Caribbean Honeymoon in September

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Caribbean Honeymoon in September

My fiance and I are trying to get ideas for our honeymoon in September 2011. We're very interested in the Caribbean so we wanted to know what ideas people have. We're a little afraid of it being hurricane season, but we're hoping with travel insurance we'll be okay.

The main things we require are:

1. Beach - We would like nice white sand beaches. Doesn't have to be the absolute whitest, finest sand but we don't want anything rocky, black sand, etc.

2. Beachfront or oceanview property

3. Less hurricane prone - We know that hurricanes can hit anywhere, but we've heard about the ABCs which are further south. What other islands could possibly be considered less hurricane risk?

4. Activities - Besides laying at the beach, we'd like a few options for activities (snorkeling, hiking, watersports, etc.). We haven't really snorkeled or done scuba diving before so it wouldn't have to be anything outrageous to please us.

5. Location - This is a really tough call for us. We really like the idea of something secluded like LaLuna in Grenada, but then our dining/bar options are more limited without driving. At the same time, we think it would be cool to be at a resort area where we have many options for nearby restaurants/bars. Any recommendations for getting a mix of these or is it really one or the other?

At this point we're pretty open to anything so let us know what suggestions you have! And if you have non-Caribbean ideas we're open to those too as long as there are nice beaches (but Bora Bora is probably out of our price range).

One more thing...we see a lot of really good deals for Caribbean places for this September. When do those deals usually get released? It would be awesome to take advantage of those next September, but we also don't want to wait until the last minute. Thanks!
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Ok, September is peak hurricane season in the Caribbean and that has it's advantages and disadvantages.

One the plus side - it's considered "off-season" so those resorts that are open charge some of the lowest room rates of the year. It's difficult to predict when a specific resort will announce their rates for the 2011 year but generally speaking most places will begin to publish their rates a year or so in advance. If the resorts you are interested in haven't already published their 2010/2011 rates yet keep checking as they should be doing so soon. You can also e-mail or call the particular resort for more up to date info. Of course, no one can predict if or when a specific resort may, because of economic conditions, offer special sales. Another plus is because it's off season there are fewer tourists visiting the Caribbean so the chances of a resort being fully booked is small. that means you can probably wait to see if room rates at your resort of choice drop.

You are correct that the risk of hurricanes is low in the ABC islands. While no island is immune from major storms the rule of thumb is islands in the southern Caribbean like Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are "pretty strom free". That doesn't mean the islands in the northern Caribbean are bathed in storms during September but rather there's a higher chance a tropical storm MIGHT affect one or more of those islands. It's impossible to predict when and if a storm will hit a specific island. If you do travel to the Caribbean in September consider purchasing Travel Insurance with "hurricane" coverage.

Another drawback to travelling in September (especially in the northern Caribbean) is a number of resorts and restaurants/beach bar are closed or operating on reduced schedules during that time so your choices could be limited.

Aruba generally will fill your requirement of having beachfront resorts that are in close proximity to restaurants and bars. If I were you I wouldn't let the proximity of restaurants/bars be a deciding factor in your choice of resort. Instead, budget for a rental car - you'll be glad you did. Many islands do not have very good public transportation and using taxis to get around will become expensive. Having a rental car, on the other hand, will allow you to come and go as you please and afford you the best way to fully explore the island. You'll be able to visit any beach, restaurant, bar, shop and point of interest on the island. Really, being "stranded at a resort" is not the best way to experience Caribbean culture.

As for beaches, generally speaking you'll find attractive sandy beaches, access to watersports, snorkeling and hiking on most islands. Again to generalize, snorkeling tends to be better around the flat limestone/coral based islands like Aruba than the lush mountainous islands like Grenada.

If LaLuna in Grenada interests you it would be worth your while to check into that resort and island further. Grenada offers just about everything you are seeking.

Remember, one island or resort is not necessarilly better than another they are just different. And VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!!!! I've been to over 20 different islands and many more resorts - all had something special to offer. Good luck choing your piece of paradise.
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Take RoamsAround's excellent advice. I just had to cancel our Bermuda trip planned for next week because of TWO hurricanes making their way close to the island.

