Prospect Reef Worth it or Not???

Old May 21st, 2002, 07:55 AM
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Prospect Reef Worth it or Not???

Any info on Prospect Reef??? The honeymoon package seems too good to be true.
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Hi Nicole! "worth it or not" - that's a tough question to answer without knowing what you are looking for and what your expectations are.

My husband and I stayed at Prospect Reef (PR) one week last September. We enjoyed the vacation very much and would definitely stay there again. We used PR as a base for exploring the BVIs. We spent a day in Anegada, another day in Jost, another day in a snorkeling tour at the Indians and Norman Island, another day on a snorkeling tour to the Rhone and around Cooper island, etc. We spend time hanging out at Smuggler's and Brewer's Bays in Tortola. PR was convenient because many excursions departed from their marina.

Regarding PR itself - it does not have a beach. They have a boat that takes guests in the morning to their beach club located at Peter Island (not the PI resort, which is located on a different part of the island) and brings them back in the afternoon. The beach there is rocky, but offers good snorkeling.

The best part about PR was the staff. Everyone was really nice. The food at the restaurant in their beach club and in the 'mainland' was very good. However, the rooms are pretty run-down and it's more a hotel than a resort. This is not a place where you would want to hang out there during the day. It is great for exploring Tortola and the BVI's, which have a lot to offer.

There are a lot nicer places to stay for a honeymoon for a reasonable price (we have stayed at really nice places in Mexico and Puerto Rico for a comparable price). However, the luxury resorts in the BVI's tend to be quite expensive, so if you want to explore that area and keep your costs under control, Prospect Reef is an OK option, as long as you use it as a base to explore. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
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I think Mariarosa's comments are pretty accurate. I stayed at PR with hubby for two days two years ago en route to Cooper Island. I thought it was a good value, and really enjoyed the Painkillers at the Scuttlebutt bar. They don't have a great beach, but there are some neat tidal pools and they had a nice-looking spa by the water. If the price is right, you could have a great time. We stayed in the lowest-price room, which did not have a/c. I would step up to an a/c room if I stayed there again- which I am perfectly willing to do.
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I am going on my honeymoon and the website look beautiful, who would of guessed there was no beach there??? The package to Peter Island is so expensive. For 5 days to see Tortola and the surronding area it seems fine.

Mariarosa, where did you stay in Puerto Rico, we are going there for 5 days
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Hi Nicole! I think if you go to Prospect Reef with the right expectations (knowing that they don't have a beach in front) you can have a great time. I agree with kt that their oceanfront seapools were neat and their spa "hut" was great for a massage. Their beach club at Peter Island was nice too - the restaurant was open air, right next to the water and the water was calm and clear.

In Puerto Rico we stayed at the Westin Rio Mar, and we had a great time. I also stayed with my family years ago at the Hyatt and that was very nice too. I visited El Conquistador about 5 years ago (didn't stay there though) and thought it was gorgeous - have been dreaming of staying there ever since. These are bigger resorts - with more people, more facilities, more public areas, etc. I have also stayed at smaller inns around the island. Let me know if you want more info on this.
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If you are thinking of PR as an upscale sort of resort, you may be disappointed. Likewise, if you are wanting to be waited on hand and foot. Nor is it an all-inclusive in the usual style.
If, on the other hand, you can be well satisfied with a clean, well-appointed resort that maybe kind of squeezed into its acreage, gives decent service and, for its rather large size, does a good job, then you may be well satisfied.
I'd say that it's a good place, but if you toured the island and noted that it is about 5 to 10 times the size of the usual very small, very cozy, BVI resort, then you might feel that you'd missed an opportunity.
Probably PR is the largest resort on Tortola, yet by Caribbean standards it is not more than mid-size. Compared to a luxury resort it is modest, but then, the BVI is such a low-key place that there aren't really any of the glitzy sort of resorts (Thanks, God!)
If you wanted to move up a notch and have MUCH more scenic beauty, good to excellent beaches, and very good food in an intimate setting, then compare PR to these: Frenchman's Cay (my fav), Ft. Recovery, and Sugar Mill.
If you want to be on an excellent beach and want comfort in a non-resort atmosphere check out ELM and others of the Cane Garden Bay villa-type places. You can find all of these on the BVI Tourist Board site:
All said, if you are a Caribbean first-timer, you'll be fine at PR.
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Thanks for the info. I have been to the Carribean in the past, this will be a 1st for my fiancee. He d/n like to fly so Hawaii is out and the BVI are in. I am going to look up the Sugar Mill. I am thinking either Peter Island or Prospect Reef.

