Exuma-Detailed Map?

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Exuma-Detailed Map?

Does anyone have a link to a detailed map of all the Exumas? I'm looking for something that lists all the names of the different islands and cays. Even on Google you have to zoom way in to see the name and then I keep loosing my perspective :/
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hope one of those helps
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Thank you Virginia! Those are great!
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Did you decide on Staniel Cay? I think it's Sampson Cay that has the swimming pigs, don't miss them. Also Thunderball Grotto is cool where they filmed James Bond.

If you are staying at SCYC, you need to know, it's really hard to get to Great Exuma and Little Exuma and Stocking Islands from there. Exumas require 2 separate trips to see it all!
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I'm still not sure if we'll go to Staniel Cay or Great Exuma. I'm checking into the flight situation to both areas. I'm coming from California so as always we are left with stops and timing issues. And of course there's the additional cost factor getting out there. But I have to hurry because I am using United miles to get to the east coast and I'll need to get them booked before they're gone. I have been on my computer for days and my head is spinning! Both places sound amazing so it's a tough choice!
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Actually, the pigs are on an uninhabited island (either Big Major or Little Major- I forgot) that is nearer SC than Sampson- actually closest to The Plantation on Fowl Cay.
If you go to Great Exuma you can take a day trip (expensive) up to see the Land and Sea Park, Compass Cay (get in the water with sharks), Iguana islands, Thunderball Grotto, etc. There have been many posts on TA in the last few months with names of tour companies and some good descriptive trip reports (do a search for Exuma Adventures or similar). There is also a company that does a one way up in a boat, back by air day trip - I think it is 3N's that does it- I have their brochure somewhere if you don't find it.
Do a lot of reading before you decide. SC is very, very small, laid back and quiet- we loved it but it is not for everyone. Many on this forum have said they thought it was too rustic for them so it depends on what you are looking for and the level of comfort you need. The main reason to go to SCYC is to spend your days out on the water so you really need to be able to operate a small (13') whaler with confidence to get the most out of the experience.
Great Exuma is quiet as well but you would find more restaurants, etc. there and a much wider choice of places to stay. You can rent a car or boat to explore or do some of each. There again, good advice for other travellers lately on TA on the Exumas forum.
I hope you find just what you are looking for! The Exumas are gorgeous- Have a great trip.
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Thanks for the info about having to have the boat back each day. We are both experienced with boats as we owned one for years. We're pretty used to roughing it at the Colorado River so rustic is fine with us. That's one of the draws for us to Staniel Cay, since we sold our boat last year and I'm already missing being out on the water. We were in Greece last year and our most memorable time was out on a rented catamaran, although we had a captain for that. But we really just love the idea of hopping around on a small little whaler. My husband also does a bit of deep sea fishing, so I'm sure he'll want to do some fishing from it as well. Either place we stay at I'm sure we'll rent a boat for the week. Do people mostly rent cars at Great Exuma or is a golf cart or scooter the way to go? The golf cart and scooter are more our style since my husband is quite active and he both golfs and rides bikes so either is good with us...
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In that case you might love SC like we did. If you do want something finer you might look at Sampson Cay (or for very fine and pricey) the Plantation at Fowl Cay. I prefer the simpler SCYC. The website photos are very accurate- we stayed in Key Lime and thought it was in the best location.
In Great Exuma you would want a car/jeep- I don't think you can rent carts and if they have scooters I don't think I would do it. We did rent a golf cart for the week on SC- it was totally unnecessary but fun to just see the little bit of the island (tiny place) that you could not see by boat. We have rented golf carts, scooters and a motorcyle in various out island locations but Great Exuma lends itself to a car, imo.
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ishkribbl, did you do the all-inclusive at SCYC? I'm only hesitant because we don't normally eat 3 meals a day. We often prefer a light snack in the morning, and then a larger lunch with a light snack for dinner. I'm wondering if we could get by with grocery items instead and eat out occasionally....maybe some at SCYC and some at nearby islands. Are there restaurants/bars at other islands nearby?

Thanks for the info about a car on Great Exuma.
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Yes, we did the all inclusive. I wanted the boat so it was worth it for that (see boat rental prices on the website). Also, there is nowhere else to eat at night but the sometimes open Club Thunderball and you need a golf cart to get there at night. We did eat lunch there one day and it was very good. There is a restaurant at Sampson Cay and at Fowl Cay (not sure if they take non-registered guests or not) but that is about all I can think of right now that you could get to for lunch out. There is very, very little in the way of groceries on the island.
The lunch and appetizer menu is available at night as well but I am not sure how large a noon day meal you can get if you wanted to flip that- I am sure it is just what is on the lunch menu- I remember salads, sandwiches, etc. but most days we had them pack us a picnic lunch and drinks in an ice chest and we stayed out on the boat all day rather than coming in to eat lunch. The picnic is included in the all inclusive and is pretty much sandwiches and chips.
In doing the math with the menu prices I found that the meal plan was worth it (catch of the day @ $30, steak @$33, rack of lamb @ $33, bbq ribs @ $28, etc. - there was also cornish hen, pork chops,chicken, cracked conch and lobster in season- meal came with soup, small salad, potato or rice side and dessert- most nights it was pretty good- ) We ate the fish most nights. There was a pretty normal breakfast menu but i never looked at those prices and they are not on the old menu I am looking at now that I brought home.
You could order things like conch fritters or fish fingers on the appetizer menu if you like things like that for dinner- I would say get the plan if you are going to stay there but it is just a suggestion (and I never buy plans like that- only did once before at Stella Maris on Long Island, Bahamas because there did not seem to be anywhere else to go at night- it was a good decision then, too).
If you want a kind of similar experience - renting a boat and island hopping every day- but with much more in the way of choices for lodging, lunch out in the boat restaurants, and places you could walk or cab to for dinner, have you been to the Abacos? If not, you might take a look at one of these places just to "shop":
www.seasprayresort.com (not sure if it has resort in it)
or look at places on Great Guana (also in the Abacos)like the Dolphin Beach Resort.
All of those are very small places but you can very easily rent a boat- lots to choose from, various sizes and have some great adventures. It is a good place to begin learning about the out islands then move on to islands where there are fewer amenities but its worth it.
Sorry so long winded.
Hope I answered your question.
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I haven't been to the Abacos, only the Atlantis Resort with my 3 teen kids about 5 years ago. But I will scout those links as well. Thanks so much for all your help! I truly appreciate it!
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