Cruise docked in Bermuda for 3 Days

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Cruise docked in Bermuda for 3 Days


Booked a last minute deal for a cruise to Bermuda leaving next week, with this following itinerary:

Sunday - Kings Wharf, Bermuda... Arrive 3:00 PM (Docked)

Monday - Kings Wharf, Bermuda... (Docked)

Tuesday - Kings Wharf, Bermuda... Depart 6:00 PM (Docked)

I know it's a short stay, but I was wondering if you could offer any advice with activities. I have done a lot of traveling around the world, but never on a cruise ship, and oddly, never to the Caribbean. Here's a little info: I'm 32 years old traveling with my 70 year old mom (who sometimes can have problems walking long distances). And although I'd love to do some snorkeling, I'm pretty sure it's a definite "no" for her. Same idea goes for scooters and neither of us golf.

Would like your recommendation for:
Lunch/dinner - Local Bermuda flavor if possible, food/drink to try
Which of the famous "pink sand" beaches to go to and how to get there (Would definitely like to get at least a couple of hours of relaxing beach time in!)
Key sites/towns to see
Where to go for some local shopping (for mom)

I have read about purchasing either an unlimited 3-day pass or a 15-ticket booklet for busses & ferries for getting around. Any thoughts? And if so, is it easy to get to the ferry/bus from the cruise port in Kings Wharf (which appears to be on the western side of the island)?

If I have left out any key questions, please don't hesitate to add on. I really appreciate any information you can give.

Thank you!
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Three days will be a fun taste of Bermuda. There is a snorkle park within walking distance of where your ship will dock. The area also has a shopping area in the Clock Tower Building, a craft market, a popular pu Frog and Onion), and a historical museum. Bermuda has an excellent public transportation system and using it instead of the scooters is a great idea. The fifteen ticket pass is your best buy. The buses and the ferries come to where you will be docked and the system is very easy to understand.
St George and Hamilton are both worth a visit. St George is small and charming, Hamilton is larger with more varied shopping. The mist popular beach is Horseshoe Bay but it will be packed while cruise ships are docked. Take the bus to Warwick Long Bay for a quieter, but equally beautiful beach experience.
Popular lunch spots in Hamilton are HogPenny Pub, Lemon Tree, and for a real treat Ascots. In St George there is the White Horse. Dockyards has the Frog and Onion.
For the best overview of beautiful Bermuda I recommend a four hour blue flag taxi. You do not need to arrange this through your cruise line.
Have a wonderful time. Some if my happiest memories if time with my mom are our trips to Bermuda.
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Kings Wharf is located in the "Dockyard" on the far western tip of the island. I have attached the local ferry schedule.

You will note that the Dockyard is serviced by both the Blue Route (into Hamilton) and the Orange Route (to the historical town of St. George's). The Orange Route is not available on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, I probably would not venture into Hamilton on Sunday. Many businesses / restaurants close on Sundays. Best to visit Hamilton on Monday or Tuesday. With 2.5 days and a Sunday arrival at 3 pm, I would get off the ship and hop in taxi for an island tour. You'll get a great overview and can spend Monday and Tuesday at a more leisurely pace.
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" never on a cruise ship, and oddly, never to the Caribbean"

And you still won't have visited the Caribbean. Bermuda is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. ;-)
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cmcfong: Thank you for all of your helpful information! I think I'll check out both beaches that you mentioned. I also appreciate your restaurant recommendations which I'll have to check out. Glad to hear that you too took trips with your mom to Bermuda, and I hope that you both will have many more. Can't wait for mine!

Bette: I have printed out the schedule from the link you attached and will bring it with me for our trip. I wonder if the buses that go to the 2 beaches that cmcfong listed will be running.. I'll have to check that out. Thank you also for your help! And, I will leave Hamilton and St George for the following days (I believe I did read that many businesses are close Sundays). I will also see if my mom would be interested in a taxi tour.

eastenderusvi: I am highly aware that Bermuda is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is far east of South Carolina, and is hundreds of miles away from the Caribbean, let alone any continent. My comment of "never to the Caribbean" was geared towards the fact that Bermuda has been listed in Fodor's "Caribbean Forum" which is the only outlet where I could have posted my question with the proper tag. My original intent was to place quotation marks around the word "Caribbean," but it slipped my mind as I was extremely tired, as well as the fact that it was 1:55 am when it was posted. Maybe you should take the issue up with Fodor's and every other travel guide publisher who lump Bermuda with this area and chain of islands, not me. I hope you don't take this to be offensive, but I just want to make my intent clear. I will try to correct my original post if I can.
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Aw, I was just joshing you. I hope you enjoy Bermuda and that you come to the Caribbean soon, too.;-)
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Hello! Just a few thoughts....Snorkel Park is not great, a man made beach. Horseshoe Bay is gorgeous. If you can get there first thing in the morning I would do it. There is usually a private bus from the ship that goes directly there. When it gets too crowded, my pick is Elbow Beach. I'm just not a big fan of Warwick Long Bay, but I may be alone in that. Elbow has a public side and right next door you can walk to a restaurant and a bar. I would take a taxi there because the road from the bus might be to long for your mothe to walk. Or check into the one day beach pass at Coco Reef. Includes, chair, umbrella and lunch for the day. You have to reserve ahead of time.
Local drinks to try are a Rum Swizzle and a Dark and Stormy.
A favorite restaurant is Mad Hatters. Also check out Bolero Brasserie, Hog Penny for a local English Pub, and if you want fancy, Ascots and Fourways Inn. You can get menus online.
I have been to Bermuda over 30 times and am taking my first taxi tour in two weeks! It's a nice way to see the island for my first time traveling partner and something you should consider. He would stop somewhere for you to do a little snorkeling.
Have a wonderful time!
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