Sea sick on Princess or Celebrity

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Sea sick on Princess or Celebrity

My husband and I want to take a Southern Caribbean cruise the later part of October into November. A 7 day cruise is what we are looking for.

We do not want to get sea sick. I know it is hurricane season, so the sea might be rough. Can the ships accomodate rougher seas? I know they will move away from a hurricane, but if the weather is still rough, do people get sea sick?

Which ship do you recommend? Does a larger one really make a difference? And what about room location for seasickness?

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In general, the bigger the ship the better. Best cabin would be as low as possible, in the center (if you don't need a window, you get the added benefit of the cheapest rates for inside).

I'm actually not much of a seasickness expert, as neither my wife or I are susceptible. I have heard some people have good experience with the accupressure bands, which don't make you sleepy.

It also seems that eating small amounts of food frequently helps (that's one of the reasons for the buffets, legend has it). Also, drinking ginerale or beer is helpful.

Hope this helps.

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Steer clear of Celebrity's Millenium Class ships-- they have stabilizer problems and rock and roll====
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Don't go in October. why take the chance of having your entire vacation ruined. and there's no refund for bad weather! I don't agree that there's less motion on larger ships. When those "apartment buildings at sea" get to rolling, the motion can be pretty bad. The Radisson Diamond only has 350 passengers, and it is one of the most stable ships at sea. Whichever ship you choose, be sure to get a stateroom in the lowest deck, as midships as possible. Get one with a window, so that you can see the horizon. I find that 1/2 of a scopalamine patch (Transderm Scop™) works great. I've also had good luck with Dramamine, but it does make you sleepy. However, that's not such a bad thing if the weather is bad!
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Paul Therault
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Hi Susan,

All cruise ships, large and small have stabilizers that keep them from rolling excessively. In high seas they have a gentle rolling motion. They are not like ferry boats.

Ships never sail into or near a hurricane. If there is a storm in the area that you have planned to sail you will not sail in that area but will take a different course and you will visit entirely different ports. This is why you pay less money for your vacation in the fall.

If you plan on taking dramamine or bromine, passengers usually take the med when hey start feeling queasy. By that time you are already sick and the med takes some time to work.
Not a good idea to take it through the entire cruise or you may sleep through the entire cruise.

The only proven remedy is the "patch" which you can order from your physician. Do not try to use the patch your own way. Do exactly as the directions say. I do not know of anyone that got seasick when they used the patch correctly.


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The patch is quaranteed???? NOT. And this is one of the things cruise lines are not entirely honest about. There WILL be motion even on calm days. My daughter spent 7 days on the patch and 7 days sick. This WAS on calm seas. There were several others we talked to that had the same problem.
Its a major reason many "cruisers" are one time only. Many people cannot handle the motion. To imply that there is any foolproof method to avoid mal de mer is simply false.
Susan, there have been several other threads about seasickness remedies on this board, some seem to work well for some people but you may have to try several different options to find something that works for you.
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I found that Bonine works wonders.
You take it every 12 hours and it
doesn't make you drowsy. Don't wait until you get sick to take it.
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Hurricane season lasts until end of November. We sailed over Thanksgiving and sailed West a couple of years ago. All ships that were planning on going East - went West because of a hurricane at the end of November.

The seas were really rough the first day and night. It got better the farther south we went.

I personally believe that a 77,000 ton ship has as much motion as a 130,000 ton ship. I was on Explorer last December and we had rough waters and that ship rocked. I think you see a lot of difference in those ships under 70,000 tons.

I hear "relief bands" work well. Not the $15 ones but the $70 ones.

I don't have motion problems so I can not speak of personal experience.

The recommondation of low, midship cabin is correct! The higher the cabin, the more the top of the ship sways.
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I always use ANTIVERT- which is perscription- I have used it for 25 years and NEVER gotten seasick- The patch can give you "drymouth" and sometime does NOT work=-the same with the wristbands...they don't work all the time either...

As far as size of ship-- I HAVE been on Celebrity's Millenium and it was AWFUL!! IN GOOD WEATHER!! ROCKING back and forth--a major problem with the stabilizers- In NOV during GOOD sunny weather! Barf bags were set out thru out the ship===

But the Century and the Zenith ,we have had no problems with-------
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I agree - the Millie rocked quite a bit compared to other ships . .and we sailed in February.
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How is the Mercury for rocking or rolling (Alaska Inside Passage). We're booked in a sky suite mid-August (guarantee - but don't know the cabin yet). Anyone know about the relief bands that "zap" you? I'd appreciate any info out there on the ship itself, and dealing with seasickness...


