Non stop flights from NY area to Curacao

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Non stop flights from NY area to Curacao

Right now Continental is the only airline flying non stop to Curacao, from EWR, but they are only booking a Saturday flight. Someone told me that they fly daily, at least in the winter, but the Continental rep. said no. Is anyone familiar with these Continental flights?
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Continental is the only airline that flies nonstop from Newark. There are very few nonstop flights to Curacao. I'm fairly certain it's never a daily flight. I believe they also fly nonstop from Houston, but check to verify that flight is still going.

There are many daily flights to Aruba, and then you can catch a short flight to Curacao. Air Jamaica also used to do this route, but you should check to make sure they are still flying it. Many flights in the Caribbean have been cut back.
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We've been looking at going to Curacao since Nov. '07. Continential does not fly to Curacao from any Texas airports that I can find. We can only fly American from our departure airport. IAH in Houston offers Delta in addition to American.

I've read on Trip Advisor regarding Continental flying out of Newark and it look likes it's just on certain days, not a daily schedule. Doesn't look like they have enough need for daily flights. You might try researching there. I wish Continental would fly from our departure airport. Their flights are more conveneint and cheaper than American.
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I usually fly Continental out of Newark to the Caribbean. I'm always checking prices to various destinations. I don't believe Continental ever offered a daily flight to Curacao. Plus, Curacao is not a top destination among Americans (compared to other islands) so I just don't see Continental flying there on a daily basis. It's just not cost effective.
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To Doug Stallings - I posted originally with my full story on this trip on the airlines site, Montreal - Newark - Curacao. I don't know if you ever peruse that area of the Fodors website, but I'd love to hear your opinion.
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When we went to Curacao, we took US Air from Philadelphia to Aruba, then got one of the local flights to Curacao (they're constant, so it's no problem getting one). Short flight - it was a breeze....
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Don't fly Air Jamaica..Warning to non-usa citizens: Air Jamshit will sell you a one-way ticket into the usa only to be denied entry,questioned,humiliated,photographed,finger printed and shipped home on next day flight(held in jail if no hotel)-no compensation for your one way ticket and forced to now pay for a round trip-they lost our luggage-called us to airport 2 days in a row, waited for hours-no help-big run around-NO LUGGAGE YET! had to pay for rental car, gas parking-Air Jamshit manager, Desrick Phillips-refused me a glass of WATER-on the table in the office with cups, tea bags sugar etc..A GLASS OF WATER! I threw the cup and bottle on the floor and lost my mind! Called security etc...big mess no refund no luggage no customer service no WATER
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Due to some responses on Yahoo questions I need to add that the Dutch National I was traveling with did check USImmigration site and air jamaica site. Someone forwarded a Delta link and YES I did find it there, but we were not flying Delta and as a USA citizen I can fly in on a one way and never even thought it is a would I know? So he checked the web and found he would only need his I say it is responsiblity of airlines who are aware of this rule to stop passengers who hold one way tickets into usa as non-citizens.
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Having been going to Curacao 3 times and planning a 4th we were pleased when they began the non-stop 3 years ago. But it is only several times a week and I have experienced in some years they change the days of the week they fly. But it is under 5 hours (4.4hrs.) though listed as 5hrs. via Aruba from Newark it took 7 hours because of the connection not the flight over which is 20 minutes and was ~$100RT 4 yrs. ago. In earlier days we also went NY to Miami to Curacao on one trip.
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Regarding the Air Jamaica comments, it used to be a very good airline, but after losing bunches of money, Butch Stewart (Sandals owner) ceded his interest back to the Jamaican government. There was a difficult transition period, then things got better for a while, but now the government is also anxious to get out from under the losses and is looking for a buyer. I used to love this airline but I would be reluctant to book it right now until things resolve themselves.
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We're booked on Air Jamaica to Curacao in September, so wish us luck! If we have problems, I will post to this thread. Otherwise, if I don't, you can assume the flight went smoothly.

(Continental service to Curacao unfortunately suspended between Aug. 30 and Dec. 20.)

Mike Strickland
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