St. John or Caymans

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St. John or Caymans

Wow. Lots of debate. Jkleyeguy should be imprisoned for his comments. I am sure he owns a beat up pickup truck with the Confederate flag on the back window.

Crime in St. John: Haven't been there in a year and a half. When last there I jogged alone throughout Cruz Bay from 6a till 7:30 a. My wife and I (and young children ages 5 and 7) walked the streets of Cruz Bay at night. I thought it was extraordinarilly safe and considered buying a Condo there. But my perspective is jaded. My favorite island is Jamaica and (based on crime rate alone) it is probably the most unsafe of islands. Yet, I can walke around Negril or Ocho Rios or Montego Bay at night with ease. Do I walk the back alleys? No. I use the same common sense in Jamaica (and St. John) that I use when I travel to Chicago, San Francisco, L.A. New York and Miami. And I bet no matter what is happening in St. John, it cannot be as "bad" as these vacation hot spots in our own backyard. St. John is gorgeous. Don't miss it. Going to Grand Cayman for the first time in a couple of months. I can comment on that then (of course the originator of this thread will have already went on his/her trip.
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Thanks for the testimonial. I feel the same way. I have actually emailed correspondance with the victim of the attack, and he is not at all trying to discourage people from going to STJ. He is only trying to get the authorities to focus on apprehending these bad apples. On the other hand, the fewer people who come to STJ, the better. Why should you and I have to share this delectable delight with so many others? For my part, I can only continue to reassure folks that STJ remains a relatively safe place and provide information. As for Jkleyeguy, I hope he's got more couth in person. Black, white or purple, that s**t don't fly in St. John.
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Have agreat time in the catman' me...give st joghn a year to chill out..

See this:
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You know, Carib, Don and I have been talking, and the last thing he wants is a boycott of STJ. He wants address to what happened to him specifically, and he says that the STJ police, such as they are, have spoken with him this very day and have promised an arrest is imminent. Perhaps you should let the victim dictate the alarm.
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Have fun in Grand Cayman!IMO..a Stingray City tour with Capt. Marvin's is a must!It is very cool.If you do go..go on a Friday or Sunday when the cruiseships are not in.Also Rumpoint is a great place to spend the day.

I have been to St John and Grand Cayman and love both for different reasons.We felt really safe at both places.

Again have fun!

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Tuxedo...i am not advocating a boycott....i'm stating fact that st john needs to cool off for a year....

FBI just releases the rape report that sparked the whole mess past 17 years.

see this:

I'm sorry you and Don have to deal with this and this might affect the villas you guys or your freineds you post on behalf of manage or rent out.

St John Police are a joke. They are a lame excuse for "investigators." Whgen David Geiger was murder a year ago--it took the family hiring a FLORIDA investigator to dig up the evidence that was CLEARLY in the face of st john "police."

Ther are still trying to figure out the past year of robberies with no arrests.

a twelve year iold boy was robbed at gunpoint:

I'm not advocating a boycott of st john...i am asking residents like you and others who post here to get off your behinds and do SOMETHING ABOUT the situation...rather than post here po-pooing it and hiding the facts.

I love st john too. But it needs to heal its wounds and protect visitors and tourist better than it has...

Sorry the truth hurtts.
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Carib: With all due respect, anyone reading your comments of late would understand them to encouraging people to stay away from a.k.a. boycotting St. John. BTW, I don't rent out our property, nor do I manage, post on behalf of or otherwise promote anyone or any company. I truly love St. John, warts and all. I have not experienced any upgraded sense of hostility or threat over the past few years. When we bought our house, we were told Coral Bay is half-jokingly referred to as the last frontier, a.k.a. the wild wild east. This end of the island has actually started to suffer a "gentrification" of sorts. Additionally, the increase in crime (robberies, thefts) seem to coincide with the increase in development. All of these low wage workers trying to make a living on a very expensive island... you do the math. And when you look at the crime statistics they are still impressively low compared to most of the rest of the world. I completely agree with you about the "caliber" of the police there. They need some serious re-training. Being able to capture perpetrators is the greatest deterrance to crime. I personally know most of the persons involved in the murder of David Geiger and the severe beating of his son, and have been following the case closely. Not only is the police force faulty at gathering evidence, the justice system is unpredictable and unfathomable. IMO, David Geiger and his family did not receive justice. The unfortunate case seems to demonstrate that the system is blind to race in its aiding and abetting the escape of the white and possibly culpable main witness, and failed to fully utilize all available evidence to prosecute the black defendant. What level of incompetence allows the star witness to disappear into the night making it impossible to nail the defendant for first degree felony murder? Either that or the defense attorney is a frickin' genius. Unfortunate tragedies do occasionally happen in short sequence. I am very supportive both morally and financially of the civic organizations such as St. John Coalition and Coral Bay Civic., etc. I write our governmental officials in the VI and in Washington D.C. I support and attend civic meetings and "fishfries," and patronize local businesses. St. John is a real community with real problems, not just a plastic resort with shipped in sand. I would never advocate anyone engage in a "risky" vacation. I do not poo-poo any of the serious issues facing St. John, but IMO, it remains as safe a destination as just about anywhere in the Caribbean. Okay, maybe Anegada is safer...
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I have to totally agree with what you just wrote. Since Sept 11, Caribbean seems to have the "it" factor, and has healthy growth. With growth comes crime, that could happen anywhere. It has been on the increase on all Caribbean Islands. Having said that, It's still one of the safest places to visit.
Of course, do all those things your mom taught you: don't walk alone at night, don't flash money, jewelry, use common sense. I live in a town of 40,000 people. More happens in a week here than in all the Virgin Islands in a year!
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Blamona: Did you hear about the most recent craziness about how some nutbag barged into a rural area home, slashed a new mom's neck and stole her newborn baby. Yup, in a supposedly safe environment. It's like you said, all you can do is what your mother taught you. And be vigilant always... not because you expect trouble, but so you're ready shoudl trouble come.
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