Destination Grenada - advice requested


May 2nd, 2011, 12:35 PM
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Destination Grenada - advice requested

Hello my friends!

As wife and I continue to contemplate our next island destination, we are now eyeing Grenada as a possible destination.

Our most recent trip to the Caribbean was a faboulous week on Grace Bay in TCI, and for this year we had considered 1) out islands (Exuma and Abaco) and 2) an Anguilla/St. Marteen combo. We are now looking into Grenada because the villa rentals there seemed more reasonable, but are concerned that their beachs may disappoint after TCI.

Can you share with me what you like or dislike about Grenada. We like local food, dive bars, and watering holes. We don't need much nightlife, and prefer to cook in the villa, unless the local dining scene is renowned. Great beaches are numero uno to us.

Is Grenada a good choice? Where would we stay?

Ed and Peg
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May 2nd, 2011, 06:08 PM
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It has been a number of years since I visited Provo or Grenada, but I have been to Anguilla 10 times. I loved both Grenada and Anguilla but they are very different. Grenada is a volcanic island with gorgeous mountainous scenary. Local produce is phenomenal and villas may come with a staff - it it includes a cook, just tell them to make what they make at home. It also has a strong West Indian vibe as opposed to Provo which is very Americanized. While there are some pretty beaches in Grenada, Grace Bay is incomparable and Grenada is not a flat island where you can drive around easily. Anguilla is probably your best bet. MANY superb beaches (and you can be alone). Great local food and bar scene if you bother to look outside the resorts (try the Roti Hut, Pump House, etc). For overall EXPERIENCE (beaches, ease, Caribbean flavor) Anguilla is for me the best balance. Out islands are on my list too but haven't made the flights work yet. Good luck - nice choices to have!
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May 3rd, 2011, 03:23 AM
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My fav hotel have been going there

since B4 Reagan invaded them

Pretty but sort of dodgy in town fair amount of poverty

Rural areas very nice more mountains than Prov/Turks

Prefer St Lucia personally.
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May 3rd, 2011, 04:15 AM
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My wife and I have been to both Grenada (3 times) and TCI.

We absolutely loved Grace Bay. It is certainly our number 1 beach of all the islands we have been to. We took excursions over to some of the other nearby islands and throughly enjoyed ourselves. However, Grenada is our favourite island.

Grand Anse beach and nearby Mourne Rouge beach are wonderful. While not quite as pretty as Grace Bay they certainly rank second in our books. There are many excursions you can take varying from islands tours to snorkelling at the underwater sculpture park. Grenada is luscious in vegetation, spices, fruit. What really makes Grenada stand out is the people. They are the friendliest and warmest you will ever meet. Each time we have vacationed in Grenada we have stayed at the Blue Horizons and would highly recommend it to all. If you refer to the trip reports I have posted you will find links for various matters.
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May 3rd, 2011, 07:19 AM
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TCI beaches are some of the best out there and I'm not sure about Greneda but if you were considering exuma I think that might be a good option that u can still look into the beaches there are beautiful
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May 3rd, 2011, 10:46 AM
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While there's not a single beach on Grenada that compares with Grace Bay Beach on Provo, it is an island that offers many beautiful beaches. With the exception of Grand Anse, the busiest beach that is about 2 miles long, most of the beaches are smaller, more cove like. The sand varies from white to volcanic black sand, but most beaches have the lighter color that is easy to walk on without burning your feet.

Grenada is much more beautiful on the interior than the coral islands you've visited or are considering--lush and mountainous. And because of its terrain and the twisty-turny roads, it will feel like a much bigger island than the others. The West Indian vibe is much stronger there than the other islands you're considering.

It's also less expensive on the ground in Grenada than in Anguilla. I've never been to Provo, so I cannot compare the two. I've had great villa rentals in Grenada that would cost easily 2-3x more on other islands. ( is a great place to start looking!). The food is varied in both type and price. While the best restaurants on Grenada won't compare with the best restaurants on Anguilla, neither will the prices. A meal that costs us EC $160 on Grenada would cost US $160 on Anguilla, for example.

