and monch in view the entire time. Also you can take the cable from Muerren up to the Schilthorn.
There are also many lovely hikes around Muerren. We spent 2 days there and could have spent several more. Check with your hotel or the TI
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I would second the recommendation for the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg hike. Another great easy hike is to take the funicular from Murren up to Allmendhubel, then hike down to Grutschalp and take the train back to Murren.
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If you do the Allmendhubel to Grustschalp walk, there is a quaint mountain hut restaurant almost directly under the Schilthorn cable car line on you walk down the mountain. It is an atomospheric and inexpensive lunch or beer-break stop.

If you do the Mannlichen to Kleine
Scheidegg walk, go up to the top of the Mannlichen ridge for the views in a northerly direction before you head down hill toward the Eiger.

Always be prepared with inclement weather gear, water and a flashlight--just for comfort and safety's sake.
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Almost forgot,

Rather than walking down to Gimmelwald for lunch, wait till a little later in the afternoon and plan your arrival at Walter's hotel (see Rick Steve's book)for around 4:00pm when they bring the cows down from pasture. It is so much fun sitting outside having some libation while 50 ro 60 cows stroll past you (with bells a tinkling) on their way back to their barns for the night. You know you are in Switzerland!!

After the parade, you can walkthe rest of the way downhill into Gimmelwald and have dessert, or dinner in one of the cozy Gasthof. If you are ambitious, you can walk back uphill to Murren or take the cable car up.
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When planning our trip to Europe two years ago I stumbled upon this website:


On a whim we took their advice and decided to stay in Murren and explore the Junfrau region. It was the best leap of faith we ever took. You won't regret it.

You don't need to plan much ahead of time.

Trümmelbach Falls (we followed the website's excellent suggestion to walk after taking the tram car, the site shows the trail, which is easily marked.) Definately a no-miss.

Schilthorn Mountain cable car ride to top. Do this one or the Jungfrau ride - no need to do both. Schiltorn takes less time and is accessible directly from Murren.

We also went to Wengen for a day. It was a nice visit, we did some hiking, but was very touristy and I was glad we were staying in Murren.

Have a great time - we loved it!
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I loved both Jungfraujoch & Shilthorn, but I think Shilthorn is my favorite. I'd definitely recommend the train up to Wengen...if you get to Grindelwald, do the Firstbahn & hike to Faulhorn.
You will have so many choices & you'll be back...believe me, it is hard to resist Ch & especially the Berner Oberland. Aloha, Linda
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Gulluu: If the weather is good (there'll be a close-circuit TV station which will show you the weather at the summits) and you're willing to give up an entire day, take the lift to the top of the Shilthorn and hike back down. Make sure you have hiking sticks (The knees will get sore with all that down hill hiking. It's not easy!) Enjoy the views from the Alpenblick - you'll be right across from the Eiger, Munch, and Jungfrau. Heidi (Heidi & Franz are owners of the Jungfrau)is a font of infomation (and some pretty good local gossip, too! Ask her about the filming of the James Bond movie, In Her Magisty's Service.) Take the lift from Gimmelwald down to Steckleberg (sp?) in the valley below and hike (or rent bikes in Murren and ride) to Lauterbrunnen -- you will enjoy seeing waterfall after waterfall along the way. I am sure envious of you. Murren is my favorite place.
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OOPS! I meant Heidi and Franz are the owners of the Hotel Alpenblick. It is a sweet hotel and Heidi speaks fluent everything, though Franz speaks mostly German. Expect to wake early as the first train bringing supplies to Murren comes fairly early. If you're lucky you might spot a chamois goat getting into somebody's garden across the street from the hotel. Dinner at the Alpenblick is worth a night -- make sure you get the rostii.
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Wow Wow WOW!!! Fantastic suggestions. Please keep them coming. I hope three days are enough : does not sound like it. I do not know what to leave and what to do. I know one thing for sure I will be dead tired after my three days in murren with all those hikes.

I have pretty much decided to do schilthorn and skip jungfraujoch : based on what I read here.

Thanks please keep it coming.
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Bob, how long and how difficult is the hike from First to Faulhorn? Is it something you need special equipment for?

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Just curious
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If you are looking for things to do in Murren, what caused you to decide to go there in the first place?? Did you put up a map of Switzerland and throw darts?

Just curious
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All the prior replies contain great suggestions. Obviously, you won't be able to do all of them in three days.

We stayed in Murren for 5 days last June. You made a wonderful choice of towns. Combining hiking and photography is easy. It's like the wolf in the chicken pen.

I have two suggestions. I would walk from Grutshalp to Murren eg take the train and hike back. This way the beautiful mountain views will be ahead of you rather than behind you and you won't have to continually turn around.

Second, a nice easy walk where you get great pictures (my 5 best pictures (of over 400) were taken on this walk)is on the North trail which starts by the Shilthorn cable station. Hike to the little restaurant, have lunch and either continue on or return. This was our most enjoyable walk during our time there.
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I don't have to throw darts to know I want to spend some time in Paris (or murren). But I will still come to this board asking for suggestions on what to do there (specially since I will be there for only 3 days)

Some people are here looking for advice, some to give advice and some to share their experiences. Why are you here? Just to fool around. Do you have a life? JUST CURIOUS!!!
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Just curious
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My dear gulluu,

Yes, I have a very full life. Much of my time is researching places my wife and I would like to go. That research leads me to explore counties, cities, villages. I then have a reason to go to a specific "place".

At least I have some idea why I will be there for three or four days without going on this board with "what to do"????

How would you like this questions: I'll be in Europe for 3 day: what to do?

I know what I will do. I may come back to the board with more specific questions than "3 days in Murren" what to do"????????

I hope you enjoy your 3 days in Murren whatever you do.

Just curious
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I also have an idea what to do in Murren based on what I have read. Reading about it is one thing, asking people who have been to the place is another. Based on both, I can narrow down my choices of things to a select few. So many people responded with valuable suggestions. And I am very grateful to them. They did not mind the question. So why did you? Why did you have to read this thread if the heading offended you. I am sure you also got good ideas here.

And give me a break : asking what to do in murren for 3 days is not the same as what to do in Europe for 3 days. Next you will say I want to see planet earth in 3 days, tell me what to do.

If you get upset with a thread like this please stay away. leave it for people who do not.

and I do not spend "all my time" researching/reading about places I want to visit. I have a job too ...

Have a good day.
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Bob Brown
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The trail from the First gondola station to the Faulhorn is relatively easy as alpine hikes go. The trail is relatively smooth; no real rocky stretches involving scrambling.
In fact, as far the Bachalp See
it appears to be maintained rather well.
Many, many people go as far as that little lake, so it is quite wide.
The toughest part of the trail is the climb above the Bachalp See toward the Faulhorn. The altitude can be a problem for the ill conditioned, however.
As alpine trails go, I rate this as rather tame. No exposures to narrow ledges or anything like that until you reach a trail junction near the hotel. There a trail branches to the left and leads ultimately to Schynige Platte.
That side section is narrow and can be treacherous if snow covered, but the main trail is as safe as alpine trails get.

If there are snow banks on the trail those can be a little slippery, but I have seen hikers use their boots like skis and their hiking poles like ski poles and schuss right through the the snow.
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