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Going to Sandals/Halycon in St. Lucia in Feb. Any opinions on that resort. I heard a travel agent say she won't send anyone there. Is the larger Sandals better. I am a little concerned that we did not pick the best all-inclusive. Has anyone been there that could tell me about this resort?
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I love Halcyon the best over the other 2 Sandals. It's a great location (in the middle) of the 2 so visiting the other properties isn't such a long drive. 15 minutes south or north. It's laid back and not as plush/gowdy in my opinion. It's how we like caribbean properties. Not knowing you, I can't say it's the best for you, but for us it's Halcyon.
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Liz - a friend of mine was married at Sandals Halcyon last December. She said she perfered Halcyon over the larger resort because there wasn't as much going on and not as crowded. At the larger resort you have to wait on a shuttle to take you where you need to go on the resort because it is so large! Me, personally, I don't want to wait on someone to pick me up when I want to go somewhere on the resort I'm staying at! So it's all in what you perfer. You can always shuttle to the larger resort for dinner and even the beach if you'd like. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!
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Message: Remember, there are three Sandals resorts in St. Lucia now,
-Sandals Golf Resort and Spa
-Sandals Grande St. Lucia.
The first two are the ones Tiffany mentioned, and the third just opened last month. I'm going to that one next week and promise to report back!
Also agree on the beaches. I think St. Lucia has more scenery to offer (rainforest, volcano) if you like variety, and like to venture out more, the beaches are OK. (I'm a pool person myself)
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Halcyon is beautiful and many actually perfer it to thelarger Sandals St. Lucia in that if offers a romantic, laid back, tropical and rlaxing atmosphere. The grounds are so lush with vines growing on the balconies, paths leading here and there all lite at night - very pretty. The resorts is nicely spread out so it never felt full although it was. Food was very good and the people there were very accomondating. The beach is very nice - much larger then the Sandals St. Lucia and peoeple actually come over from there formost water sports as their beach is all but washed away at high tide and rough.

Do not worry - if you do get there and are really unhappy, beg and they will switch you but I think you will be pleasently surprised at how pretty is is. And remember too that you can always go over to the other Sandals as well.
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We learned in the past that sometimes you listen to TA's and sometimes you don't. We liked Sandals Antigua, but will never go back to St. Lucia again. We enjoy incredible views of the ocean when we travel and we didn't get it there. Our room in Antigua wasn't quite as spacious, but we upgraded our room category in St. Lucia, so maybe someone else can comment on that for you. The staff in St. Lucia needed to be replaced, and I heard that they may have been. We have just been more comfortable in other Sandals and enjoyed the food better. Everyone's dream is different,and St. Lucia wasn't right for us.
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My wife and I had our weddingmoon at the Halcyon in July. In our opinion, Halcyon far better suited our needs as it was a much smaller and quieter resort than Sandals St. Lucia. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the new Grande St. Lucian as that property was not open when we were there, although my preference is to stay in a "villa" like resort and not a hotel, like the Grande.

I have previously commented on my likes and dislikes of Halcyon on this board, so I won't waste everyone's time repeating them here, other than to say that our experience wasn't as good or as bad as most threads on this board would have you believe. As first-time Caribeean travellers, Halcyon fit the bill perfectly. Would we go again to either Halcyon or another Sandals - probably not, but that's more a reflection on the perceived value of our trip, combined with our new openness (having a trip under our belts) in wanting to explore the local flavor of the next island(s) we go to.
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