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Sheryl-- the Mercury is great--just the right size--Make sure you can get a balcony cabin-midship--You will be fine.Remember-the lower the cabin, the less the motion---so don't get the top of the deck balcony---

Steer clear of the armbands/wristbands-My cousin used one in Nov.and it didn't work at all....
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Thanks for all the advice! I do appreciate them. I think after all the research, etc, we will probably stay on land. I don't want to ruin a vacation with being seasick.

Thank you very much!!
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I'm glad to hear that others had similar experiences with the Millenium. I'm not usually prone to nausea but I felt unwell during the entire cruise. Had almost considered never cruising again but I'm reassured that this problem lies with Millenium rather than all cruise ships.
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Susan, my husband would never agree to go on a cruise, because he thought he would get seasick. So, for his 50th birthday, I booked a cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity's Horizon as a surprise present. (Friends met us on the plane,surprise also.) He didn't know where we were going until we were picked up in NYC by the Celebrity car. I got patches from our Dr. & gave him one. He immediately put it on & didn't have a bit of a problem. The reason I picked Bermuda is because there's 2 days of sailing going to Bermuca, and 2 days sailing back. The rest of the week is spent docked in port. We have since been on 3 more and are booked to go again in August. Good luck! Give it a try on a shorter cruise first.
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Larger ships may seem to be more stable but I read once somewhere " it isn't the size of the ship but the size of the waves."
That makes a lot of sense. No matter how big the ship, it is only a mere speck in the ocean.
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TransDerm Scop Patches - put this on before getting on board and wear it for 3 days. You MUST wash your hands with soap and water after putting them on and after taking them off. If you don't the medication from the patch can get on your fingers and if you touch or rub your eye it will place the scopolamine into your eye and your pupil will dilate. This will result in blurred vision and light sensitivity.

Common side effects with the Transderm Scop are dry mouth (2/3), blurred vision and sedation.(1/6)

You change the patch every 3 days.

Do not use the Patch if you have an enlarged prostate or glaucoma.

The patch is a prescription so ask your MD for it if you want to try it.

Bonine and Antivert are both the same medication - meclizine. Bonine is sold over the counter and Antivert is a prescription. Meclizine is an antihistamine (like Dramamine) so the side efect you have to watch for is sedation. Meclizine is very effective and used by many people for motiom sickness.

Ginger has been around for years as a remedy for sea sickness. Consult with your local health food store for the appropriate preparation and dosage. Most doctors are not familiar with ginger as a remedy for sea sickness.

The wrist band which applies pressure and the one that supplies a small electric charge are on the market and some people swear by them. Ask your pharmacist about the products he or she has for sale in their store.

Remember it is not a good idea to drink alcohol while taking medications like Meclizine or while wearing the patch.

I've been on 13 cruises and have been in some heavy seas, especially coming out of Sydney Harbor and turning south toward Hobart, Tasmania. Although some things now give me motion sickness,ie, roller coasters, I have never used anything for seasickness and have done well. Knock on wood!

On all the cruise I have been on I'm always amazed at thr number of people who have the patch on. Most of the ones I have talked to about the patch say it works great.

Happy cruising......
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I was on an alaskan cruise 2 weeks ago. Vancouver to Seward and besides its boringness, mindnumbingly at that, I am a 16 yr old so cruises, or atleas The Ocean Princess isnt for kids. The patch is the ONLY way to go. YOung or old, big or small 1 patch, no cutting it in half. It worked great for the rolling motion. If you have an AMEX PLatinum you can get a birdge tour on princess
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I have taken the Alaskan cruise on the Mercury and did not feel real good the entire time.
Never was seasick but just didn't feel good. The kicker here is that we had great weather and calm seas.
Having only cruised one other time before, 13 years earlier, I recalled not even noticing the motion of the ship. This time on Mercury I felt everything.
I wondered if it was the ship itself and since I hear others talk about Celebrity ships motion problems I wonder.
I have really debated cruising again. As I said I never got sick, just felt off. By the way I also used the patch but not until I felt a bit uneasy.
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Bonine made me drowsy, so in order to avoid that I took half a pill. It knocked most of the nausea away without drowsiness.
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