2 week honeymoon, how many countries?

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2 week honeymoon, how many countries?

My fiance and I are starting to plan our honeymoon and he was thinking of visiting 3 or 4 countries where I was hoping to do 1 maybe 2. What is your opinion on how many countries?
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3-4 countries is running around too much. Why don't you narrow it down to the cities you're interested in, and then we can help you better plan. Please also let us know what month you plan to honeymoon. If you choose Spain, you will only be able to see a small portion of it, the same goes for France and Italy.
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I would recommend 1 country or possibly two at the most. 2 weeks is not long and you have to take into account flying time, jetlag etc. For example, if you visit Italy, you could stay in 4 cities/villages over the 2 weeks. I think if you visited 4 countries you wouldn't remember where you had been and it would be too rushed.
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You might do best - - not only in this but in many other things in your married life - - if you talk about WHY you have these differing opinions, and then try to see if both sets of reasons can be satisfied.

A two week trip could be WAY too frenetic and never leave France. Alternatively, you could spend two weeks in the "Drei-Ecke" ("three-corner") area which includes Basel (Switzerland), Alsace (France) and the Black Forest (Germany) and dawdle to your heart's content.

I suggest that you two try to reach a consensus on what is the ONE country you MOST want to see. If that country is bigger (in area) than, say Switzerland (and at least 20 countries in Europe ARE bigger than Switzerland), then you need to further think about areas within that country.

If that list contains only one or two areas, then maybe you look at one of the "adjacent" countries. Keep in mind that some countries are cheaply and connected by a 2 hour, inexpensive flight - - like Ireland and France Italy, for example. Or England and Spain. Belgium and Italy. See www.ryanair.com or www.virgin-express.com or www.easyjet.com just to name a few examples.

If you've agreed on two countries that are physically contiguous, then perhaps a 1-2 day excursion into a third country would be a reasonable compromise you could make to him.

I don't think that either "end" of your "range" is the right answer. Not one, and not four. How you arrive at two or three will be a great exercise for the two of you.

Congratulations on your new life in marriage.

Best wishes,

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Guess I need to disagree with the other posters to this extent: If what you are interested in is how many countries you can visit without overstress, I know how you can easily visit 5 countries in 2 weeks if you rent a car for more flexible (and more scenic) traveling.

The countries: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein. In fact, in one day's drive, you can easily visit three of those. With very little extra effort, you can even add a piece of France to your itinerary. Here is a suggestion if you want to maximize the number of countries you visit:
-Land in Munich and rent a car. Drive to Lindau on the Bodensee for the first couple of nights.
-Drive into Switzerland to St. Gallen, Appenzell, and Rapperswil. Spend a couple of nights in Rapperswil.
-Drive east into Lichtenstein and make a lunch stop in Vaduz. Continue east into Austria and spend a few nights near or in Innsbruck.
-Drive south into Italy and spend a few nights in Bolzano or Merano.
-Drive east through the Dolomites to Cortina in Italy, then north to the Salzkammergut area of Austria. Stay on one of the Salzkammergut lakes for a few days.
-Drive north and return to Munich to spend your last few days there.

Obviously this itinerary requires that you move frequently from spot to spot, but if you want to visit lots of different countries, this is the best way. Have a good trip.
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Here we have a guy trying to convince his bride-to-be to have a very different kind of trip when she says, as plain as day

"I was hoping to do 1 maybe 2".

and you try to convince her that they could travel to FIVE?

Not listening to what SHE is saying. Remember SHE came and posted here. Not him.
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Excellent suggestions from Rex! How lucky you are to have two weeks honeymooning in Europe.
Depending on the time of year, I'd suggest the following combos:
*1 The Rex path with Lindau (+Mainau), Stuttgart (+BF), and Alsasce included.
*2 The Alpine area with Munich, Germany, Salzburg, Austria, and Chur, Switzerland.
*3 France: Paris and Provence.
*4 A cruise with stops in Spain, south of France, and Italy.
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Thanks for the kind remarks, Beth2
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