Cayman Devastation

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Robin:Why would you post that nonsense about the Hyatt being gone?One of societies problems is that people repeat nonsense as fact.Blaming it on "I read it" just doesn't cut it.
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I read robins post about the Hyatt being GONE as more of a question than a statement of fact ... She herself states to be careful what to read , I think her post was to clarify certain points .
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The Hyatt is still standing. This can slearly be seen from the pictures on Yahoo. Also has more pictures. While they do show a lot of damage, they are also encouraging from the pooint of view that they show cars driving on roads and buildings still standing mostly intact. In fact the Marriott that was also listed as 'gone' by many, is clearly shown to be largely intact and standing and I also heard that it is being used as a shelter!!

It is I suppose natural for people to report panicky stories, but I agree is not helpful especially to those that have loved ones on the island.

Please view the pictures they do show an island getting to grips with what is clearly a terrible, terrible event. But I think the pictures do help dispell a lot of the rumours that are propogating various web sites at the moment.

As for me I have lived on Cayman for 5 years and have close friends on the island and visit annually. I haven't heard anything from the island. Keep praying and hoping!

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Hyatt Grand Cayman is closed till December 1st, 2004 for repairs according to Priceline. Someone who had bid for a September stay there just got an e-mail from Priceline with the info (they're getting their money back of course).
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We were all set to return to Grand Cayman for the 3rd time on October 9th but due to the reports of devastation we are cancelling. Plus lat night we were told that the Grand Caymanian Resort is closed now for 5 months. We have heard that they had water to the top of the first floor.

I feel so bad for the wonderful people on Grand Cayman. We fell in love with the island and it's people when we visited 2 years ago.

I found a website last night with some pictures of the damage
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Here is info from re the state of condominiums on 7 Mile Beach. Apparently Ivan also dumped enough sand on the beach to repair the beach erosion problem


From: Gert van Dijken <gert AT>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 13:17:01 -0400 (EDT)

From the Pleas for Help Board:

Author: phil baxter (80.41.149.---)
Date: 09-17-04 09:16
Info received today and the following confirmed
CASA CARIBE - Damage to carports and garden area and some windows in
the office. Structure appears to be in fairly good shape. Lost 1 of
the Casuarina Pines. Repairs are expected to commence promptly.
CAYMAN CLUB - Little to no roof left, but structure intact. Most of
damage was to the back units. Little to no damage on ground floor
units on the ocean side.
CAYMAN REEF RESORT - Part of roof has gone but buildings intact.
Several units have lost the windows. Beach has gone.
CAYMAN SANDS - Minor damage to units 5 and 6.
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS - Iitial reports indicate that some of the
windows and doors are missing on ground floor uits on the ocean side
no.s 7,8,9,10. Some of the penthouse units 29 and 30 suffered damage
to the roof but no further info. Interior conditions are unknown.
Ground floor units and office had water go through them. Willie and
Lise are OK.
COLONIAL CLUB - A few broken windows and some sand and water insome of
the units. Landscaping is badly damaged, but overall things appear OK.
COCO PLUM - Intact.
CORALSTONE CLUB - Looks mostly intact.
DISCOVERY POINT CLUB - Buildings are intact with no major damage.
Phase 1 building has some roof damage. The ground floor units have
some water and there are some broken windows. The beach is a mess and
lts of sand in the pool.
LACOVIA - First floor units had 2' of water at the height of the
storm. Water came from the Hyatt side. Some roof damage. Door on
office and unit 1 had blown off. All openings have had plyboard put on
and there is securty on site.
THE PALMS - Appears to be in good shape.
AQUA BAY CLUB - The beach side of the property looks good, and no
broken windows appart from on the side of unit 1. Roof looks good.
Minor water damage to ground floor units. All palm trees are down and
the beach has been battered and a lot of sand in the pool. The office
building is intact. Overall looks good.
PLANTANA - There is broken glass in units 19,20,21 and 44. and some
units have wet floors approx 1". Landscaping has gone and some minor
roof damage.
SILVER SANDS - Structure OK, windows are intact but sand everywhere.
SOVEREIGN - Damaged. No further info on this
VICTORIA HOUSE - The casuarina trees are standing as is the hut. Some
roof damage on 212, and roof of on penthouses. All air con units have
blown off the roof on the centre portion of building along with a lot
of roof shingles. Ceilings are down in the upstairs units and water in
them. Water in downstairs units. All trees at front are gone.
VILLAS OF THE GALLEON - Heavily damaged. No further info.
WHITE SANDS - Minimal damage, mainly cosmetic and slight water damage.
In general, Cable and Wireless is making good progress on restoring
cell services on the island.
Phil Baxter

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