Pink Sands: A great place for kids

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Pink Sands: A great place for kids

My husband and I chose Pink Sands for our second honeymoon. We looked at a lot of places, but it seemed to have the casual, romantic atmosphere we were looking for. Set on twenty-two acres, on beautiful and friendly Harbour Island, Pink Sands is certainly a picturesque setting. The first night was so romantic having a cocktail on our "private" terrace overlooking the ocean(we kept wondering if there would be anyone staying next door in the adjoining cottage...the only thing between our two patios was a small piece of open lattice). Soon after the roosters, yes roosters, awakened us at daybreak, we had our answer. A nice young couple and their darling two year old moved in. He was a precocious little fellow, already able to open doors and slam doors, ALL BY HIMSELF. He practiced his newfound skill whenever he got the chance.

Breakfast was served alfresco and it was very relaxing, even for the waitstaff. How the two delightful ladies responsible for serving breakfast for the entire resort could remain so upbeat and friendly is beyond me. Perhaps watching the children running and playing in the dining area kept up their spirits. The breakfast itself was delicious, but it was frustrating that they were disorganized, slow, and daily ran out of staples such as orange juice, milk, etc... Why try to rush through breakfast on vacation you might ask? To get to the beach before the parents of all the toddlers take all of the beach umbrellas and group them in little clusters of three.

I would love to be able to say that lying on the beautiful beach at Pink Sands was a relaxing, carefree time. But there were at least eight little reasons running around that kept that from being so. Running out of things is a theme at Pink Sands---here towels, umbrellas, and boogie boards, were often in short supply.

The Blue Bar sits on a bluff overlooking the beach serving tasty lunches and wonderful tropical drinks. The service was quick and friendly and I believe we must have eaten at children's nap time every day. Why it's not open for breakfast or dinner to take advantage of those ocean breezes and views is a mystery to me because it is truly not to be missed.

Dinner was at night. The dining room is separated into two areas, one of which we nicknamed the "children's play area" because of the swing, the pond, the turtles, and the goldfish. We were honored when we were chosen to sit here. Watching one parent eat while the other chased after the child(ren)was really something. Unfortunately, it wasn't something romantic.

We escaped for two delicious, wonderful, romantic dinners to the Rock House(sophisticated, beautiful, watched the sunset over the harbour) and Runaway Hill(my fav--dinner on their balcony overlooking the beach and the most gracious hosts we've ever met). We saw no children at either place.

On our return home, we were greeted with big hugs from our own three children. Naturally, they were excited to hear about out trip to Pink Sands and now are looking forward to going with us on our next trip there. This fall we're all going to the one place children are never out of place. WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!
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Please excuse the mistake of the triple post. Not a computer whiz.
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I am so glad you had a great time on island. I sure agree that Runaway is one of the nicest resorts on island, and being there for me is like being home. I hate to leave. I can understand why you were ready to move in too!!, lol.

Looks like my travel plans are going to be moved to the later part of August, I am really busy with work, and Carol and Roger will be on island till the begining of September, after that they will be on vacation.

Hope to run into you on island sometime.
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No offense but next time pick a resort that is adults only. I know that they are hard to come by but they can be found.
The thought that you can pay a ton of money for a vacation and no children will be there just doesn't work anymore. I have seen babies throwing fits in first class on airplanes and their moms calmly drining down the free drinks and ignoring it. Families want to travel together just as much as romantic couples and it doesn't matter if you pick the four seasons there will be children there some better behaved then others.
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I don't think 'wantsomesun' really got the irony in agbdag's post! I think it's extremely annoying that parents these days seem to want to take their young children to luxury hotels - no fun for either parents or children(small children tend to prefer more 'simple' places such as, yes indeed, Disneyland!), and most of all no fun for the other guests!!
We just came back from a very relaxing vacation at the Rendezvous Bay Beach Hotel in Anguilla. Yes, there were a few children there, but they didn't bother anybody, were very quiet and didn't run around.
If you like to be right on the ocean in a low-key place with excellent service, and on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, this is the place! Good luck!
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It does appear that kids are more visable at luxury hotels then ever before.
I love kids but if they are not behaving I find it to be a real problem. We all vaction to relax and do not want to pay top dollar for the crowded feel of a town pool.
It would be great if some parents would pay more attention to their kids and take notice of their behavior.
So all of you that take the kids remember WHY you wanted them to be with you !!! Take care and stay with them please !!!!!!!!!
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agbdag, sorry to hear that the toddlers took over the resort. I know that can be annoying when you just what to relax and enjoy the beautiful resort.

Was wondering if you checked out the Coral Sands next door. I heard they were renovating but it's a long time till it will be finished. I assume once the renovations are done the prices will be raised. Anyway, any comments would be helpful. Thanks.

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This is one of those *trigger* discussions that occurs here every now and then.

I think the original poster showed grace and a wonderful sense of humor regarding her experience at Pink Sands. If I had paid the amount she did for a "second honeymoon", I doubt that I would have been as gracious.

Before all of you that have young children jump to the conclusion that those of us who prefer to vacation with adults, either dislike children or have never HAD them....maybe you should think again.

There is a significant part of the travelling public that has adult children. Our tolerance for *misbehavior* may have been used up by our own little darlings.

I might also suggest that parents with young ones have a certain deaf ear when it comes to everyday sounds and behavior, that others may find annoying.

It's not my intention to generalize. It is my intention to remind everyone that there are *stages of life* for a reason.

I've raised two daughters (now adults ) and I certainly wanted to expose them to travel experiences. But I picked my venues with great care and I was ever vigilant about their appropriate and considerate behavior of the rights of others. They might describe my vigilance with another word ;-) !


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agbdag: I'm so sorry that the kids ruined the romantic atmosphere for you. We're going in October (5th anniv) so I don't think kids will be an issue -- school is in!
I agree with MarionK. I have a 2-year-old and when we travel with him, we carefully pick where we go. We would never take him to Pink Sands because from reading about it and reviews, it seems more like a couples place. And we wouldn't want to subject a rambunctious little one to others who are looking for romance.
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