Exuma car and boat rentals

Jun 29th, 2006, 05:21 AM
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Exuma car and boat rentals

Hi..We are going to Exuma in Sept. and we need some help finding a resonable rate on renting a car and boat. Any suggestions??? Also, did anyone get insurance coverage for either, if so with who?? Thanks
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Jun 29th, 2006, 06:54 AM
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I rented a car in downtown Georgetown. It was $70 a day. We also rented a boat from Starfish, but had someone taking us around the cays. There are places in Georgetown that rent boats that you can take out yourself. Where are you staying?
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Jun 29th, 2006, 08:41 AM
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Thanks for the reply.. We are staying at Minn's cottages. Do you think we will need auto and boat ins. Our insurance co. doesn't offer coverage in the Bahamas!! What is the traffic like???
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Jun 29th, 2006, 11:07 AM
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I'm grinning as I say this, but you are renting from Mr. Johnson or Mr. Bethel, not Avis or any other car rental company on Exuma, and there is no insurance. You really can't go fast enough to do any damage to the cars there, and if you did do some damage, you wouldn't be able to tell. All the cars there are on the "older" side.

The Exumas are VERY laid back and the roads are not the best so you can't drive very fast, and there is only 1 main road.

Check with your host on suggestions on cars and boats.

And most importantly have a GREAT time.
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Jun 29th, 2006, 03:56 PM
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Thanks for the heads up..Now the most important question...Where do the locals PARTY on Sat. nite????
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Jun 29th, 2006, 11:16 PM
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Hi Read full report for good info. Use google to insert name, and exuma for numbers and such. Have o wonderful time.

OH my. OK, where do i start. First. Warning! I called Judy from http://www.bahamasweb.com/ today in a response from an email i received from her. She stated that Joy Burton (the owner of the property i stayed at) had to send a cleaning person over to the apartment, to see if i should get my deposit back. Here is the actual mail i received.

Ms. Burton will get the maid in to clean in the next two days and will then let me know if the deposit can be returned.

