Car on GC?

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Car on GC?

I am going to GC over Thanksgiving for 5 days, staying at Sunshine Suites. Would it be easier/cheaper to rent a car or take a cab?
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It depends on where you plan to go.

If you have a good map of the island you can figure out where your intrested in going and judge from there. I would say a cab ride for 1-2 miles is about $3 per person. If you go farther it can add up.(we went from The Hyatt to Pappagallo's and it was $25. Also if you plan to scuba/snorkel most companies provide a ride to and from the boat.

But a rental car is about $35 a day so if you arent going to use it for anything else you may just want to go with the cab. Also it can be a hairy place to drive if your not used to that side of the road.
I would say its defintly easier to take a cab because it can be difficult to find your destination in the dark.
I just know we wouldve never used a car during the day so it would've been a waste of money.

If you have any other questions e-mail without the xxx's.

You'll have a great time
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Car rental rates are way down lately, we were just there and you could get a car for US$18 - 22 a day, which is about what a round trip cab to Georgetown would cost from your area. Insurance is extra, I waive collision because my Platinum card covers GC, but I take the personal liability for around $4 a day. Cabs are out of the question for sightseeing outside of the 7MB or Georgetown area. We usually rent a car for a few days to do grocery shopping and tour the island, and then walk or take the public bus the other days. You can walk to plenty of restaurants from Sunshine Suites, or the bus runs every 15 min and only costs $1.50CI per person in the 7MB area. We almost never take a taxi, we like the bus. Our last trip we grabbed our snorkel gear and flagged down the bus. The bus driver read our minds and said "Cemetary Reef?" so we laughed. At lunch we walked 5 min from Cemetary Reef to Fosters Supermarket in West Bay for lunch, ate outside at a picnic table and chatted with the locals. Get a car for at least a couple days, it's fun. Just remember stay on the left left left!
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DFReisen: What and where is this snorkeling site called "Cemetary Reef"? Have read past posts with people referring to it.
Also, since you've been, do you have any recommendations for a family condo/suite hotel? Definitely would want to be on SMB. Is midway best, or further up north?
Carole: Where are Sunshine Suites? Have you stayed there before? Please let us know how Sunshine Suites are.
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This link describes Cemetary Reef -
I'd recommend any condo or hotel on the north two thirds of the beach, which is consistently great. Even the southern section of the beach is as good or better than the rest of the island's beaches. This site lists the hotels and condos and has a 7MB map showing where they are located -
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Mark Stevenson
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If you're not used to driving on the left, and don't know your way around, a cab is going to be the easiest choice, at least for the first day or two.
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Renting a car is much cheaper in my opinion. Its also much more convienient. I didn't really have much trouble driving on the left until I tried to enter parking lots. For some reason I never got the hang of that, I'd always enter on the wrong side. The really screwy thing is that while some rental cars cars have steering wheels on the right hand side (like cars should when driving on the left), some of them had steering wheels on the left. So you're driving on the left and steering on the left. It threw me off a little. I've had no trouble driving in the UK. Anyway, I think you will enjoy renting a car much more than having to take a taxi everywhere.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the websites. I've checked them out, they are full of great info. Thanks again.
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We had a car and it was well worth the $100 for 4 days. The island is very easy to get around and parking was no problem. We would have spent much more than that on taxis without any question.

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