Canrival, service is degraded

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Canrival, service is degraded

Since Carnival bought out Princess, (and they own Holland America, too don't they) seems that the experience is just not what it used to be. They are catering to the middle and low income people, offer a cruise with a good prince, then nickel and dime ya to death, not to mention their tipping policy. The bigger the ship, the worse it is. The Star Princess sucks! Beautiful ship, but lousy accoustics in the dining rooms which makes it impossibe to talk together, long lines in the Horizon court, and the path between the foods in narrow, and full of people in electric wheel chairs, eager beavers. All the good food (i.e., smoked salmin, shimp, if it is there at all, one must ask for it and they will bring you a small portion. Tours were totally disorganized, with no attention paid to schedule, timing, etc. Wouldn't go again.
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Sounds like a lot of complaining to me. I have been on 15 cruises and I think it is a bit presumptuous to assume that an entire fleet of ships from a particular cruise line are going to be exactly like the single ship on which you sailed.

Before you write off Carnival, why not try a longer cruise (the riff-raff usually cannot afford the longer cruises). Also, the newer the ships, the nicer they are.
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Agree with snorkelman. Sounds like there is an ax to grind to me. We've had no trouble with Carnival before.
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I can't help but feel that there is a higher clientele on the longer cruises regardless of the cruise line. I also agree that most of these ships are being mass marketed at ridiculously low prices just to get you on board...then the nickel and diming really starts. I felt like every time I turned around someone was trying to get in my more! The travel brochures are so misleading, making you feel that the cruise is almost all inclusive....almost borderlines false advertising IMO.
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yep, I agree with the comments above.

There is entirely way too much Carnival bashing a vocal minority.

Carnival must be doing something right, because they are the world's largest and most popular cruise line.

I also suggest that you either try a few other Carnival ships or else shut your mouth because it is obvious to anyone who cruises that your ignorance is overshadowed by your arrogance.
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"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

Don't you just hate cliches!!

I've been on Celebrity, Princess, RCCL, and Carnival, and I would rank them in that order with regard to food & service. Princess & RCCL pretty much tied for second.

But what do I know? That's just my personal experience and opinion.

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This is a very confusing series of posts. The originator mentions Carnival owns Princess but levels their criticism against the Star Princess experience - clearly "Princess". Then all the Carnival lovers jump in defending their loved line with suggestions that a longer cruise is the answer and chiding us to honor the Carnival name. The Star Princess isn't one of the old Carnival ships like the Immagination that sails a three or four day itinerary to the Bahamas! Don't you people read?

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To Peter: There was no confusion. The meaning is clear. Read between the lines. You missed the message.
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Dear People: We have been on at least 35 cruises, (i.e., Paul Gaugan, Grand Princess, Regal, Royal, Amsterdam, Ryndam, Prinsdam, Celebrity, Windsurf, Windsong, Windspirit, etc., etc.) some for 5 weeks, some two, so I have a pretty wide experience of various cruise lines. We always thought that PRincess did pretty well, overall, until this last experience. The point of the post was, Princess now caters to people now, (since Carnival) who are bargain hunters, (not the big spenders. And they offer you a 'bargain' that turns out not to be a bargain, as they have their hand out for everything, including a cup of latte. Even the tenders cost extra, and are put on your bill, whether you plan an excursion off the boat or not, then it is your responsibility to go to the Purser's office, and ask them to take it OFF.!! Also, all the tips are added to your bill, thus, for us on a long trip, tips came to over $600. and that didn't include the little tips one must give to the hairdresser, bar girls, etc. It become therefore difficult to reward anyone for an "extra" effort, as they are going to get it anyway, (No incentive to please). Of course you can then tip them again , after the tip pool is collected, and I am not sure if they get to keep this extra or now. Pretty crummy way to give your help a raise, I say. We were told that the wait staff receives from PRincess abaout $50 a month, some of which is deducted for Health insurance, so they are very much dependent on tips. I would rather that Princess pay them a decent wage, even if it increases the cost of the cruise. THerefore, one wouldn't have to worry, and could tip at will.
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Now you are complaining about tips. Every Carnical ship that I have been on (after they started automatically billing your sign&Sail card for the tips) allow you to simply visit the pursers desk and have all tips removed. Then you can tip the old fashion way.

Therefore, I understand your comments about nickle & diming you, but please realize that you have options about tipping. So, unless you are a quadriplegic, it really isn't too hard to modify the automatic tips.

By the way, $600 in tips? What did you expect when you take a long cruise. I know that some people prefer to be like an ostrich and have no clue how much they tip, but regardless of whether you tip each time you receive a service or whether it is automatically billed to you, you will still be tipping. They do the automatic tips so the workers don't get screwed.

Even HAL is now charging $10 per person per day because so many people screwed the staff out of tips.
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They charged you to ride in a tender? How much was that?
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The "middle and low income people"....what's the matter, Cindiloowho...they price you out of the market?
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