Swimming with Dolphins in Barbados

Dec 10th, 2002, 08:02 AM
ocean lover
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Swimming with Dolphins in Barbados

Does anyone know of a great place to swim with Dolphins in Barbados? We are going down this weekend, and are staying at the Accra Beach Hotel, so somewhere close would be prefered. If so, what are the rates like? Thanks!
Dec 10th, 2002, 08:24 AM
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I would ask you to please reconsider the dolphin swim. They are incredibly cruel. I did it once and was sorry ever since. No matter how clean or nice it looks, more than half of the dolphins die within 60 to 90 days of capture.
In order to make an informed decision, please visit:



(The second site is the Humane Society of the United States' position on SWTD programs.)

Dec 10th, 2002, 09:07 AM
wrong question
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Man, are u in for it! They hate people who ask this question. Most of these people do not believe in swimming with the dolphins.
Dec 10th, 2002, 09:38 AM
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Don't worry ocean lover, they might be too hard on you, cause it sounds like you didn't know, but I too cringed for you the second I read the question because they do get heated on this issue. I too Nancy know it is cruel and the life expectency drops so much after capitivity. While I was on Sanibel and saw them out there swimming about (freely mind you) I thought of this board and then also wondered how they do in captivity like at Sea World or something of the same. Does anyone know if they do ok in that environment? I suppose to a certain extent it is safe to say no animal does well in captivity but I wonder about the swims vs. the trained professionals at the Sea World parks.
Dec 10th, 2002, 09:41 AM
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The "rates" ie: cost, to swim with dolphins would vary but I'll try to give you an idea:

the cost of many dolphins lives in order to capture one dolphin for you to swim with

the starvation of many dolphins so they can be trained to swim with you

the anxiety cost to many dolphin pods still living in the wild who have had members taken away

the cost for mothers who have had their babies wrenched from them way before nature would have taken its course and they had moved on (many to return to the same pod with their babies)

the deprivation of the dolphins main sense: sound (maybe you could swim with them without your main sense (sight)

the cost to you (medically and emotionally) if one of the dolphins acts out, ie: aggression is common amongst dolphins, you're just not told about it

Just a few of the rates (costs) of dolphin swims. Perhaps you could instead go to Africa and run with the lions......I didn't think so, they aren't as "cute" are they?
Dec 10th, 2002, 09:41 AM
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As of November 2002 there was no swimming with dophins in Barbados. You can however swim with sea turtles.
Dec 10th, 2002, 09:49 AM
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Eli, to maybe answer your question, let me say that any dolphin in captivity is crulety. I guess the bottom line is this: take an animal (and a very social, intelligent one at that) and remove it from its natural environment; the ocean with miles and miles of free range, and keep it in a tank, dependent on humans to feed it, provide it with interaction, etc and I cant see how in any way its anything short of inhumane. It would be like a human having to stay in their house, not allowed out, only eating when someone else brings the groceries etc. Kinda like prison I guess, and all the dolphins are guilty of is being smart and cute! So we (humans) decided to capture them and make tons of money off them. Sorry, but Sea World is just another inhumane place in my opinion.
Dec 10th, 2002, 10:05 AM
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Well you raise a good point pertaining to Sea World. I always thought they were happy there and treated well. I can see some of these places, but captivity is captivity no matter how one looks at it I guess.
Dec 10th, 2002, 12:02 PM
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Hi Folks:

Well, I have swum with the dolphins, but not captive ones.

I have been SCUBA diving and swum with many beautiful creatures of the sea. There is no guarantee of seeing any specific species on a particular dive, but when you do..... WOW! ! !

I can only in the strongest terms encourage anybody who wishes to see nature at its finest, and to swiim with many different creatures to take the time and make the effort to learn the sport. You will never regret it.

And always remember the Scuba Diver's motto..... "Take only Pictures, Leave only Bubbles".

Dec 10th, 2002, 12:14 PM
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There was a swim with the dolphins program in the BVI recently. Lots of strong opposition when the idea was brought up but they went along anyway. Two dolphins came - the program lasted less than 2 years - all of a sudden there was the news that the dolphins were being packed up and shipped to Dominica. Within a month of this annoucement (November to be exact), we read in the newspapers that one of the dolphins passed away shortly after arriving in Dominica. There are rumors and speculation that this particular dolphin took ill shortly after arrival in the BVI and that it never quite recovered. Alot of folks are saying that the "pool" where the dolphins were kept was too close to a major public road and that when it rained all of the muck etc from the road would wash into the dolphins' pool. Very very sad but the end result is not at all surprising to me. To the original poster: there are a million and one more wholesome day and nighttime activities to do in Barbados to occupy your time on your vacation. Do your research and get that idea of swimming with the dolphins out of your head!
Dec 11th, 2002, 06:59 AM
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There was no trap set up, I am simply expressing my views. You are very obviously against the SWTD program, which is fine. But to jam your views down everyones throat everytime the subject comes up is hypocritical at best.

Still trying to understand your comment of me being a hypocrite myself. I love to eat meat, I add to polution by driving everyday, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and I never admitted to being for, or against the SWTD. So spare me on your acusation of being a hypocrite.

You have taken a strong stand against something many people enjoy. Botton line is that people will always step up and challenge those who take such a strong stand, no matter what the subject is. If you don't like being challenged, and consider it a personal attack evertime someone questions your stand & integrity, you need to step down already. If you can't stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!!
Dec 11th, 2002, 07:12 AM
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I gave the person who asked a question information to do further research - period. It's a known fact that it's a cruel practice. Brilliant though I am, I did not conduct the research. I also did not JAM the info down anyone's throat. I SUGGESTED they read the info to make an informed decision.
The thread was not "Nancy's polictical incorrectness." I guess you just can't understand that...If you don't like my responses to the dolphin issues, don't read them. Your digression into my personal political beliefs has nothing to do with the topic and wastes everyone's time.
Dec 11th, 2002, 09:36 AM
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I personally want to thank Nancy. Anytime someone stands up for what they believe in they feel backlash from others. I think its courageous of her. I've been reading this board for about a year now and anytime someone posts a question about SWD programs she is right there to provide information on why you shouldn't do it.

My only word of advice, don't bother getting in these battles. Its not worth the energy.

You can't take care of everything and be socially responsible in every concievable way. But with every post she puts out there about SWD programs she is educating those who wish to find out more. If someone never takes the time to share information, people might not otherwise know. And if your not interested, then you don't have to use the links she provided to find out more. Thats it. I see no reason for ugly comments.
Dec 11th, 2002, 10:10 AM
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Thank you Deborah. I appreciate your taking the time to say the things you did, even though you may get flak for it.
I only wish I were able to keep from getting angry when people make comments about me instead of the issue - it does detract from and take the focus off the problem at hand.
I'll keep posting the info in the hopes that people who may not be aware of the problem or who are on the fence about it will make the effort to educate themselves before they decide to do something they may regret.
Thanks again.
Dec 11th, 2002, 11:46 AM
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Save the dolphins, save the whales! Good grief. Want a cause to fight for? How about the million unborn babies that are butchered in the US alone each year. If you want to swim with the dolphins, please go right ahead. UIt's a lot of fun.
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