Peter Island Questions...

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Peter Island Questions...

I'm having trouble getting a clear picture of Peter Island. Can anyone give me a brief description? Is there only one resort? My fiancee and I are looking to spend 4 days at Caneel Bay and 4 days at Peter Island on our Honeymoon. Are these places distinct enough to justify splitting the time, or should we just island hop? Also, we really enjoy white sandy beaches and warm clear water. Would this favor one island over another?

Thanks for your help!
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Peter Island is its own island and resort. There is nothing else on the island. The resort is very nice and the feel of the island is very relaxed.

Peter Island is a bit different than Caneel Bay, but not enought that I would suggest traveling to try out both. I think you are better off staying at one or the other for the entire time. You end up losing basically a day of travel going back and forth for very little gained in the vacation/resort experience, in my opinion. Head to head I would stay at Caneel over Peter Island.

As for beaches and water, I think St. John has better beaches and is a prettier island.

Also, I responded to your earlier post about St. John vs. Anguilla vs. Cozumel.

If you want to island hop, I would suggest you go to Anguilla. You could go to Anguilla for 4 days and then go to St. Martin or St. Barths for the other 4 days. I have not been to St. Barths, but St. Martin could not be more different from Anguilla (but would likely not give you the seclusion, etc... I believe you said you wanted in your earlier post).

Post back if you want to know more specifics on Peter Island.
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I agree that the difference is not worth the trip but the quality of dining is a good deal better at Peter Island. I do not understand why Caneel has not realized they have a problem with their kitchen staff.
For a honeymoon though, you are less likely at Peter Island to find lots of 1-5 year olds.
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Yes it's a privately-owned island with one resort. There are also huge villas available for rental (for about $10,000 or more).
My opinion: Lots of beautiful beaches on St. John and just one beautiful beach on Peter Island.
If you do a seach for my screenname, you will find my Peter Island trip report from October along with photos.
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Let me add, we thought the food was very good on Peter Island. We did not stay at Caneel when were in St. John (we did the Westin). However one option for you if you don't like the food at Caneel is that there are quite a few wonderful restaurants on St. John.
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My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon with a Caneel/Peter Island split. We spent 4 days at caneel and 8 days at PIR. If you're considering the split, hire a water taxi. It will cost you $350.00, but we were able to go dock to dock with a stop at West End, Tortola to clear customs in 1 hour. I checked in and was on the beach by noon. If you go the conventional ferry route;(Which requires a taxi on Tortola as well) the other posters are correct, it will take you all day and be a nightmare of trip!

On Caneel: be aware the complaints about Caneel are pretty much correct. Average food, poor service, but in my opinion are more than made up for by the beauty. Do not get the meal plan; Cruz Bay has to many good restaurants. We stayed on Scott Beach(no kids allowed on Scott). We loved Caneel so much we were actually sad to leave until we arrive at Peter Island.

Peter Island was incredible. It has one beautiful beach, the other (White Bay) is average but the snorkeling in White Bay is better then anything I saw on Caneel. The service at P.I.R. is what Caneel should be, incredible. Everyone is always smiling, and all the mangers will know your name by the second day.
If I had to do it all over I would choose the same split; I felt it was the best of both worlds!
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Waywardseal, Now you have me interested when you say you would do the same split. We have talked about Peter Island. If one doesn't go to Caneel, what would be the usual way to get there? Did you get tired of snorkeling one beach compared to Caneel's seven beaches? If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be? Thanks
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owa: I probably should of been more clear; if I had to do the Honeymoon over with the luxury of taking the same amount of time, I would do the same. However, choosing one over the other for a shorter time is the dilemma I'm facing now while planning a return next year.

For you it might all depend on preference. If you're one that would get extremely frustrated paying 5 star resort prices with poor service, DON'T go to Caneel. I didn't let it bother me because I felt I was in paradise and wasn't about to get annoyed with things I can't control. Both are just as beautiful, but Peter Island will always have less people, much less when you consider they only have 50 or so rooms. If peace and quiet is your thing go to Peter Island. Be aware the Peter Island does get some day-trippers and overnight boaters as well. They seemed to be the only people on the island some guests had a problem with. Probably because most people on Peter Island are there as Honeymooners or looking for a romantic get away, and the day trippers sometimes were to much for the laid back pace of the guests, especially when you consider some guests pay over 800.00 per night to get away from loud or noisy groups. However these groups were not frequent and P.I. staff reminds them of maintaining the privacy of the resort guests.

Another item to condsider is decor. If you're looking for plushness of a Ritz Carlton, you won't find it at Caneel. Caneel is understated luxury; I found the rooms to be very nice. Peter Island rooms were even nicer with the same accent of understated luxury.

As far as the snorkeling, the main beach on Peter Island (Deadmans) is actually pretty good or comparable to anything at Caneel. White Bay has so much it might take several hours to see. I felt the quality of the snorkeling at P.I. overshadowed the quantity of Caneel. However, I did like the tranquility of Scott Beach at Caneel better.

Getting there is a different story, if I only had a few days to get away; I would opt for Caneel. I fly from Phila. non-stop to St. Thomas and the Caneel ferry is waiting for you. To get to Peter Island from St. Thomas would require some planning; Peter Island only offers ferry service to and from St. Thomas 2 days a week. Otherwise you have to book a connecting flight into Tortola and use the P.I. ferry, which runs all day, every day. I only hired a water taxi because I was on St.John and did not want to deal with wasting a day of travel. Using the public ferry would require a trip to Tortola(west end) then a taxi ride to road town then another ferry to P.I.

I know I was rather lengthy, I hoped I was of some help. If you want more you can go to the Peter Isand website for ferry info; OR check out; she details everything about the Island and has been there too many times to count.

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I just wanted to add that I stayed on Peter Island last month (Oct. 9-12) and last year on Caneel. We flew from Newark, NJ to ST. Thomas. We arrived on Saturday and we were able to take the Peter Island ferry from St. Thomas to Peter Island (about an hour and a half ride incl. customs stop at West End Tortola). We then left Peter Island on a Tuesday and took their ferry back to St. Thomas and stayed the remainder of our stay at the Ritz. (These are the only two days PI offers ferry service from STT - Tues., Sat.). While I loved both places I still prefer Caneel - basically because I love the idea of being able to go into town and around the island. While Peter Island's service and food cannot compare to Caneel, St. John has so many more beaches to explore. If you really want to go some place and feel pampered and just relax and eat and eat, then Peter Island would be perfect for you. If you do a search on my name you can find my trip report. Either way both places I would return too! Good Luck, Susan
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Based on all of the posts, I am sure that Caneel Bay has wonderful beaches etc. What I can't understand is why so many people accept substandard acommodations, service, food etc. That said, we realize that the Caribbean lifestyle is different than what most of us are used to. Must be one incredible place to feel that way about $$$. However, seems like Cruz Bay is the place to stay if you want easy access to restaurants shopping and such. Don't think I will be spending my money on Caneel. Always appreciate information gained from this site. Others may find it helpful in different ways. Everyone has their idea of the "perfect vacation".
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