From what I've read online, it's going to be an unusually active hurricane/tropical storm season in the Atlantic. Although Aruba is generally out of harm's way ( I've been four times), you may encounter delays/cancellations if other islands on the way there or back are effected.

Only you can decide if it's worth the risk. After what we've gone through these last few days, I'd probably look elsewhere.
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I´ll will say that the ABC´s islands are your best choice.
I stayed a few months back in Curacao and flew over to Aruba and Bonaire. They are all perfect for honeymoon.
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Thanks for your responses. Does anyone know approximately how much it is to rent a car for the week in the Caribbean?

We're very interested in Aruba, but my fiance's sister went there for her honeymoon so originally we wanted to do something different. Now that we've been researching more, we are fine with going there but don't want to stay at the same resort that they did (Bucuti). Any suggestions for other cool places to stay in Aruba for a honeymoon?

We're not totally against Curacao and Bonaire, but we've heard their beaches are rockier. And since we're not divers, Aruba's beaches seem more appealing. Any comments?
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Rental car prices in the Caribbean vary from island to island and also depend on the size car you choose. As a general rule you can expect to pay between $45US and $100US per day. Many places offer discounts for weekly or longer term rentals. For specific information do a google search for such topics as "NAME OF ISLAND car rentals" and you'll find links to car rental companies on that island - they will usually have prices clearly shown.
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We've been to both Aruba and Curacao. The beaches on Aruba are much nicer, especially Eagle Beach. Curacao beaches are coves/inlets and the sand is made up of crushed coral.

If not interested in the Bucuti, look at Manchebo, Amsterdam Manor, Tamarijn or Divi. All are low rise hotels on Eagle Beach.

Personally, I don't think a rental car is needed in Aruba unless you are wanting to eat at some of the more reclusive resturants. Maybe rent for just a couple of days. Aruba has a great bus system. It's easy, inexpensive and convenient to get around.
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Aruba might be a better choice - Curacao also has beautiful beaches eg Knip Beach but may need a car to reach it if you stay near to Willemstad. We stayed at the Marriott Curacao and although the part of the beach nearest the main hotel is rocky, if you walk just a bit past and round towards the Hilton the sea is sandy and it is a lovely hotel. Curacao has other things going on than tourism so is more of a "real" island whereas Aruba is more of a tourist island and alot of fun. Curacao has alot to see away from the beaches - we did find the dining better in Aruba though. If you haven't been to the Caribbean before Aruba might be best.
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Grenada is also a good option to look at. Because of its southern location, hurricanes have been very rare, 1955, 2004/5 and it is still considered to be a shelter for yachts in the hurricane season. If you are looking for an area within walking distance of buses, restaurants, banks, shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, the Grand Anse area is ideal - with several hotels that are either beach-front or have ocean views: Coyaba Beach Resort, Mt Cinnamon Beach Resort, Blue Horizons Garden Resort; Spice Island Beach Resort (at the luxury end). Grand Anse Beach is a 2-mile stretch of powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. Activities include snorkelling at the world's only Underwater Sculpture Park; hiking through the rainforest (from mini-hikes to mountain hikes; mountain-biking; river-tubing; kayaking, etc). September is off-peak for many islands and rates should be quite reasonable.
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Hi from the Grenada Board of Tourism in London. Grenada will satisfy each of your requirments. If you don't want to hire a car there are plenty of local taxis as well as the local bus system, which is fun and very friendly. LaLuna is a perfect honeymoon stop, but if you are worried about it's location then look at Coyaba, Mount Cinnamon, Blue Horizons and Spice Island as alternatives, all would give you access on foot to other eating options.
With our lush rain forest, white sand beaches, amazing diving and snorkelling (check out the Under Water Sculpture park and many new water based activiites the island will always outshine your expectations. We even has some culture with the production of spices and the opportunity to view spice plantations and historic rum factories. Go for it, we would recommend a bonded tour operator there are literally 100 out there to chose from. Good luck. Call 0208 328 0644 if you need more assistance.
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I was just reading your post and I am looking for the same sort of honeymoon for this September. Where did you wind up going? How did you like it? Thanks for any advice!
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