PLEASE HELP me with our honeymoon choices!!!

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PLEASE HELP me with our honeymoon choices!!!

Fiance's parents gave us a honeymoon for a gift. His parents belong to RCI so we have to pick 5 destinations for them to deposit in the pool... this is what I have so far...
I also have listed the dates available to go, let me know if any of these are bad times, etc... If anyone has any suggestions on RCI resorts in the caribbean please let me know! THANK YOU!!!

Virgin Grand Villas #1853 (also known as The Westin) – St. John, USVI – NOVEMBER 10TH ’03 – JANUARY 10TH ‘04

Sunset Ridge Villas #3870 – St. John, USVI - NOVEMBER 10TH ’03 – JANUARY 10TH ‘04

Residence at The Crane #6390 – St. Philip, Barbados – OCTOBER 20TH ’03 – JANUARY 10TH ‘04

Bougainvillea Beach Resort #3686 – Christ Church, Barbados – OCTOBER 20TH ’03 – JANUARY 10TH ‘04

Playa Linda Beach Resort #2139 – Oranjestad, Aruba – OCTOBER 15TH ’03 – JANUARY 30TH ‘04

Costa Linda Beach Resort #2604 – Oranjestad, Aruba – OCTOBER 15TH ’03 – JANUARY 30TH ‘04

The Royal Palm Club at Aruba Grand #1931 – Oranjestad, Aruba – OCTOBER 15TH ’03 – JANUARY 30TH ‘04

The Alexandra Resort and Spa #6055 – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands –DECEMBER 1ST ’03 – JANUARY 10TH ‘04
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I forgot to mention that I have to have the final list in by this Friday. If you can tell from my list what kind of place I'm looking for maybe you could give some suggestions... thanks again!
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Jen, Aruba will be hot and windy year 'round. Very nice beaches, shopping and more gourmet restaurants per square mile than anywhere in the world. All the other locations sound good as well. You might want to check and see where on the islands they are located - on a beach, near a beach, on a golf course, etc. since that might help you decide where to go. Any of them will be warm during the dates you have; hurricane season usually ends by 10/31.
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Gourmet restaurants?
Its a biiiiiiig stretch to say that Aruba has more gourmet restuarants per anything than any other place in the world.
In fact that's just plain untrue.
What you're considering 'gourmet' would not be considered gourmet by most food lovers.
You need to spend some time in Italy and France, honey.
Aruba's specialty is restaurants the quality of a mid priced chain restaurant in the USA, like Houston's.
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I've been to Aruba and was very disappointed!! Not a very pretty island with alot of stray dogs and cats. The beaches were O.K. but not great!! Sorry to all the Aruba lovers,but I was not impressed with Aruba!! Go for St.John or Turks and Caicos!! Good luck and have a great time whereever you choose!!

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Keep in mind that hurricane season runs through end of November. Aruba is out of the 'zone' so a very safe bet. Playa Linda and Costa Linda are the 2 nicest timeshares on the Island.
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Thank you so much for replying! Does anyone have any other islands I should check out? RCI has timeshares on most of the Caribbean islands... Thanks again!
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I think Aruba is a great choice. Beautiful, white sand beaches, turquoise water, and great weather guaranteed! There is lots to do and everyone is super-friendly. And regardless of what John says, there are some excellent restaurants there. If you opt to go, let me know and I will send you a list of restaurants not to miss.

Another island to check out would be be Grand Cayman...
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Some of your choices are on, which may help you decide. Take a look, there are views of rooms, beach and in hotel restaurants (360 ipix views) very helpful, at least you can actually see some of your choices and maaybe help you make a decision
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