Peter Island Resort BVI

Feb 17th, 2014, 02:09 PM
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Peter Island Resort BVI

We recently returned from celebrating a special anniversary. Peter Island Resort, BVI is spectacular. It is as if everyone involved wants you to relax and enjoy yourself. We stayed in a Beachfront Jr. Suite. Spacious, with a beautiful view of Deadman and Little Deadman's Beaches, and our own balcony. 5 beaches are available. Read up on your choices and schedule what you want to do as soon as you arrive or even before you arrive. White Bay Beach has 6 huts you reserve, lunch will be delivered if ordered the day before. Honeymoon Beach is rocky and not to everyone's liking, but it is for just 2 people so that was cool. We also did a day snorkel with Patouche Charters, arranged by the folks at Peter Island. Travel up to Sunset Loop with your cheese and wine and watch the sunset.

We did not have any spa services but heard from several folks they were some of the best ever. We did participate in a Core class with a visiting traineer, Analise and her husband Nick. They are from Vancouver and were great! Analise spoke to each participant to make sure everyone worked out at their own comfort level. (Amazing how you can distract yourself with the gorgeous view!)

The people are what stand out most at this place. Every single staff person we interacted with was pleasant, smiling and only wanted to please. I overheard a few complainers that the staff handled flawlessly. Polite and only wanting the guest to be satisified. Monica, Denise and Marsha at the desk are on top of everything there! Mike, Colin and Nickie seemed to be the gentlemen that made sure we all got to anywhere we wanted to be! The Food and Beverage director, Rimple is an amazing asset to this place. He has an incredible knowledge of wine and food and hosts a wine dinner once a week which was terrific. Besides that is he is just plain fun. (My only "complaint" was he should do it 3 times a week as it was where we met some great, fun folks we would have liked to have spent more time with!) Raj and Claudette are top notch wait staff as is everyone there, including the famous Miss Jean. Susan on Deadman's Beach should become a familiar, smiling face as she will bring you food and cocktails all day long! Have her bring you the Peter Island Special!

We loved this place. Guests range in age, some folks return year after year. I probably would say it is best for couples, though I am sure they would accomodate children. We saw a few, but not sure if they were visiting from the boats or overnight guests.

The worst thing about Peter Island is seeing it disappear from site on your departing ferry!
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Feb 17th, 2014, 03:17 PM
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I've been to the BVI several times. Always on a sailboat though. The BVI are arguably THE best place to spend a sailing vacation.

Sailing from island to island and anchoring in a bay for the night is a great vacation. Why limit yourself to just one island? Next time try a charter boat with or without crew as needed.

For my money, staying in any hotel in the BVI, however nice that hotel might be, is missing out on the best thing about the BVIs. It is a cruising paradise.

An analogy would be a box of chocolates and you only got to pick one when there were more than 40 in the box to choose from.

Any night is a great night out at 'Foxy's Bar on Jost Van Dyke island. Sailors around the world know Foxy. On New Year's Eve you can practically way ashore from deck to deck for the party.

At the west end of Tortola island (the largest island) you find Soper's Hole. A great little harbour and Pusser's Landing which is a restaurant (one of several) owned by Pusser's Rum.

In the old days, the British Navy used to load up their rum from Pussers for the sail back to England. Pusser's is still the official British Navy Rum today. Whether all hands get a measure each per day or not, I don't know.

If you have a full dinner at Pusser's Landing, for every 2 diners, they put a full bottle of Pusser's Rum on the table. Don't worry, you don't have to drink it all, you can take what's left back to your boat.

No one should visit the BVI without visiting 'The Baths' on Virgin Gorda. The best way to visit of course is to sail in, drop anchor and swim ashore.

Norman Island is Treasure Island.

In quite a few of the bays of the islands, you will find beach bar/restaurants that are pretty much only accessible by boat. Or try Willy T's which is not only accessible only by boat but is a boat! Where else can you dive from a restaurant and swim to your boat?

The BVIs are a great place to vacation. Just remember they are a GROUP of islands, far more than just one.
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Feb 20th, 2014, 06:51 AM
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Enjoyed your report. Thanks for posting...
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Feb 21st, 2014, 09:35 AM
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Thank you january89 for your lovely report on Peter Island Resort. We've often thought of going there but so far we haven't made it.

And thank you also dulciusexasperis for the information on sailing around the BVI's. That is something I would love to do but alas there is no way as I get seasick. The best we can do is to hire a boat for the day and visit some neighboring islands, which we'll be doing in a couple of weeks.

You can find Pusser's painkiller recipe online….
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Feb 22nd, 2014, 08:25 AM
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I agree the BVI's are beautiful. During our charter snorkel day we snorkeled Cooper Island and of course the Baths at Virgin Gorda. Captain Joe did "drop anchor" and we all swam ashore and it was great. We have talked of chartering a boat for a few days. This trip was the first vacation where I have ever just totally checked out and relaxed. I did no cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. It was perfect and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to indulge. We did not have a Painkiller but after 1.5 Peter Islands Special Cocktail, I did have a very long nap!
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