St. Maarten/St. Martin Safety

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St. Maarten/St. Martin Safety


I am doing research on the upcoming trip to St. Maarten, and came across quite a few trip reports/alerts regarding the crime rate and safety concerns on the island.

Although I do expect to hear from some tof you ravelers that we should use our common sense and not be out late, I would like to get some feedback...I am looking for honest perspectives.

Thank you.
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I live on the island and petty crime is a problem but still most of our visitors come here and never have a problem.

I think you should go to this travel board

it is a very busy board and all about SXM. ask your questions there and you will get a variety of answers.
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Unfortunately with the poor economy incidents of crime are increasing on all Caribbean islands pretty much like they are increasing in cities and towns around the world. I'm sure if you checked the statistics for your home tend you'll see a similar trend.

St. Martin is not immune to this growing problem but to put things in perspective 1,000's of tourists visit the island every day and the vast majority do so without experiencing anything untoward.

The thing you have to remember is just because there are palm trees, sandy beaches and torquoise waters doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Remember just because St. Martin might be pardise doesn't make it heaven. Threats can come from anyone, even your fellow tourist. While no one can guarantees your saftey the odds are high in your favor you won't be a victim of crime. You already know to use your common sense and take the same precautions you do at "home". Be aware of your surrounding and you should be fine. Obvious safety measures like not carrying large amounts of cash, not flashing expensive jewelry, avoiding dark alleys at night, avoid being alone whenever possible, securing your valuables in your room safe, don't leave valuables unattended or hidden in your rental car, etc. will go a long way to protecting you and your family.
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Recommend that you avoid this island, the authorities have been very slow to respond to the increasing problem. There was recently a brutal murder in the tourist area and I have heard of tourists being savagely beaten by muggers.
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Well I'm leaving on June 6th so I will let you know when you when I get back.. Regardless of crime, I wanted to go to St. Martin and I'm going, crime or no crime....
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good guy
you are exaggerating a little, I think. The brutal crime had nothing to do with tourists and was not in a tourist area at all.
tourists being savagely beat by tourists? I believe there was an incident on a very deserted beach area called Happy Bay.
I recommend that visitors avoid that beach.
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Don't waste your breath on Goodguy10011 - that is his only post - his only activity ever- I always find those interesting - joined the board in June 2009- have had to learn that some are suspect- this could be one - could be wrong too- I will wait in see. IN the meantime I bet OP has arrived and is having a great time. I cannot wait to get back there!
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I just got back.... no problems.. I walked around by myself shopping, in Marigot, Phillipsburg, while my hubby sat back at the beach. Car did not get broken into, no wallets stolen. I even tapped Mac on a side street.

We went bar hopping in Grand Case and we kept running into the same police officer. Did notice plenty of police.
Honesty felt safer in St. Martin then in St. Thomas
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Yes. There IS crime on both sides of the island, and the authorities appear, at last, to be taking it fairly seriously - as they should.

73 additional Gendarmes have recently been drafted in to the French side - only on a short term basis initially - and (though I have wished several of them an enjoyable vacation !)their visual prescence seems to be acting as something of a deterrent to the petty criminal.

A lot of the 'nastier crime', on both sides of the island, appears to revolve around the settlement of personal scores largely among a relatively small number of youths who are prone delinquency anyway.

Many Front Street stores in Philipsburg (as Barbara will no doubt confirm)now have their own, highly visible, security guards, engaged after a rash of daylight raids on their premises some months back. As a result the situation appears to have improved enormously.

As in any other place in the world that I have lived in (9 different countries) or visited (58 countries), where there is considerable wealth alongside verying degrees of poverty, there will ALWAYS be crime. Just take sensible precautions, and don't 'flash it around' !

Come and enjoy the island !!
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Update for St.Martin: My husband and cousins travel to to the island every year. We have been doing this since 1986 and always have a great time. We have never encountered any problems and always feel safe. I agree with most of the posts that you must use common sense and be aware of your surroundings no matter where you go, islands, europe, US, etc.
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Wow! Sorry to hear that happened on Happy Bay. When was that? We stayed at a villa overlooking Happy Bay in May and walked down and hung out there a few times (with our small children) and felt completely safe and had no issues. The cows gave us a few odd looks though

Actually we felt safe everywhere we went when we were there. I guess it's like anywhere, bad things can happen-you just hope you aren't at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Here are some safety tips.