Thanks again!
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Have you looked at Long Bay? It was very reasonable last June, and we just loved it.Beautiful beach, pool, gym, tennis. i had the most romantic and wonderful honeymoon there!
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Many people have chosen to stay elsewhere in protest of the dolphins that are held captive there.
Check Frenchman's Cay for their package. The accomodations are delightful and their package includes a car for a day or two. Understand that the fee to go to PR's beach is rather steep so that might calculate your bill a bit higher than expected. The difference between Peter Island and Prospect is like nite and day. There is no comparison with Peter Island and that's a true no brainer!
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Message for Mariarosa:
HI! I noticed you took several day trips from Tortola that I was interested in.We only have 3 nights there and 8 days on St John. I am wondering which ones we should take from St John Vs Tortola. I wanted to take Patouche to Indians/ Norman/PeterI.Trip to the Baths./Virgin Gorda. I was considering Anegada, but that is definitely 1 whole day. Jost;
I know you also took several day trips from St John. Any suggestions?
many thanks.
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Hi Liz! I would recommend Jost Van Dyke (White Bay) and the Baths in Virgin Gorda. You can visit both from St. John and Tortola, but from Tortola you can take ferry (and cab), whereas from St. John you have to take a day-trip boat .

White bay is gorgeous and you can snorkel, lie on the beach, drink some painkillers at Sancastle. Fun and relaxing. I would not miss it.

Going from St. John on a day-trip by boat to the BVI is pricier than taking a day-trip by ferry from Tortola. I would go to one of the two (Baths or JVD) from Tortola and one of them from St. John. The day-trip from St. John will probably stop at a reef with good snorkeling (like the Caves - I saw an octopus there!).
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You can take
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You can day trip via public ferry to both Jost van Dyke and Virgin Gorda on speified days. You do not need to take one of the cattle car trips but they can be fun. The smaller trips are much better.
As far a Prospect Reef for an honeymoon there are much nicer places at reasonable cost in the BVI. It's been turned into a timeshare since the owner can't make it as a hotel any more and he has a dolphin swim attraction. It has no beach and the price to take the trip to their beach is steep. If you are a beach bunny you'd be happier elsewhere.
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I recently traveled to Tortola (a couple of weeks ago) for a honeymoon and visited several hotels during an island tour, could not pass up the chance to see them while touring the whole island; I checked them out for future trips back. Also, they were options I considered. I really liked Tortola!!!

I checked out Prospect Reef-great outer appearance, but run down hotel rooms inside, more like a motel 6 to me. Only the 2 bedroom suites were appealing to me. For the rooms I saw (1 bedroom studio, 1 bedroom suite, 2 bedroom suite), I liked the idea of a bed with nice lace netting around it. The hotel is close to Road Town so great location for sightseeing. No beach as previously stated. Check out the Road Town bakery for great pastries.

Anyway, I also checked out Long Bay Beach Resort. It is across town from the Airport, a 45 minute ride, $35 fare I think. Auto rentals are available on site. I thought the villas were very nice. The 2 bedrooms have a suite upstairs and a separate one downstairs. You get the kitchen, sitting area/room and bar-b-que grill on the top level. Sorry, no BBQ grill on the 1st level. You can rent the whole villa or just one level. Nice views of beach from the villas. The resort has a beach below by the bungalows, but choppy water. People are shuttled to Smugglers Cove. Next trip, I may stay here. I am not a beach person, can take it or leave it. Definitely one of my options.

I stayed at Lambert Beach Resort. The staff made it a fun trip, very helpful and friendly. I stayed in a beachfront villa, mind you the beach has a row of trees in front of them. The place has a huge freshwater pool. Also, this place is on the beach and a nice beach at that. You can see other islands from this location. The room came with a king bed, no TV (not a problem), 2 toilets (one was a bidet), bathtub/ shower, and a patio with a sink & refrigerator. I met some guests who stayed there last year and were back for another trip. I think Long Bay Beach Resort had better rooms, but Lambert definitely had a better beach. I would definitely stay there again. This place is 20 minutes from Road Town, $18 taxi fare.

I ate at C&F 2 times because the food was so so good (the Y2K platter, the lobster dinner). I also ate at the Secret Garden which is near the Tamarind Hotel in Josaih's Bay (I think).

I also took a day trip to the Baths in Virgin Gorda. Beautiful and good snorkeling!!!

Hope this helps.
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