dining in anguilla

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dining in anguilla

So..........my husband and I are "foodies" and wine lovers. Are there any "exceptional" restaurants we should know about on Anguilla?
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Dining in Anguilla is quite remarkable, so you'll hardly go wrong. When we visited earlier this year, our best "fine dining" experience was at Veya, at Sandy Ground (but we also had great dinners at the Barrelstay, Deon's Overlook, Zara's and Kuyah). But my FAVORITE dining experience was the polar opposite of "fine," at Palm Grove on Savannah Bay. Here, you place your order, go to the beach for an hour or so, and then have lunch -- I had whole grilled snapper, which still has me thinking about licking my fingers and dipping a johnnycake in the garlic-flavored juices. Mmmmm!
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Anguilla has over 80 restaurants and the topic of where to eat comes up rat least once a week on this forum. Type in "Anguilla Restaurants" in the search box and you'll find hundreds of posts telling you everything you could possibly want to know about dining on Anguilla.

Try the following:

Trottaria Tremondo (sp?)
Barrel Stay
Koal Keel
Silly cay

There are many, many more - your only option is to stay longer or make several trips if you want to try them all.
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The food is wonderful and, IMHO, the most memorable experience on the island year after year is Hibernia -- check out the menu at www.hiberniarestaurant.com

A very special place (great wine list)!
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we LOVED Blanchards, Pimms at Cap and Zurra. We didn't try veya, but our friends did this year and loved it.

People rave about Trattoria Tramonto, but we didn't have a memorable experience there. same goes for mango's, but those same friends had a great meal this year.

next time we go, we want to try tasty's for lunch and maybe hibernia or straw hat for dinner. Picante also gets rave reviews.
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and Mangoes
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Does anyone know of websites for any of these restaurants so that I could review menu or wine lists?
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Try to get a copy of "A Trip To The Beach" by Melinda Blanchard before you go or take it with you. It is the story of how they started "Blanchard's" and the things that happened along the way. A very good read.
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Here is fairly comprehensive list of Anguilla restaurant websites I compiled before my trip in April. Some of the links are only to menus and/or may be old or not working, but there are many valid websites.

Arawak Café: http://www.arawakbeach.com/

Bananas By the Sea: anguillaguide.com/article/

Barrel Stay: http://www.barrelstay.com/

Blanchard's: www.blanchardsrestaurant.com/restaurant.htm

Cap Juluca: http://www.capjuluca.com/restaurants.asp

Caprice: http://www.capriceanguilla.com/menu_app.html

Corner Bar North Hill : http://news.ai/ref/cornerbarpizza.html

Cote Mer: http://www.cotemer-anguilla.com/cotemer.html

Cove Castles: http://www.covecastles.com/restaurant.html

Cuisinart: http://www.cuisinartresort.com/

Elodia's: http://news.ai/ref/elodias.html

E's Oven: http://news.ai/menus/esoven/menu2004.html

Fat Cat: http://www.fatcat.ai/

Ferryboat Inn: http://www.ferryboatinn.ai/restaurant.html

Flavours: http://www.flavoursrestaurant.com/

Geraud's Bakery: www.anguillacakesandcatering.com

Gwens Reggae Grill: http://news.ai/ref/reggaegrill.html

Hibernia: http://www.hiberniarestaurant.com/

Johnno's: http://www.johnnos.com/

Koal Keel: http://www.koalkeel.com/

Lucy's: anguillaguide.com/article/

Luna Rosa: anguillaguide.com/article/

Madeariman Restaurant: http://www.madeariman.com/restaurant.htm

Mango's: www.mangos.ai, www.skyviews.com/anguilla/mangos/index.html

Malliouhana: http://www.malliouhana.com/dining.htm

Oliver's Seaside Grill: http://olivers.ai/

Overlook: http://news.ai/ref/overlook.html

Picante: http://www.picante-restaurant-anguilla.com/

Pumphouse: http://www.pumphouse-anguilla.com/index.php

Ripples: anguillaguide.com/article/

Roy's Bayside Grill : http://roysbaysidegrill.com/

Serenity: http://www.serenity.ai/dinner_menu.htm

Sirena (Mahi Mahi): www.anguillaguide.com/article/view/5463/1/57

Smitty's: http://smittys.ai/

Smokey's: http://news.ai/ref/smokeys.html

Straw Hat: http://www.strawhat.com/

Tasty's: http://www.tastysrestaurant.com/

Trattoria Tramonto: http://www.trattoriatramonto.com/

Veya: http://veya-axa.com/info.php

Zara's: http://www.ai/zaras/, http://news.ai/ref/shamash.html

Zurra: http://www.zurrarestaurant.com/
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Shirleyk, you're the best!
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beachdreams, what wonderful information! i need to bookmark this page so i can refer to your great links! thank you!
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were there in May 2008

Blanchard's and Veya were the best of our favorites
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Zara's was fantastic, but closed in July(chef goes to Hamptons). Overlook also closed(chef in Marthas Vineyard). That still leaves Palm Grove(best ribs and johnny cakes), Veya, Bananas, Picante, Koal Keel, E's Oven, Oliver's, Straw Hat, Caprice, Pimms, Kemia.
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Veya is a great restaurant with a tasting menu and wine pairings. It's always on my husband's list. Last trip we also did the Wine Tasting at Cuisinart before going out to dinner one night. Also, Cap Juluca and Malliouhana occasionally have Wine Dinners so it's worth it to check with them. I've heard great things about the ones at Cap Juluca. I'd add Blanchards and Mangos to the Foodie list, as well as Hibernia if you don't mind driving to the East end of the island. Koal Keel is interesting. And if Altamer reopens, put it on the list.
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Thank you ALR
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