Home St. Maarten - St. Martin News SAFETY TIPS 2011 from the Police Force Of Sint Maarten.
SAFETY TIPS 2011 from the Police Force Of Sint Maarten.
Monday, 12 December 2011 20:29

As part of the continuing efforts to provide a safe environment for holiday shoppers the Police Force of Sint Maarten has commenced their annual Holiday Task Force initiative also known as "December Offensive 2011", and is without any doubt doing its utmost, to protect you, your family and your property, in combating crime and criminals. The Public Relation Office of the Sint Maarten Police Force is therefore offering the entire community, the following safety tips, to help them prepare against crime.

Remember the 3 A's of Crime Prevention:

Be Aware of your surroundings at all times.
Be Alert to suspicious people and vehicles.
Avoid dangerous situations.
If you are out for the evening:

Turn on lights, radio or television so that it looks like some-one is at home.
Lock all doors and windows well, even if you are just leaving for a few minutes.
Don't display items where they can be seen from the outside.
Don't Shop Alone. It's important to shop with a buddy; an extra pair of eyes helps.
Park your car in a well-lit area and make sure all windows, sunroof and doors are locked. Lock your gifts in the trunk and out of sight. Cover your gifts in your vehicle with a blanket.
Avoid carrying a large amount of cash. Don't flash cash around and carry it in a safe place on you.
If you have to use the ATM-machine, pay close attention to suspicious persons hanging around the machine. If that's the case pass up that machine and find another.
Carry all wallets in the front pockets and carry purses close to your body.
Keep your children close to you while attending any activities and don't let them get separated from you.
Pay attention to persons walking in front and behind you. (Especially in crowded places favorable for pickpockets)
When returning to your vehicle or your home, have your keys in your hands ready to open the door.
Before entering your vehicle, check front and rear and seats for any one that may be hiding there. Lock doors immediately after entering.
Ask your neighbor to keep a watchful eye out for you.
Drinking and driving is a danger to everyone. Remember that the risks of drinking and driving are not worth it. If you choose to drink, don't drive.Make use of a designated driver or public transportation. (Taxi or Bus)
Make sure that you know where your kids are at all times and that they
are safe.
Most of all on behalf of the Police force of Sint Maarten, through the Public Relation Office, "We wish the entire community of Sint Maarten and it's visitors a very safe and meaningful Holiday Season."

Inspector : R.V. HENSON
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Godd news regardins crime solving on the island (sint-maarten)

PHILIPSBURG -The Police Force of St. Maarten was kept very busy in December and as such, they managed to arrest at least one murder suspect.

In a report issued on Tuesday by the Deputy Police Spokesman Major G. Sprott states that; On Tuesday December 27th 2011 around 11.00 a.m. members of the December Offensive Team arrested the suspect with the initials A. De. St J from Curacao.

He was at large for the armed robbery that was committed in the month of September 2011 on the Middle region road.

The second suspect in this case has already been apprehended.

The Detective department is investigating this case further.

On Wednesday December 28th 2011 around 03.00 p.m. members of the December Offensive team arrested the second suspect in the "Fragile Bundle" baby clothing store robbery/murder case where a Guyanese national was shot and killed.

The suspect with the initials K.C. from French Sxm is in Police Custody. The special robbery team is investigating this case
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Another great catch !

PHILIPSBURG - Reliable sources now say that the Anguillian young man that was shot on New Year morning has been identified as Romain Walters, the most wanted fugitive in Anguilla. reported on November 16th 2011 that Romain Walters was wanted in Anguilla for fire arm possession, robbery and probably involvement of narcotic handling.

We have learnt that at the time of his arrest, Romain Walters gave the police a false name, "initials T.M." which stood for "Troy Mussington".

Based on the assistance of the Royal Anguilla Police Force the robber and gunman who identified himself as T.M. was in-fact the wanted Romain Walters.

It Is not clear as yet if Romain Walters will be deported to Anguilla before or after prosecution for his crimes committed on St. Maarten including illegally entry, robbery, gun possession, possession of stolen property and attempted murder.

Romain Walters escaped from the custody of the Royal Anguilla Police Force on the 14th of November 2011 at around 6am. At the time of his escape he was also considered armed and dangerous.

Deputy Police Spokesman Major G Sprott confirmed our story on Thursday evening in a press release. The release states; On Thursday January 5th 2012 the St. Maarten Police Department contacted the colleagues of the Anguilla National Police Force in connection with the detained Anguillans which are in custody at the Philipsburg Police station in connection with the ongoing armed robbery investigation against them.

It was verbally confirmed by the Anguilla National Police Force, that the information that they had received from our Police Department about the three detainees, are the persons of interest that they are seeking.
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