Bermuda activities & meals w/ 3 & 5 year old

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Bermuda activities & meals w/ 3 & 5 year old


My husband and I are going to be in Bermuda with our 3 & 5 year old children and I have some questions about activities and restaurants.

Do you think Crystal Caves are doable with this age children? I think I did some caves out west somewhere once and we took an elevator. How do you get down to these caves and will 3 & 5 year olds be able to walk it?

I heard that Crystal Caves is near Swizzle Inn - would my kids be ok there, maybe at lunch, or is it more of a bar atmosphere? And how long would the Crystal Caves take us?

In your opinion, is Dolphin Quest worth the expense? My kid (like probably most kids) are really into animals and love the idea of it. I guess part of my question is, can I send my kids and just pay for them and somehow be near enough to them in case they get nervous, or would all 4 of us have to pay admission? I'd probably do the $150 option and $300 for the 2 of them seems doable, but $600 for all 4 of us seems a bit much! I checked and there are reservations available when we're there.

Is there a good lunch place for kids near DolphinQuest?

For Harbour Night, do you think I'm better off just eating street food or should we plan a dinner at a restaurant in Hamilton and then walk around? I've heard the Lobster Pot is good and kid friendly.

I think we'll also visit the Aquarium and I read on the boards that Rustico's nearby is good and kid friendly.

The other thing we were thinking of was maybe a glass bottom boat tour. We're staying at the Fairmont Southampton, I'm sure they can arrange that for us, unless anyone has any suggestions.

Finally, I admit I haven't researched this thoroughly, but we might get a babysitter one night and have dinner out. Is there 1 restaurant that is largely thought to be the best on the island? I'm sure there are several! Price isn't an issue. I'd be open to any sort of cuisine.

Sorry to post so many questions! Thanks in advance for your answers!

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cboris, we just got back from bermuda with our 2 1/2 year old. we didn't do any of the activities you suggested, b/c my DD wouldn't have been able to deal, but we met a couple with kids your kids' ages and I think they did the Crystal Caves.

we drove by the swizzle inn and they have outdoor seating and we saw kids eating there, so i think that should be fine.

We used the hotel babysitter and had wonderful experience with that. If you have only night, you can't beat the newport room-- in teh hotel, but it is jacket requred and somewhat formal.One of the best meals, we have EVER had, not just in bermuda. Waterlot, also on property is wonderful. Off property, you have many choices. I wrote a trip report the other day on some of the restaurants.
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1) I would be hesitant to take kids that young in to the caves. It is all steep, potentially slippery paths and stairs. And you're with a guide, who controls the lights, so if you need/want to leave, you've got to wait. That said, I have seen little ones down the caves. You could probably do the caves in an hour or so. You don't have to tour both of them, they are quite similar and skipping one would save you time and $.

2)Swizzle would be fine for kids for lunch. It's very casual and there's an ice cream shop right across the street. (Reward for good behavior?)

3) I think you can find plenty of other things to do to keep the kids happy for less than $300. The glass bottom boat tours usually involve turtle sightings and feeding fish, and they're a great way to spend a few hours. If you opt for Dolphin Quest, Frog and Onion is across the road for lunch. The hotel should be able to take care of your glass-bottom boat tour.

3) Book dinner for Wednesday night. Definitely. Lobster Pot is good, there's also a nice casual Italian place on the same street (Portofino's). Find out what time the Gombeys will perform, and plan dinner around that. The kids will enjoy it.

4)Rustico's is a favorite - you'll be fine there. Walkable from the aquarium/zoo (Do both of them all at once.)

If you search the Bermuda posts here, you're going to find tons of suggestions for nice restaurants. My personal faves are Ascot's and Blu.

Have a great trip!
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Thanks for the info. I'm secretly happy to hear that maybe the Caves and Dolphin Quest aren't quite right for this trip. Just means more time to relax on the beach! Thanks for all the info and the restaurant recommendations!
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I think the Caves would be too hard as well. I remember climbing down steep steps.
My girls were about 8-9 years old when they did the dolphin quest in bermuda. I was allowed to stand nearby as we had already done it years before just the two of us.
I think it would be better to wait and let them remember the experience. I even think now that my kids are teens, they would really enjoy something like that and appreciate it.
Most restaurants are tolerant of children who are well behaved as long as you dine early. We dined nightly around 6:30 with the kids. We were on a meal plan at the Reefs. The dining room officially opened at 7pm so we had a head start. Both our girls and my brothers kids were all pretty good every night.
When we went without kids, we stayed at the Fairmont Southhampton and enjoyed the Waterlot restaurant. I don't think that one would be kid friendly.
Relax at the beach and enjoy. I am sure they would like the glass bottom boat. That sounds like fun! Riding the bus into Hamilton or taking the ferry should be fun.
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I just saw your questions about Dolphin Quest. I strongly suggest you postpone that experience until the kids are older. There are many people who would discourage you from ever doing it. I took the fifteen and eighteen year olds for the Ultimate Adventure and they absolutely loved it. They have talked of little else. They learned a great deal about dolphins and felt deeply moved by the intimate contact with them.

If you go and do not do a dolphin experience you pay admission to the Maritime Museum and can watch from the sides of the encounter area. A good lunch place nearby is either the Frog and Onion Pub or Beethoven's.

For a special meal I would recommend Ascots or Fourways. I love Fourways, it is always special. Blu is very cool and I love the view.

Enjoy your visit.
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