I love Grenada and would be happy to answer further questions for you if you'd like. I've had two amazing vacation that also combined Grenada & Anguilla for the best of both worlds. I wrote a trip report about a 2009 trip to Grenada and posted it with photos on my blog if you're interested in reading: http://asthecrowefliesandreads.blogs...-and-most.html
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May 3rd, 2011, 12:26 PM
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Caribbean has 2 types of islands: hilly, scenic with most beaches in coves; or flat dry scrubby with miles of sand. The hilly islands in general don't quite have the blinding turquoise of Provo, nor the sand as white. The scenery tends to be lusher, and flowers bloom everywhere.

Considering you love Provo, and your choices seem to be towards Out Islands and Anguilla, it seems that that's what you crave.

If you can afford Anguilla, with the St. Martin combo, you kinda get both worlds. Anguilla has beaches similar to Provo, St. Martin is hiller-and for more dram you can even day trip to a hillier St. Barth.

The Out Islands in Bahamas are more affordable than Anguilla (again, in general) but offer beaches similar to Provo. (some strands might even be nicer!) but overall, Out Islands are a little more "rustic". There are "groupings" of Out Islands with little cays to explore.

Another compromise: Consider St. John or Virgin Gorda. Ultra scenic, yet the water can be clear and turquoise.

I know a lot of people love Grenada, I don't want to knock it. But I'm spoiled by ocean water (Provo) and Grenada is not one of my favorites.

If you do decide on Grenada, try to take a day trip to either Sandy Cay (I think that's the name of it, it's been a while since I was there) or the Grenadines (especially Tobago Cays) They are stunning, and possible from Grenada. (albeit costly) The water is more turquoise there than Grenada.
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May 3rd, 2011, 05:14 PM
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I totally agree with DaveJK and ejcrowe.....well said....
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May 3rd, 2011, 05:16 PM
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oh - and if you can take a day trip to Tobago Cay - it is AWESOME - ranks right up there with TCI/Anguilla....also - other islands near by that are very cool - Bequia and Mayreau....I don't know that they have ferries (or other transport) to Bequia or Mayreau...but I would think there would be day trip to Tobago Cays.....
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May 6th, 2011, 07:42 AM
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Daytrips to the Tobago Cays from Grenada are very expensive because you have to fly from Grenada to Union Island and then take a boat (usually one called Scaramouche) to the TC. The Cays are lovely and beautiful, but in my opinion not really comparable to the beaches on Anguilla or Provo.

Lately I've been on an Anguilla kick and I chose to return there over Grenada this summer. I know most people, like blamona, have a "type" that they're drawn to, but I seem to love both coral and volcanic islands pretty equally. On Grenada I miss Anguilla's restaurants but never the beaches or the water because it's so lovely already on Grenada. And when on Anguilla I miss Grenada's topography, people, and strong West Indian flavor (and prices!).
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May 7th, 2011, 01:22 PM
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Thank you for all your advice!

ejcrowe I believe we will follow your lead and book one of the Spice Villa properties. Turtleback was on our list but no availability. We are looking at Captain's View or L'Hirondale.

Blamona: wife and I had been to both VG and St. John. Loved the both of them. Saba Rock and Bitter End were quite memorable, as was the Soggy Dollar at JVD.

Our trip will be in July. As usual a full report to follow!
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May 7th, 2011, 04:22 PM
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I don't know either of those villas personally, but Nick at Spice Isle Villas will steer you in the right direction. Just let him know what your priorities are and he will tell you which one is better for your wants/needs.
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May 7th, 2011, 04:23 PM
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P. S. And don't be afraid to ask for a discount in low season in Grenada, either. The worst that will happen is that they say no and you pay the regular low season rates. But it's definitely worth asking.
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