Ocho Rios? How was it?

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Ocho Rios? How was it?

Im getting married in Ocho Rios this March. Can anyone tell me what to do there and any tipsI should know?
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Good luck and try not to get murdered.

Here is my impression of the place:

Bums, homeless, people and beggars everywhere.

Every other local offering to sell you drugs.

Guards armed with AK-47's at both entrances to the Burger King. That was pretty wild.

Many unlicensed cab drivers, one of which mugged the other couple we were with and then left them abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

That place is the devil's den. I cannot believe you are getting married there. I would change your plans immediately and pick an entirely different island.
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Of course now I am going to get flamed and bashed because I gave my honest opinion of the place.

Just remember this before you start the bashing. This is just one opinion and bashing me will not help the original poster at all.

My opinion is that Jamaica is a sewer and no amount of message board bashings will change that.
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Kal, it sounds like you had a HORRIBLE experience in Jamaica and any resonable and intelligent person will NOT try to convince you otherwise! You most definitly have the right to express your opinion.

I agree that half of these boards will try and bash you because God forbid you are not a Jamaica lover!!

Karey, if you do some research on Jamaica, you'll see that most (reported) crimes are not against touristsm but against their fellow Jamaicans. As with ANYWHERE with a reputation for being dangerous (for example, LA, New York City, Washington DC, etc.) you need to exersize caution . I personally want to go back to Jamaica but my BF thinks it's dangerous too (although nothing dangerous happened to us when we were there.) It does have that reputation.

Yes, they try and see you Marijuana everwhere you go.

Yes, the island is poor, but not any more poor than the other 20 islands in the carribean. I've been all over the carribbean unfortunatly this is how the economy is in that region of the world.

Aesthetically, the beaches are to die for!

Are you getting married at a Sandals, by any chance? The resorts are safe, and what I found was once I got to the resort I didn't wnat to leave (but my vacation stle is just that of a SUN GODDESS!!!!!!!!!) I hope to have a desination wedding someday! You are LUCKY!!! Congradulations!

Good Luck!
Old Jan 21st, 2003, 11:59 AM
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I'm not aware of any tourist murders in Ocho Rios...is that considered flaming you kal?

I've been all over Jamaica with the exception of the east end (where Ocho Rios is) and have never seen armed guards at Burger King, however, there are armed tourist police around patrolling the beaches and streets and I suppose they get hungry...

As for cabs, take the ones with red plates only - they are licensed and insured.

I have been approached to buy stuff many times, never been approcahed by a beggar though, like happens in NY and most US cities.

Just for the record, we love Jamiaca, been going every year for years now, kids and all - and don't stay in resorts...have never had a problem.
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I have to agree with Liza. Been to Jamaica and Ocho many times and not had a bit of problems.(never go looking for it though either) Was there last month and even went out to the Indian restaurant for dinner at night.
No problems what-so-ever! Does Jamaica have it's share of challenges? Yes!!
Just keep your wits about you and more than likely you'll do fine and not have any problems at all I predict.

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Kal, from my reasonably extensive travel experiences, I can safely say that the same "ills" that you may have experienced in Jamaica (and I am not sure to what extent your story is to be beleived), I have seen at one point or another on the streets of just about every country I have visited - the beggars, the homeless people, the bums, the drug dealers, the armed guards. So what exactly is your point here in reference to Jamaica? Am I supposed to reject every destination that may turn up a bum or a homeless person or a beggar? If that is the case, then I might as well not bother to leave my house when the day comes! Your post is immature and senseless. It makes no attempt to highlight not even a single good point about Jamaica. So how helpful can it be?
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The only good point about filthy Jamaica was leaving. Compared to all the other islands in the Caribbean(I have been to 12 of them). Jamaica ranks as the worst.

I honestly have nothing good to say about the place, that is why I didn't put anything good in my post.

Everything I listed in my original post is true. I asked the armed guards(armed with machine guns) at Burger King why they were there and the response was: "We are here to keep the locals out. This Burger King is only for tourists." This was the BK near the cruise ship dock and the market. I don't know if there is more then one BK there.

I live in a medium to large city in the United States and we do not have nearly as many beggars as I saw there, we certainly don't have guards armed with machine guns at the Burger King, no one has ever approached me to buy drugs, and a taxi driver has never mugged me or my friends. I'm glad I live where I do and my opinion of Jamaica stands. I know some people love it there. I do not.

Everything I wrote in my original post is TRUE!

I'll add this, when my friends were mugged by the taxi driver, it was an unlicensed taxi. The driver also threatened to rape the female of the couple. My male friend told him to take the money and valuables but if he tried to rape the female then he better be prepared to kill him first. At that point, the driver took their money and asked them to leave the taxi. This was in the middle of no where. Yes, this sounds made up doesn't it???? Come on!

I understand these types of things exist all over the world, however, they are amplified in Jamaica. It's a horrible place. I just don't know why anyone would spend their hard earned money to go there. You may as well go to Haiti.
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Kal, you are the same poster as "Sniper" the south african who has done some unbelievable posts about Jamaica in the past on this forum - yes you have already told us a million and one times about the security guards you claim to have seen in Burger King who told you all the hogwash about BK being for tourists only! Man, sell that to the birds! You are an idiot, your previous postings have more than suggested that and no one wants to hear your idle rantings.
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We visited Ocho Rios about 6 years ago. I cannot speak for the rest of the island, but we thought Ocho Rios was awful. We did not stay at an all inclusive ( what sort of a vacation is it when you have to stay at your hotel and not leave to look around?) which I guess is the way to go there. We never felt comfortable walking in the area. My husband went out for a walk on a Sunday mid-morning and was followed by several men who demanded money. When my husband said he didn't have any, they offered to follow him back to the hotel so he could get the money! They wouldn't leave him alone so my husband headed back to the hotel with the men following and had someone at the hotel get rid of them. And, yes, it was filthy and we did see guards at some fast food places also. Remember, I am speaking only about Ocho Rios and not all of Jamaica. We did not like it there at all.
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Looks like the post before this one is validation to me. Thank you for sharing your experience xxx.

As I said before, my opinion of that crappy island stands. It is the devil's den.
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little devil
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"It is the devil's den."

Cool, I'm booking my trip now!
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