tips for guides

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tips for guides


Does one tip the tour guides like Carolyn or Chef for instance. Or is it more appropriate to give them a small gift for a couple of days trip?
Appreciate any help

thanks & regards
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This is tricky for me and I'd like to hear from others what they do.

My feeling is that in those two particular cases, they own the tour business themselves and thus whatever price you negotiate with them should be it. On the other hand, I know that due to very high car insurance and interest rates on car loans, they don't clear much of the fee for themselves.

My husband always tips whoever drives us - we don't discuss it, he just does it. We also pay for our driver's meal if we eat together on a day trip.

One thing I definitely do is ask them if there's anything I can bring them from the states since there are some things that are not available or are far more costly there.

When I asked Chef's wife all she wanted was a gossip magazine (she asked me not to buy one especially but I don't read them so I did). Another friend we've had drive us in Jamaica always wants a Sports Illustrated and a can of peanuts.

I guess if the service is good, you should tip.
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Thanks I was hoping you would respond
I really appreciate how promptly you reply.

Will take your advice on asking them
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I was just going to post this question!

How much would you suggest tiping liza?

I never thought about buying their meal, thanks for the suggestion.

I guess i was sort of thinking that i'm paying a lot of money and it's their business, but i also never thought about the high car insurance, etc.

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Tho, Carolyn, a raw vegan, would quite probably appreciate a can or two of powdered carrot juice, cash is the appropriate tip for any and all guides in Jamaica, just as it is for villa staff, and anyone who goes out of their way for you.
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How much should you tip? A min.of 10% is the starting point. It sounds mercenary -- but then, to survive, everything is in a third-world country. We'd had guests tip villa staff MORE than the actual cost of the villa rental, their experience was so stellar and life-changing. It all depends on your experience and custom. If you tip a waiter in the US 10-25% for just taking your order and bussing your meal, then factor that in with what you receive in service on island, which is generally a quantum leap more, and with much more genuine warmth. care and friendship than ' have a nice day'.
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Thanks Tiv. We're using the same guide a number of times while on the island (over 2 weeks) and were wondering if it's better to tip after each day trip or just leave a big tip at the end?

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If to one guide/service, would do it a very end for more psychological whammy, as it were, rather than a little here, a little there. If you're using Carolyn, wrap it around a can of powdered carrot juice/health food store variety--she'd appreciate the inside joke.
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