Judy McGinty
Bahamas Home Rentals
[email protected]
I was livid. I had met Joy, (the owner) sat in her part of the house, walked her dog, and as per her request, left the apartment, so she could show it to people who wanted to rent it for a few years. We left it clean, with nothing broken.
I will get back to this board, if i do not get my deposit back in a very timely manner. For if i don't. I will go on every travel board there is, and share my disappointment with all fellow travelers.
Since i do not know how this unwarranted situation will resolve itself, i will just get on with the report. < just so you know, i videotaped the place before, and after. We left it with respect. OK OK
Exuma. Wonderful. Beautiful. Adventurous. Deserted.
Getting there. From anywhere in the country, you have to go to ft. Lauderdale, or Miami. From there you can fly into Georgetown. From Miami, it's about an hour.
About Exuma. This is a place for the adventurous. First you have to be fearless on the road. Rental cars are English style, with the steering wheel on the right, and you drive on the left. If you are a nervous driver, this is not for you. I find it easy, but thats just me. We rented from Don's rentacar at the airport. Very nice people to deal with, we were in the car in 10 min. Tips: Drive on the left! Watch out for sandy pot holes on both sides of the street. They jut out, and will bottom out your wheel. A true menace. Go slow, and easy until you get the hang of the backwards car. Anyway we drove to Joy's haven, east of the airport. (Exuma runs roughly east to west) We got to the apartment, and found it conveniently located, and charming. This is not a luxury resort mind you, but a studio appt. that fit our needs. The A/c worked. the bed was ok, and the beach was stunning. Although, the water turned off every night we were there at 1130. It came on about 5am the next morning! Joy told us that the gov. must have been working on the water system. Not that big a deal though. We also lost power, a few times, for a short period. This happens. We are talking about a tiny little place here.
Getting around. Like i said you need a car. Get in it. Drive. Explore any road you see that leaves The queens highway. Many will lead you to the most beautiful deserted white sandy beaches in the world. Details you say? Ok. Drive towards Little Exuma. When you get to the bridge (that goes from Great Exuma to Little Ex) Go approximately 7.5 miles. (from the start of the bridge) On the left hand side of the road you will see a light blue post and a sandy pointy rocky road. About 2 tenths of a mile up the road from the blue post road, you will see a bigger sandy rocky road. Take a left. Go forward, till you see the ocean. You will come to a house that has a stone fence around it with Lion heads on all the high posts. At some point you will have to stop, and get out. In front of you is the most amazing beach, (Tropic of Cancer beach). Walk down to it. Play in the water. Pick up shells. Unparalleled beach. Breath taking. There are roads that go to and fro back here, but mostly you want to go forward and get to the beach. Please be carful to avoid private property. No biggie, just park away from these homes, and walk. We did not encounter a soul. After you are done here, go back the way you came, and get to the main road, and make a left. Drive a few hundred yards, and look for a sign, that says "lonesome Conch" Make a right. Follow to the end, (look to the right as you get on to this desolate road. There on your right will be a place that looks as if it has been nuked. A couple of acres of twisted, bleached out trees, that looks as if it was bombed. Weird. I here it is because the water left, and lots of salt remained, and choked the vegetation.) Continue on and make a right at the end of the road.. A minute or so of driving very slowly, you will see a clearing of sorts, and a washed out post in the ground to your left. Stop the car, and get out. Behind the post i have left a pretty Conch shell. Please look at it, and then replace it for fellow travelers. Now start walking towards the ocean. Where good shoes. You will come across a deserted beach, that will take your breath away. Hike it. Swim it. Hold hands and enjoy this private heaven.
After this, explore on your own. Take rights, and lefts. See where it leads you. Oh my what a wonderful island.
Rent a boat. Even if you have never piloted one. Rent a boat from Minns water sports. About 135 a day including gas. Go to Stocking island. Anchor near the new place that opened. To the right of Peace and Plentys place. You can't miss it. It's the most built up place on the little island, and there are lots of sailing vessel's anchored about. Ok. If your new at boating. <Ask about the tides!!! Watch out for sand bars! If you do not know where you are going, watch out for shallow water, and lots of sand. >
There is a great place where you can dock your whaler. Approach the main buildings, slowly, as you get to there front door, you will see buoys, that steer you into a little shallow beach. But if you stay between the markers you will be ok to throw your anchor or tie your boat up to this little spot. The great thing about this spot is the trail that leads to the other side of Stocking island. Great waves, and lava, and white puffy sand; Oh My. Then as a secrete treat... After you follow the trail, you make a right on the beach. You will see 2 patches of rough lava. The second patch of lava you see, (a little walk) holds a nice surprise. Look to the right here, and see a path, albeit overgrown, (A frizby was nailed to some stumps, showing you the way). Keep looking you will find it. Take this path to the other side of the island and have a wonderful, active, lizard filled walk of your life. It's about 15 20 minutes if you are taking your time. You will not get lost, as the jungle is so thick around you that you have no choice other than to stay on the path. You will come upon a clearing. When i was there, there were yellow tags to guide you when it might confuse. < This is a trail for people who are in shape, nimble, not afraid of numerous reptiles. Bring good shoes, or really good sandals. At the end of this trail is well.... you know.
Where to eat: Both Peach and Plentys were great. !!!Expensive! Double everything. Food, gas, everything. I was told by many not to drink the water if i could help it. So be careful with water. We were a little weary of some of the local joints, as it seemed there were a lot of tough looking men hanging out there.
But all in all this place lives up to its reputation as a Very friendly place, for the active adult. Wonderful, beautiful, friendly. I recommend this place for young honeymooners who seek adventure. And for the very active older folks who want to kick it up a notch. And if your a big wig you could stay at the 4 seasons, and be truly pampered, at big bucks.
Relax here. explore here. Get a car, and rent a boat. If you get confused, ask somebody. Everyone we met was helpful. March April Nov. Dec are good weather months here.
well thats all i got for now. I hope this beautiful trip will not be mared by this deposit business they are playing. Lets face it the owner who was active, and able is 10 seconds from her place to the rental place. a 10 second walk! And she has to wait a few days to hire a cleaning person to go look at it!!! I will definitely let this board, and many others know how this deposit thing is worked out.
Sorry for rambling.
happy travels

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