1st class or 2nd train - Italy

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1st class or 2nd train - Italy

Is there an advantage to 1st class train travel from Florence to Venice at the end of Sept? What is the difference (at this time of the year)between that and 2nd class? Do you need reservations or can you get the ticket right before you get on? We are leaving in 2 days!
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I think this question has been answered many times, but at the risk of repetition, I say that the difference is small. Slightly more space, nicer accomdations but not much to write home about. The real difference is in overnight trips. You pays you money and you takes your choice.
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I just did this route in 2nd class last week and it was more than adquate. Seats way bigger and more comfortable than you find on airplanes, luggage storage overhead unless you have really hug bags, etc. I did not peek into the 1st class cabin but can't imagine needing anything more than we got in 2nd for a 2:45 minute journey. We traveled on a Saturday and definitely didn't do advance reservation; we dashed into the train station about 10 minutes b/f the train was due to leave and bought them at the express automated machine. It actually worked out well that way, we ended up in the last car (#12) and it was less crowded than the others (I assume they put last minute people in there and since the train wasn't full neither was that car).
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The EuroStar(ES) or Rapido is the way to go, non-stop. I don't think that First class is worth the price differance.
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I highly disagree. Second class was dirty and crowded. I think it is well worth the added expense. You can buy the ticket there and be sure to ask for a seat reservation along with your first class ticket.
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To each his/her own, but I think it depends on the time of travel. Vacation and weekend times 2nd class is often full of noisey kids. Not so much when they are in school. Also, the train makes a difference. Yes, you should get a seat reservation from Florence to Venice. You could end up sitting on your suitcase.
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Hi, there's a promotion called "libertà di viaggiare" (free to travel): when you book your ticket on an intercity train, in this page (http://orario.trenitalia.com/b2c/Pri...0&npag=2&det=6), check the menu "fare". On the bottom select "libertà di viaggiare 15 euro" (there are limited tickets that cost 15, 30 or 45 euro). In this promotion the 1st class costs 15 euro like the second one, so you can take the first class.
In general, second class is quite confortable, but for a night train is bettere to take the couchette
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We've done this manuy times and always in 1st Class. The seats are not only "slightly" spacious in 1st, but are definitely much more spacious, reclines much more generously and the cabin are much more comfortably appointed overall. 1st Class is a real plus as it is almost always crowded in any Florence-Venice ES route.

As much as we can afford, we like to take advantage of, and not scrimp on, any extra comfort that we can, especially when travelling. If you can afford it, the extra price differential is worth it.
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Last week there was a thread about hot and unairconditioned second class train cars, as I recall it was all about Italy. I've been on numerous trains where there was either no air or it was broken -- always in second class cars, not first class ones. Just another thing to think about.
I'd also agree that generally second class is far more crowded and often dirtier -- more food wrappers and rolling plastic bottles on the floors for example.
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