Four Season Meal plan ?

Apr 27th, 2003, 05:05 AM
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Four Season Meal plan ?

I will be going to FS in Jan 04 and they sent me information regarding the meal plans. How much cheaper is this option? They are quoting me $125per person for break/dinner is this a cheaper option then just paying for the two meals seperate?
How is the beach and sand and are there enough chair and umbrellas do go around ? I chose a ocean front room how close to the ocean are these rooms?
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Jun 3rd, 2003, 12:45 PM
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I am thinking about going here in march and would love to hear a response to Hurricane's questions.
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Jun 3rd, 2003, 01:01 PM
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The meals are quite expensive at the FS. My husband and I got the Romance in Paradise package and were very thankful we did. I can't recall specifics but imagine eating out every meal at an expensive NYC restaurant.. that's about what it is like... If you don't plan on eating at the FS, though, it may not make sense, as I am sure you can eat elsewhere on the island for less $.
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Jun 3rd, 2003, 06:39 PM
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The current Romance Package includes breakfast and dinner for two for an extra $300 per day.
If you eat ANY meal off the resort then that's prepaid money down the drain.
It's very hard to make that meal plan pay off.
It's not a great value if you want to explore other dining options.
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Jun 4th, 2003, 05:16 AM
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That's really high for a meal plan, even for the Four Seasons. I was quoted $105 pp for a full plan (three meals a day) or $80 pp for breakfast and dinner for the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico. We will probably go with that as the property is very isolated but I just can't imagine using that option on Nevis if they are charging that much -- there are some really nice plantation inn restaurants that are worth trying. I do know the breakfast buffet runs $50 for two so do you really thing you will spend $200 for dinner just for the food? I haven't been to one Caribbean destination where we spent $100 pp just for food at dinner, even at the most upscale places.
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Jun 4th, 2003, 06:05 AM
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The last time we stayed at FS Nevis, they had a "Caribbean Night" buffet that was $65.00 pp, and wine was (not included) at $13.00+ per glass. With 2 glasses of wine each and a tip, it was over $200.00.
The last time was ate at Ritz Carlton Cancun Club Grill, Christmas dinner with wine and multiple courses was $450.00 for 2.
Dinner over $200.00 for 2 is not uncommon in the Caribbean (especially with wine or drinks).
Believe me, it is VERY possible to spend $200. for dinner at FS Nevis.
(Ha, depending on what you get, you might be able to do that at lunch
There are so many delightful places to eat on Nevis with better food at a lower price, I would not ever get a meal plan at FS.
(The only downside is that cabs are very expensive. It's worth it to rent a car.)
Places that are better than FS at half the price = Miss June's, Montpelier Plantation, Hermitage Plantation.
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Jun 4th, 2003, 08:43 AM
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Please note that nothing else is included in the Four Seasons meal plan but food. I am well aware that you can easily spend $200 for dinner for two in the Caribbean including drinks, taxes and gratuities but I was commenting about food only because that's all Hurricane will get with the FS meal plan. It is not an "AI" plan. Believe me, the FS is expensive, but the entrees are not $75 each. Unless you order double entrees, I just don't see how you can spend $200 for dinner for two on food alone. The FS tries to get guests to lock in their spending in advance with the FS but I think it is a rip-off and would be missing out on a lot of good restaurants. The FS Punta Mita meal plan is much more in line with what the costs should be, but the FS Nevis prices are out of control.
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Jun 4th, 2003, 11:12 AM
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I second Eileen's comments.
There is a big difference between total cost of dining (drinks, taxes +/-gratuities) and what's included in the meal plan noted at the Four Seasons.
It's probably either a wash or slight savings if you get the meal plan, but if you miss a meal or eat anywhere else, then it's not a good deal.
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Jun 6th, 2003, 05:18 AM
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Thanks for the feedback.
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Jun 11th, 2003, 07:42 PM
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I too agree with Eileen. We just got back from Four Seasons, and did *not* get a meal plan. While the meals were expensive, we fell under the price of the meal plan every day. We did eat at a couple of other places too. I don't think the meal plan is worth it even if you plan every meal to be at Four Seasons.

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Jun 16th, 2003, 05:09 PM
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Just wanted to thank all of you for your comments and thoughts. I will take all of your suggestions. Pay as I go! and trying other restaurants. Would anyone like to comment about the beach and facilities like the spa and amount of chairs!
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Jun 23rd, 2003, 06:36 PM
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Hurricane, there are plenty of chairs for you to pick from. There are two pools, one being "quiet" (no kids), the other being the "family" or beach pool (although both are on the beach). The family pool is bigger, but there are plenty of chairs at either. There were a lot of chairs on the beach too, and you will get service in any location. The beach is nice, one of the nicest on Nevis, but it's not white sand. Honestly you'll find prettier beaches on Anguilla, but Nevis is a lovely island, and you will have a fantastic time. We did. Oh, forgot to mention that the beach is closest to the middle cottages, but is very close to any of the ocean front rooms.

Have fun

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