little dix bay

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little dix bay

I see very little posting about little dix bay - I have always wanted to go there and I know it being a Rosewood Resort must be good and expensive. Anyone been there lately who can provide a review. thanks.
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I visited LDB while on a daytrip from Caneel Bay last year. Here are my thoughts.

On the plus side...
1. Gorgeous property on an even more
beautiful beach.

2. Very nice, clean though kinds late
60ish accomodations.

3. Good food.....not great food.

4. Great snorkling and water sports

5. Great childrens programs.

6. Great island location for visting
other islands.

7. The Caneel Bay daytrip would be a
nice perk as well.

on the negative side.....

1. Your're basically at LDB's mercy
in terms of food and beverage as
there are very few local options

2. There's really only two dining
options short of the beach stand
which means there is not much
variety available over a weeks

3. No pool if that is important to
you in any way.

4. Little if any beach service when
we visited if that is important.

6. Rooms really have not been kept up
to date the way they should have.
(at least the two we saw last year.

Hope that can also go to and look at the reviews there. Some are great and some just ok.....

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if you feel isolated at little dix bay... you might try staying at caneel bay instead. was there in late january and thought the service and rooms were great. the beaches are also amazing. the food/restaurants in st. john were terrific...we didn't have a bad meal except a mediocre one at Caneel's Equator restaurant. They offer day excursions to little dix...maybe you should try to split up your trip and stay part at caneel and part at little dix. nancy
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Agree with the lengthy list on LDB. Recently spent a week there and found it to be great, but only half full, apparently reflecting the down economy.I liked it better than Biras Creek or Bitter End, both of which can be visited by boat from LDB. The staff is very courteous, the food is good, and the reef-protected bay is excellent for swimming, with no need for a swimming pool. Beach drink and food service was very good. Overall, a good if expensive way to spend time in the BVI.
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Little Dix Bay is lovely with a wonderful cresent beach. It is in the high end of rates and comes out on top of many lists because of the loyal returnees there every year. The rooms have been updated and some even air conditioned but it is the understated luxury that is nice. No glitz or glamour. There are a few excellent places to eat on Virgin Gorda for options and dining out - certainly more than two and you are not at their mercy. The picnic lunches at a private beach where you are dropped off are a very nice thing. Certainly more quiet than St. John and imo Rosewood does not do a terrific job with their Caribbean resorts.
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Our family has stayed at both resorts over the past 3 years ,you are at the mercy of the hotel,St.john has better food .both have understated elegance with great beach locale, if you need to do nothing it is good.
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Hotmamma better get out more. Giogorio's Table, Flying Iguana (try the Duck by Puck), Mineshaft, Biras Creek (bit of a hassle by boat but well worth it), Chez Bamboo, The Rock, Olde Yard Inn, Top of the Baths, Fat Virgin, Mad Dogs and another boat ride if they are open but well worth it is Drakes on Mosquito (used to be top of the line but spotty with opening lately).
On St. John, Chateau Bordeaux, Asolare (fusion), Stone Terrace, Cafe Wahoo and many love Lime Inn. Paradiso is thumbs down despite being owned by same as Asolare and Chateau and Ellingtons' has been hit or miss lately. Lots of other very casual places
The difference is Cruz Bay does offer a watering hole atmosphere for partying near Caneel. Harder to do from LDB. Or you can head to Coral Bay. St.John more developed and more jeeps and people including cruise ship crowds. Kinda think its become the Hamptons of the Caribbean. Caneel's 7 beaches hard to beat but BVI offers more pristine isolation the way St. John used to be. But the food manager at Caneel is not a prize nor is the manager but the property is magnificant. Oh don't forget all those great islands to sail to from VG for lunch including Cooper, Norman - Billy Bones or WillyT's, Sand Box on Prickly Pear or Donovan's on Scrub. Any and all make a great day stop with wonderful snorkling!
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and I forget the best of all. A day on White Bay and wandering around Jost!
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God! You snoots are pathetic!! Why can't you enjoy the islands for what they offer instead of what the ratings are among yourselves?
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Just got back from a week at Little Dix and had a great time. The room was quite nice, very private. the beach was beautiful. if you are looking to relax and enjoy the beach it was great. Went to a private beach, and snorkeled, but truthfully just being on LDB beach was nice. Went to the caves and walked thru them, hiked on the grounds took their sunset cruise. If you want to do more you have the option. The town does not have much. Chez Bamboo was the best restaurant. It does seem that the tourists are few You may want to consider doing the food plan. Food is expensive and okay, not great. We bought food in the supermarket for breakfast and lunch as we do not like to have those big meals. Only negative - there was no coffee makers in the room, so we just went for coffee. We rented a car for one day and drove around. have a great time
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Rick, we do it for many reasons: because we enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions, because we like to help others who are going to plunk down a lot of money, because they ask us, because it's fun, because we're a bit egotistical, because we sometimes have time on our hands, and because it's a positive thing to do instead of a negative one such as flaming people for engaging in legitimate activities.
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I was there last summer, and was disappointed. Everything was just "okay", and though the beach was beautiful, there were jellyfish everywhere, so without the pool, it really wasn't that much fun. Maybe off-season is not the time to go?...
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My husband and I went in April to LDB. If you need a place to totally relax, this is the place. You can do absolutely nothing and still have a good time. If you get the meal plans, the food is included, but the cost is someting like $90/pp/day. We did not and found it a bit inconvenient to walk into town but once we did it, it was worth it. The walk is only 10 min. We had a great meal at Chez Bamboo and at the Rock . A small Italian restaurant just "up island from LDB on the water had really good pizza.

We had a meal or two at LDB but the prices were outrageous. One night we had the big "Island Buffet", didn't ask the price and found out it was $70/pp.

As long as you know up front how expensive it is you will be prepared.
Overall, we enjoyed the entire experience. Pricey, but for a special celebration, the best. A honeymooner's haven, but we met many people that do it each year.

It is the quietest resort I have ever been to, so don't expect much nightlife.
YOu really have to like whomever you go with because you'll be spending alot of time together.
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I saw an ad last week for Little Dix Bay at $195/night until Dec. 15 or so - a pretty good price for this resort. Caneel Bay was $225, I believe. Not bad if you don't mind going in the "off-season."

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Where did you see this advertised at?
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I think it was in the travel section of the NY Times on April 29 and I believe it was a Rosewood ad. If I see it again I'll post more specifics.

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I found it on Rosewood hotels website. It's for off-season and a garden room starts at $195.00. Thanks for your help.
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Just dug up this old post on LDB...Sandy, are you still out there...what do you mean by Rosewood does not do a good job with their resorts in the Caribbean...also concerned about lots of jellyfish in the ocean........any really really recent visitors with new options on LDB and Caneel..thanks
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